Parkland shooting survivor achieves major league dream

Coby Mayo shares his story of surviving the Parkland shooting and being selected in the 4th round of the MLB draft by the Baltimore Orioles.
3:12 | 07/01/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Parkland shooting survivor achieves major league dream
A story I want you to hear now of a passion and perseverance, our next guest has used a terrible tragedy as motivation to achieve what most kids can only dream about and here to tell us about it is Coby mayo, a survivor of the parkland shooting, now a fourth round MLB draft pick of the Baltimore Orioles. Coby, good to see you. Congratulations. First of all, what was that like to get that news, you know what, your dream is going to come true, you were drafted? Yeah, and hello. The whole process in the last three months has been crazy, due to covid, our season was cut short a little bit, but you know -- that process was very stressful. The day of the draft it was an amazing feeling. Hearing my name on TV was just a feeling, I can't even picture back in my head because I lost all of the moments because of all the excitement from my family and my friends. That's incredible. We go back now, people hear margory Stoneman Douglas high school 2018. People remember, you're a student at this school. I can't imagine how that day had an impact on the students. But tell me how that day maybe changed your perspective, and did it have some kind of an impact on your motivation and your drive and ultimately getting you to where now. Maybe, if T hat shooting never happened, it might not have motivated for me to be where I am today. I do take that as motivation because of the students and teachers lost. I use that day as motivation to keep going. Anthony Rizzo came back to the community the next day, flew home from Chicago, he was getting ready to start the season and you know, he talked to the community and it was really big for the community to hear his voice. I kind of want to be that voice that's heard because, you know, I'm on to better things. I came out of it strong. That's my ultimate goal. Coby, it sounds like you feel like you some type of responsibility. You're blessed. You were spared. A lot of kids were that day. But it sounds like you're taking this on as a blessing and an opportunity you have a responsibility now to fill. Yeah, for sure. You know those 17 that didn't make it don't have the opportunity to, you know, fulfill their dreams and if I can go out there and honor them and fulfill my dreams that would be the biggest success that anyone can make out of the whole thing that's going on. I really want them to see them reach my goals and hopefully they look down and they're happy with that. Coby, we're rooting for you in a major way. We've been rooting for that high school, that area, for several years here now. But to see this happen to you and to be able to say congratulations and to hear you now talk about it kind of give me chills. Coby, congratulations. We'll keep an eye on you over the next several years. Good luck to you. Appreciate it. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"Coby Mayo shares his story of surviving the Parkland shooting and being selected in the 4th round of the MLB draft by the Baltimore Orioles.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"71561629","title":"Parkland shooting survivor achieves major league dream","url":"/Lifestyle/video/parkland-shooting-survivor-achieves-major-league-dream-71561629"}