Red Panda Cubs Get Their Checkups at the Denver Zoo

ABC News' Clayton Sandell gets a chance to see the 8-week-old cubs up close.
9:14 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for Red Panda Cubs Get Their Checkups at the Denver Zoo
Hey gang it's place and Dell here in Denver we are at the Denver zoo this morning and we're gonna introduce you. Two couple of the newest residents hear their names happen to be Lally and Matsu and I'm here with Beckham McCloskey who is a curator here tell me. What are these animals were about C. These are beautiful red panda some red panda cubs OK and so the keepers are it is movie they are. There were born on when June 6 right U six yet so there are six other cubs their that are. Bless them in eight weeks old right. Yet it took us out of there actually pretty slow today now they open their eyes when they are around 23 days old OK so anybody who's seen a puppy or kitten in the open guys around ten games. That he's a little bit more slowly yeah you can see him see. Course we're stepping out of the way here. Because what are they doing now they're they're in this nesting box right. Yes it is and most of their time in the united choices three boxes and I'm here events humans around different three it's OK I'm so fresh and not very mobile and not very coordinated space and next time and justly. I'm okay. I'm. And the reason that's they're taking them out of the box now is part of their regular check ups this is a weekly check up or what what are we seeing here tonight so little. Less than completely out of him so we're doing our first vaccination so can anybody with kids knowing that. All babies need to start here live there and it. And it. They're kind of talk this morning they are. Being involved as they were very steamy since the when your eyes were open. We're talking OK and. So right now what are they doing there weighing them it looks like Britney so we're waiting now and an asking how does it goes on some education. Okay I'm here list. Stringer and. You. Aren't. Going to be doing is physically Pam she's gonna look in the eyes nose and now look at the scheme mixture. For an air in the county and view temperature. And most active vaccination series on the lungs and he works you don't do it and it is also important. Now one of the first questions I have is is these do not look like the normal giant panda is the black and white guys that were used as a teller a little bit about these pieces Ellis looked like. They wrecked Kunis or something like that well you get on ahead they actually are more closely related to Iraq and the arts huge. Common name red panda is a didn't and it's now aren't actually not closely related teeth the giant can't let you might call him. So much more closely related threatens yeah camp's apparent. She plans similar. To the giant can. Yeah so that 9810. Times. And remind everybody who's watching us on my face lies that. If you have a question for Rebecca hear anybody here. Not just your question in the comments on we'll trying to to as many of them as possible. So where these guys come from part of the world they live him. In prison. Economy. In. So brilliantly and relatively high altitudes and on on. Senseless. Particular habitats. Actually. Endangered species in here populations have declined. About 50% in the last year's. Yeah that is specialized. Diet and habitat. I'm so they're not just. Habitat. And and that's part of the problem habitat destruction. Trees and hand the hearts our Adam. Engler. Fracture so there's not a lot of continuity. Man. Yet or not they're not cute or an inning. So they are conservation efforts in London Zoo actually practice pace in some conservation projects in pond so kind of part. And and I assume they live in its of the trees are what they live in them and that's part of the problem with with the trees being taken I think they've been losing habitat. And. Entries. And also eat carry particular species can't. OK and when their hero does it now they haven't done that on public display really enemy can see them sometimes right. When would you expect them to be big enough soon to be out about people who come see and. You can see they're not so. Let them the accidents. Across right now. The next two more weeks event much more mobile and Alice. That their nest boxes are visible to and you. Usually a patent nest boxes mom will actually pick them up and carry them and OK some right now he's seen they're pretty much going to be amounts now okay. Gently next. Students were east of attacking a lot Laurie. And Angie had a question here she wanted to know. It's exactly how old they are in typically what does the likes spam of a red panda. Sure is that these guys are going on its music so there's no 108 weeks old man mice can we. Usually count on about twelve to fourteen years old Spokane. And how big will they get. Successful they grounds. I'm the summer between eight and 12100 no I'm writer news hounds the Nielsen and he must not be selling a lot. Stevens. Lobby it was actually runs when he was born she had its. Her sister Mathieu in which so I. Next financial hurt it out 112 grams in the reverse Barney now they're well I don't know what they were added. 4 I am and I also getting some vaccinations that they may be they may be yelling a bit here. In the eighties because it. Now tell me speaking of when they were born they had trouble in the beginning right they some health problems. Yeah subtle. First for an amendment and everything went my. Island day I really late like we had wanted them to an. So we had that's come down. Were extensive chat. And did turn out a pneumonia pneumonia. And senate ask every eighteen. I think is also. Need to eat. Daly for about sixteen kids I eat. Yeah. Can we actually started to tell him. Some immigrant in. The media is here for a 68 and then. Out around thinking when he. Race that we actively that's an IRA. And its Lebanese I think. It is you know. She's eight. And and it said announcing. Harris and. Ask. Are they active all they are certain times of the day they move around more and and and our our. You can see them or. So that is are more active Atlantic mornings in the afternoon. Pretty much just little passages anxious Aaron. Back pretty thin and it's in his apartment off. I mean there can't be out most. And at this age are they eating the food yet and solid cruiser that's still nursing or. You're seeing right. Cleaner. It. Okay. Katerina wants to know if they're squeaking sound changes as they giggled as they mature. Apparently does. He says. It. Making it pretty. Hot and twitters me aren't. Easiest screen. Manhattan now. So there yes there might as well stay well. Angry youths that the. Acton we are gonna wrap up here you can see. -- soon and lolly right here at the Denver zoo probably said in September they might be coming out. More often you can see I'm now certain times of the day right but. Probably it he probably won't see them to an army I think it's pretty likely. All right so you can come visit them here at the Denver zoo we want to thank everybody here at the zoo thank you guys are having as letting us that invaded thank you all for joining us we'll CES next time take care.

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{"duration":"9:14","description":"ABC News' Clayton Sandell gets a chance to see the 8-week-old cubs up close.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"40960642","title":"Red Panda Cubs Get Their Checkups at the Denver Zoo","url":"/Lifestyle/video/red-panda-cubs-checkups-denver-zoo-40960642"}