US Dept. of the Interior celebrates 'Take Your Dog to Work Day'

ABC News' Arlette Saenz chats with dog owners at Department of the Interior about bringing their dogs to work.
18:39 | 05/05/17

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Transcript for US Dept. of the Interior celebrates 'Take Your Dog to Work Day'
And ABC's Carla signs thanks for joining us on easing is digital and face but. This is a nondescript government office building but it's you can see there's a little bit of the difference and they are not eat take over. Interior department for the first time ever they're who's seen their dog eat it. Secretary Ryan think he has opened up the Interior Department to their employees to bring their dogs about eighty dog has signed up to be here today. It's an accident that they're beginning to these the first inning and another hat island day. Out in September. And part of the reason they're Amos is trying to boost her house you can see all of these employees here there's. Little lively and as you can never tell what exactly it. It happened right out of lining up and actually illegal in. And take a photo with the secretary in his. I'm. Here's just some of the the pats that are are here today we're gonna talk to a few people who who brought and then. And yet if that's group. Dives are heading in for there official. Shoot with the secretary but he kept. Yeah. See you but you hear a bright Norris I don't say got your name. Blames Butler OK Brett yet had a nice to meet you rack so. How to get your thoughts on that front. This so we eat and it's an Hoover drivers taken because it boring this morning. At city. Is so it's so on the ride for the rest of the that I gave US dollars. Actions. That's so what Alan doing in the office. We've been visiting a lot of people but I've been working children. The he's been sitting around. I'm an attorney so he surrounded meaning the line and he likes the line act because Upton. Well in his view it. And so what does that mean you to have your your boss essentially tell you hate you for your your time to work for it. It's and you know it. It's nice to know you know he's thinking about ways you know kind of improve the quality work like here which is it for a dog lovers it's hard. And so. Do you think that's is excited to meet. Rod I think is where he's right there's a lot smaller than Dotson. Law and his eyes sought out there. And thinks. And see you off went Tiki Tiki and Brett. So what are you guys and it's well he is to work is not answers now. Tightly packed. It is knowing all the holes. It at that rainy day I don't completely things. Now. Oh. Olympic Games here and be able to bring the died then and have your and it's really pass a lot of places they're trying to do warn. It is an odd theory muscle cells in east LA it's on. The outages here. I. He's not ready. It is in the eyes of the hour on I think that like. Like. We. There was. AT and. And what it is back. Here at fair. And rocks say. Yeah. For the next hour secretary think he is. Could be in his ceremonial office where he's taking his official photos and all of these cops. You have time for the first ever gotten days here at the Interior Department. You think there's big and small there's little over here with I bring this latter. How much actually has the city take a lot. Victoria it appears she has a little interior. Department sweater. Are happening. Here outside my friend sweater. In. I. I. That's all she got us. She went to dressed appropriately. So what is even dealings has been helping out. There are. You thinking inspire me she's been rafting and making people happy cheering them. It's been very busy day for her very productive day and it's a people than just talking buyers ask that they didn't bring in items found that yes they had. You know friendly. Dog and it's. Time. That. He would. Solace Q we might try to go in there with you as as you take your. You couldn't see see some of the dogs or are getting a little tired. And plop in themselves now bankruptcy. If so again this is the first outer doggie days here at the Interior Department. Initiatives started by the secretary hear Ryan's Inky who actually on his first day on the job rowed it to work on a horse. I think he's I have a big animal lover himself and he has a dog named to broaden our view is here joining him LC and all of it. In a little bit when we go and has taken photos and a. Think. He. Takes time. Pretty. Well miles good faith. It. Old hole in three years. So it's like every bringing some more cuts and. You bring yours. So we're gonna go in right now with Victoria with. And as she has or little. Sweater on into the get a photo taken with the secretaries and we're now in the secretary's office. They so that secretaries think he and his dog driving aren't your here. Posing for official photos with all of the stars. Rick nickname rumor. Very. Yeah. Over time. Yeah. I created. Updating. News. Yeah there and. Yeah Clinton. Tonight. It is. Where. O Marty. And. Yeah. Call. It yeah. Some of the lines and a picture with the bus then that ended up completely banned. It and died on. Its new. Name is doing it obviously it didn't bring they're doing it it's a wonderful initiative of the that looks like Victoria right now. I think they did actually this morning Anderson teaching in bed. I think of image there. This. There might be around and she didn't vote for it took the slaves. This island lot asks the study at a saying you. Plus fund under the once again thinking long and. And again here and I need is at the Interior Department where secretary BP is currently posing with dive that keen for the first ever time that employees to bring their. Hear about eighty dogs have signed up doing a background in tunneling through blouses here. I. So it's gotten a little bit more crowd also. You're out here lasts yeah. Yeah we. Jim Mora times and are now lining up the Fed has taken list of the secretary. Yeah. The snazzy little Indiana. I. Eight. Yeah. This would have a little sweatshirt. Lets your I think penny penny. Hell the she didn't she's 99 years alone appreciate it if they weren't. Yes her hair and it's raining. I. So what he has been outstanding options at this easily is usually when I'm working at home she did believe that things around you don't want it bothers. Backwards people coming in London pad that dollars and let things. That means he'll be able to bring here you know where birds act. It's almost like home. It's as they stress reliever it's hearing aren't it is nice rather than talking yourself on the as always this instance that's ridiculous I thought it would never went in it was likely that we're in. So I did today is an effort. Pilot hey there's another day coming up in a few months. If you could get at every record I didn't think it is every day which do yeah. He thanked them. Maybe when some yeah. I. Ask me and again and again. He either seen me right now we did yeah. It and it alone chaotic as large as eighty dogs here today and I am lining up for the next hour trying to make me. They're. As they exit number stubborn dot days yeah interior and I. And lets you wanna see delegates aren't just. I'm and their analysts like an impound them. Okay. We'll let. Yeah yeah yeah he yeah. Yeah. After. I don't know but it just me here. It's. Wrong. Up. This Chris Dodd I think Gary sat him earlier I heard lots of royal treatment in her a little and my little experience we have another little. You can reason yeah. Reuters. That he had him riding his doesn't instill the mom so what. Again we're here at the Interior Department the first hatter dot evening Wear. Kerry has allowed employees to bring. But I AM and nine and there are working there owners and their this. I honestly didn't look we're sleeves and working under him. Everyone seems to be an appointment. Anna Mary called earlier. Immigrant and is. There. So let's see if there's any more die. In this room thirty yeah. Yeah. If they're being told that not. Yet please note. Thank you write and so I mean it's. He's. And all. Yeah. What's your got. And yeah hundred. Please. Service. I. And I'm yeah. It was like this yeah. We're gonna go pop mountainsides where the secretary is posing for photos with the city's times. This. Today. They you. Things didn't. Accident right now behave himself. That this. You listen to anybody really place. Shoes body. Rivers polls. And I problem where the employees telling us where coming. As expected you know. Think her. There more. After. You know we have a lot of veterans. And a lot of organizations used. Animals world. This next vote. So having this happens every day eighty plus dot were run this. An after action report. It. It just need to be made in Lugo Marie. It. Snapped a second parents and the boosting your little break. Feelings. This program started under him you mentioned the New York. An interior he actually from top lieutenants included warranty work. On this first day here you can pregnant and of course sake. In an animal water and he can bring partners. Work with him. And every one since and now extending this opportunity to his employees. From time to dot time today with the first every ninety days to her and say they'll be launching another day ten Tustin silent he has TV. Eventually it'll be able to come to use it doesn't become Interior Department every payment there color so beef again for joining us I hope you guys enjoy and have gotten over. Here at the Interior Department. Please continue watching on our streams on Slogans and speeches he's a patient's. And hopefully maybe one day for those dog lovers out there maybe your pop as well I'll let you take it Oxford where. Thanks to get back.

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{"duration":"18:39","description":"ABC News' Arlette Saenz chats with dog owners at Department of the Interior about bringing their dogs to work. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"47234008","title":"US Dept. of the Interior celebrates 'Take Your Dog to Work Day'","url":"/Lifestyle/video/us-dept-interior-celebrates-dog-work-day-47234008"}