A virtual ‘Christmas Carol’

Theaters across the country come up with new ways to share the holiday classic, “A Christmas Carol,” during the pandemic.
4:32 | 12/21/20

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Transcript for A virtual ‘Christmas Carol’
And holiday traditions will look a little different this year but fears across the country are proving that the show must go line by finding new ways to reform the holiday classic a Christmas Carol. Here's ABC's Reno Roy with more. You have got. Hot you know me you hear that iconic phrase you know Christmas time must be here. But this year the 1938 classic film version of a Christmas Carol has a little 20/20 flavor hot bat. I'll be dreading Christmas Pratt and screw you to be screwed up happy Scrooge. This New Jersey families starring in their own virtual show based on the original claim by Charles dickens'. With mom Danielle daughter Chandler an aunt Sarah taking center states. Who screwed it isn't likely couldn't do need to monitor. As pop I'm. Using cue cards in prompts from this special Red Sox sent by mail from their favorite local theater. In the current theater center in Princeton, New Jersey and it's wonderful. Despite some stumbles along the way I look. It's not there. Making sure to keep their family's annual tradition in some pet usually they see the play in person Rick generation. Act totally enjoys a Christmas Carol. And other acts happened years he talked about your what this or any war especially during. Every eastern county. The corona buyers we're not really with each other acts had any disc box set in. Happy Christmas Carol to bring us all together you get something magical that can't replace the do many theaters are struggling during this holiday season. They're still creatively re inventing the time the story for families to enjoy coast to coast. Here is ready to have some five and the alliance here in Atlanta with this blasted outdoor production. Laughs. The audience participating from their cars. So many things have been keeping us apart. We all made it here tonight to be together and share a story a Christmas Carol by a child you can. From a full cast too will one man show Tony award winning actor Jefferson Mays playing all the character is an online streaming version. Lose and seating listen. We've leaving green of. Holiday miss Ito and I navy about what it was like to go home you. Mean actually an. I was kept very busy. I I don't leave the stage herb never ninety minutes kind of dropped some fresh green honey in its hands get you stressed Austrians. At some Collins. Particularly and peace. Troubled fractious times it's useful to be reminded of the core value. Of this story. About a transformational power of titan next. I think that's that's the armed the fundamental. Core message on this news. A portion of the proceeds will go to local theaters across the country. And the play is so popular during the holidays it brings in more than half the annual revenue for trinity repertory company in Providence, Rhode Island. This year they're doing it online for free hundreds of thousands of people signed up across all fifty states the rights for free virtually sorry you fall. The lesson and the story it is one. Generosity. He just knew that we can do something this year the concert its significance. That's when things are so different. Weather online girl holding up the chimney. That's vacation hot topic Kevin and it's it's time India outdoors mayor Greg gum. Bring it forth from your living railing and tis the season to celebrate and come together. Even if that means through a computer screen is she screamed at them pocketed memories. Just Chris Smith the spirited. PME Merry Christmas. Yeah pretty Slick Rick best. They give you some snacks thank you don't. And if you're still hoping to catch one of the virtual plays will be got some good news you can't stream both online versions we mentioned through the new year. So there is still time to get into the Christmas spirit Diane. Frank pretense read all right thanks for that so cute.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"Theaters across the country come up with new ways to share the holiday classic, “A Christmas Carol,” during the pandemic. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"74845943","title":"A virtual ‘Christmas Carol’","url":"/Lifestyle/video/virtual-christmas-carol-74845943"}