Walter Mercado signs off with 'mucho, mucho amor' at 87

Beloved and iconic Puerto Rican astrologist Walter Mercado has died at the age of 87.
5:27 | 11/04/19

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Transcript for Walter Mercado signs off with 'mucho, mucho amor' at 87
Today guys we're paying our specs until Puerto Rican icon Walter Markota oh. I'm a beloved astrologer in beacon of light in the Latino community. Captured the attention of a 120 million viewers a day so he passed away this weekend. In his late eighties before he died he was filming an upcoming documentary I'm by Emmy award winning director Christina Constantin me who joins us now. Chris. CNN's good to see you the last time I saw you in Mexico City when we're talking about this documentary you know he was a larger than life what did he mean to you in what he represented represented the Latino community. You know it's hard to understate. Walters. Cultural and pat are overstated. And impact he reached 120 million a day was thirty years. And he is deeply deeply offended it's very difficult to explain. Day cultural significance and astrologer to people in Europe attempt. He is Aaron beloved he would contradicting her every day that she. Preach messages of love. And hope inclusion. And you know for for immigrant community the community if it means a lot and so her Fermi informant director green. Tax inequities out marrow it's been one of the greatest privileges alliance to spend her last years and and into it's it's a great honor and he is just wonderful person has you on television. Sure that those thirty years and so we can't wait to share his story written people. The end for the people who may not be familiar with him what do you think is the one thing that people should know. About him. Not. UN he was our Brad are mister Rogers an hour to grassy and all combined in one person and every day you sign up with a message a little Joseph. And that was his message on her luck he preached love and he preached hopes to be greeted him. And he and his legacy LeBron are many many many years he need a better people. Yeah and I am I think one of the other fascinating things were for a lot of people this was the first time they were seeing. A gender fluid man on television. That's an ES so. He's sometimes it can be very hands on and deputies are common and he has very androgynous look and firm and was born in 1930 tuna and marry an usual he's way ahead of his eye and you should not. He every game we're in these Sadler eight fabulous ratings enemies and hair and isn't he had very singular. Entity Lila Cindy hasn't that you sound. Can sell it at a time and place and not many people are doing you can run and we love him because it. Yes so Christine I want to ask you about the documentary because I can sort of hear the emotion in your voice your working so closely with him before he passed. How does documentary come about and how do you feel knowing that I'm your work will sort of be the final work one his life. Yeah hanging an accident it's great privilege. Dreaming Alex so we are three Latino filmmakers true. All independently. We want to tell his story because we understood not what matters just how much he meant to our community and so we actually found each other and to me is east and we teamed up. And a week. When he tells our story of his times and his people don't know that there are bearish tunnels dug deep period of life and he wanted to. How this big comeback of sorts on and on the fifty anniversary of his first meeting of the show he had this amazing. Eighty do you live in Miami and so it it's a story. Of what a banana. It was like dirt and an appointment for hands and it was very fitting tribute as lasts months of life and I did it to be with his Republican candidates celebrated again. I think we are the three of us could not logos and marks so it's been very special. Russ. And now that he has passed away does that change your shape. You know how you're telling this story guys finished with. The documentary. Yeah she finished the documentary exciting. And social. And yes as soon. So greatly excited to share it we you know we have a lot of little things to do things weren't released but we're really we wanted to tell stories from our people I think you know Latinos we and cultural significance of Walter but I think and people who didn't grow up with an eight it's hard to clean house Sunday so many innocent you so much and people's life. We want to share this mess that we share in England to share his love that he had for the world's went and either an even wider each group of people says it will come. Sometimes early next year and. Amazing I'm Christine and just wanna say thanks for joining us today an incredible work and we all can't wait to see it in as he says so everyone else can learn how mom amazing he was and without a doubt like Christina said he's leaving a message of peace and love so check out him saying himself. He candidacy what they mean she and great. Until they're still rich global move to who to who killed. Who. Hubble.

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{"duration":"5:27","description":"Beloved and iconic Puerto Rican astrologist Walter Mercado has died at the age of 87.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"66742634","title":"Walter Mercado signs off with 'mucho, mucho amor' at 87","url":"/Lifestyle/video/walter-mercado-signs-off-mucho-mucho-amor-87-66742634"}