WeddingWire 2017 Wedding Trends

ABC News' Charli James shows us the styles from BHLDN in New York.
14:55 | 01/12/17

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Transcript for WeddingWire 2017 Wedding Trends
I agree on I'm Charlie Jane thanks for watching ABC news digital. You're like me and every time you log onto FaceBook you're seeing more people are getting engaged you are not alone is engagement season. And because of that we are here at the hold an apology bridal. I'm line and we are going to learn a little bit about them to friends for 2016 for those dry and I'm here with entered she is a wedding wires friend actor. And a mail it talent all about is and while this. Beautiful all lending it. Gorgeous show room here in New York City. Tell us. What exactly is engagements you know why are being that many people are getting it straight apple people are getting its front holidays. And getting Monica Clinton years because their home their family see getting heat and you wanna celebrate with your family. Still if you don't live close were your parents are parents are that's where everything they want to celebrate. Though it's being with family is mostly quiet Thanksgiving Alan. Exactly. At that great though a lot of people have. Bridle on the minds now and we have some great looks organ a look at some of the top trends where Ryan bright man accessory it's got a lot to get here. In this origin for programs let's start. We've got some lovely models here and a couple me. Take us through this top trends. So bridal this year had simply to pretend that what you're getting married Pollack eat at a barn in a ballroom there is something Prius at one of the first. Here exactly arms into patent. And it went. At it let's hear act wrecked. And it online and get the idea for kids to hear it gives the idea that you're revealing a lot that you did everything line. You know one thing people are doing just fine line is there and Ellison's that this is beautiful eating Oliver up or elements he. Now for another idea he. You have that acts as an all currently down that thing you at this year's back then you can feel that your. Showing and yet the beautiful traditional classic bright spot on the back and you're fully covered you don't agree anything while now so this might be something that. Graham I'll be okay yeah yeah aren't enough and it very modern tale not too much skin. Now I wanted to show the back in front of this down to an if you see anything during that live stream that you love you can find everything that we show here on Coleman's. Web diet or if there's at beholden. Shopping apologies. That. There. But if that all right let's move on to big bridal trend number two there. Mean minimal mine as well optional. Not. And if you look at like the act and this is a beautiful example of the minimalist or clean design rates one break easily create ourselves and it's in solid there's no announcement. But it off the shoulders that you can address is where it street like kind of strapless that your arms are still sort kept an act you want to make sure you can hug. And dance when you're wearing off so that got. Or you'll also find virgin that it where the fabric and it's that there's two down you're very kind of romantic way and that's another waited there wearing a cold shoulder optional trend. Is there any particular type. The it looks really and I keep. It there were 52 or taller it there would that you would recommend. I think it really depends on the overall nine draft you want to make sure that there are a lot of support though it you have up. It will they let them. Even until it my kindergarten. You know and you wanna have a lot of support in there exit that you don't feel like you're falling out of the you know it you're really self conscious about you know the dress falling down I think it's going to act talked to the alterations actor. At you're working rich and make sure she kind of fit fit to that you don't feel that straps are falling down and you're definitely in speaking to you in the right place you can often your arm to damp. But it think it's really more about overall pick up the dress and your comfort level typically that's happened. So it. These books could potentially Wear prairie yeah. It was our last trip here that this act by Christmas Custer Allen is the beautiful all of relief down and it and it has huge fence going. Once. The bar the Florida wearing have you behind act Jack. But also long sleeves both of which are really big right now and a lot of that the company of the boat coach Sheikh rustic bride but. But all it ever since Kate Middleton got married Prince William in 2000 laughing and she wore long sleeved. Leaves it in the new kind of thing everybody wants to the example of the falling asleep but you can also get letter capped short. Balloon fell off accidentally and high acted I acted within opal creek Kelly blocked from over fifty years ago. That brings it definitely sounds fine ride it was really a beautiful look at him for different. And we know that anything that's an African. I. Blank here is not well. At this time. I. Thought it appears that. And ER. Double treat. It would be. I. Don't agree. On how I get it right on Atlantic. But all that you can shop act. Some people might. Yeah I like that and cook on an island. Not much tonight there. Is so much and it turned to look at the active. He. Thank you marry my notes. And her blinking on teen bride being not all of the beauty and fun at weddings for the ride on the frightening and and I can find any humor me Munster an. Opt out and talk. Let's talk about some of the trends. We're right there let's start with the tenth and are. People who live in the age of you my number again. And it had number things going on jumpsuits are high rate of super cup company. It's super happy it want to eat the girls and definitely again just wanted to meet you're selling points. It had to keep all fronts that means a little bit sexy. And then it's that's right but this week and it felt so it kind of stepped it up all of that he had to get away with wearing that night. Think you know. Let's just a little bit on the jumpsuits I don't I personally haven't been to unwittingly hair someone picked jumpsuits that are frightening and is this something we're seeing more. In certain parts of the country or with certain demographic that ride that are choosing that look more definitely you know you're having a letting out and it healed her normal rustic area you're having it. You anywhere outdoors there's kind of more laid back and let more that met your holiday you know ballroom kind of environment. That's where you're really gonna see this kind of luck it's also great to get most of bridesmaid dresses come in a budget colors. He can get in a white or ivory and in the Brighton where it's the rehearsal dinner. And you see here. It luck some metallic thing huge. And it hurts with gold and it was still are now it's room school which is a beautiful she lives to him. You know did this school liberty began that the beautiful little. The land sea area on the bonnet. It extremely formal and can work well as anybody isn't that shaped that could be. Flattering lied to her death and I definitely and then here we have. It looked like at two keys. Syndicate that perhaps separate. Another eight and her frightening and a lot of the reasons is that that right one allowed their rights Hughes looks that are comfortable and Larry they're not. So it's separate. The bright can say Ari I eat this color this style this is a formality of the wedding. And don't ask you anything that fit the culinary and hit the formality and separate is great because that every girl update you feel like you want to Fuller skirt is when I hit thirty want higher next liner he wants leaves for your arms. They have that versatility that cheese with that to happen he set up. And so what also. For colors are looking for Brett he. Are going to be high. We cut the risk all and are there any particular colors white her right and I know a lot of people talk about it melted away at the name honor and a lot of riser and it relaxing the idea they're the only one in light. See you're seeing a lot of rights means who are going to be all white bridal parties which is beautifully color. When. As. For other colors you have a lot of pastels and the idea now it that girls are looking. She's she's a range of colors and their rights and so they're not just seeing everybody and dusty areas are everybody tea green. And that what they're doing their choosing family today 98 everybody Angel everybody in italics are everyone in a floral. You know pattern and then the girls can then go and she used silhouette that it's that Calais. And I'm having. You're seeing less than last everyone in the exact same dress exacting color exactly yeah. You're definitely seeing more variety and options in writing we aren't we see in style action. Sir gonna move onto an accessory to and you can see behind us actually and mix. Dresses better reception dress us all right if you want. Changing. Earth action. Yeah something aren't ambivalent look like that's a trend that's not going away this year either. Now a lot of girls are looking for two drafted especially if they're having something very covered up her modest for the ceremony and they want something wrong respect for the reception. On and I think it and it's great I think that radiate the other thing he stresses can be worn or rehearsal dinner was letting Bryant shower in each of the party. See you can start looking at these kind of perception looks for other parties without written an excellent. And we have a youthful look table of accessories here. And so let's talk a little bit about what accessories are going to be day care still a lot of a lot of pulling it day you know you're seeing oversized jewelry belts that playing it these are some beautiful acts that are. Completely embroidered with beating in a lot of different defenders pattern floral pattern. You're seeing Hank pieces and these are don't these are beautiful. All to be right on any kind of looked like snowflakes if you're getting married in winter season but even if you're not start it depends on what you want to call them. On that you see where your hair with a traditional veil for the ceremony. They have air silent day take to bail out and it really beautiful had. He also had headbands tied with ridding and most of the ribbons easily interchangeable he can yet calling that might better match your calendar if you look on our wedding dress. Then you know dancing shoes are really important and he's earning an applicant tree can't be look to them. Death decadent. And you know the other thing a lot of people think about the discipline and you'll hear she's but if you're going to be dancing the night UH one H they're not gonna fly out Griffey doesn't hitting you have to kick them off and put on some really pull sneakers. On that either really beautiful because they have and Oster however I he'll appreciate yeah. Yeah I doubt. Story I had some people attended can do five and she'll dance all night I have never been adults. Do another take on in the -- more pulling me here in the rose gold pattern him. Glitter on laying around to see receiver on. And let's talk a little bit so we have some more help accessories show here. A little bit of winter wedding looks as well look at lots of women do get married in the winter months and are something they do that and punch up the outlook for winter and something that you can't get away at Atlantic they couldn't necessarily in in this spring or summer weather and that won't let the rhapsody is a vote for Iraq and a lot of rights getting married in winter months where it's silly I feel our wrath in. Brown or black or are most likely white. And the great thing about that is wanted to keep you warm but also its accessories and when you're out in the snow and you're taking a picture either by yourself from your family or with your room. And it's it's it's a great accessory in an interview picture I Wear a late Graham actually I'm planning. Look beautiful in their out for example on balance though a lot of Elsevier tuchman earlier Havilland. Crystal embellishment and depending on the sheet you can. About them looking like snowflakes are crystals or something similar to that. Still in the instruments you can ski team minimalist kind of dress and jacket a little bit lippold balance and and a lot of other things you can do is look for head pieces that have. Chris still embellishment that kind of look like snowflakes or ice crystals and that really just kind of Hansen the there's some gorgeous earrings here that I wanna make sure we shadow of the first ones are. These are have just. They're just scene stealers. My weather forecast and there you know there's so many different things going on here you have these beautiful pro life easier of the crystals and it's like flowers. Give the white frames and tassel switcher you know speaking at tackles and these are more traditional and these are tassel earrings in a traditionally pearls as let a bridal Wear on her wedding day in this is kind of the modern. Updated look to it Santana like those that work in almost and pretty much any time of year. Yeah. A lot of violent athletes today that you're not limited to you like wearing it one day and then you're done Wednesday evening you can you can weigh in summer where at least your friends letting. You can loan and it's something bar that if they think really have a lot of versatility in line to do with them. Well we. With girls a lot of different trends today but where there are it never ends to be little inspiration you can find that people want it trends where wedding hired Jeff had out there 2000 and keep track part which is chock full IKEA as for whether you're planning eat them choppered her wedding dress your frightening dress is picking your music picking your menu picking your stationary. And so it's a really great it's kind of Catholic magazine online and have a lot of great idea and yet at Atlantic wire act out great and thank you so much to. Hold in our wonderful models to took time to bring these look to life and as I have before you can find. In evening I'm that you saw today you found them but those earrings you can find them. I'm wrong with a hold at plants that thinking am I think for joining ABC news digital Stan thank you. To our future brides were watching and I hope that you find exactly what's gonna make your wedding day perfect and special I'm turley James thanks for watching.

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