Woman Delivers Own Baby at Car Dealership

The woman said she tried to stay calm in the seconds delivering her baby alone in a car dealership bathroom.
2:00 | 01/05/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman Delivers Own Baby at Car Dealership
We've heard of babies being born in cabs in front of him highways even the parking lot yet the hospitals yet. But this six story making one for the books a woman delivering her own baby at a car dealership mark's sister reality of Pittsburgh has more. I was getting rid come out when I decided that them. Something wasn't right. Sat back down and that's when I discovered that I was having the may be in. So hey. Delivered her myself. And then this sermon is still of its dying thing here cradling her new baby. But she says in the seconds that she was delivering her alone she was trying to stay calm. And texting her husband Adam. Who is standing in the service area number one Cochran for their vehicle was about to be maintenance she texts that she was having the baby and in that same taxed. That she had the baby. It was that fast. Palmer figure out what she was trying to send me in the text message. Somebody came running. To the service area and was like somebody is what's just delivered a baby in the bathroom. So Adam who was holding their toddler AJ took over he passed them off my service manager. Then called 911 and went to his wife's side. And I ended up looking down do. Who she was turnout among youth and when enough time who were motionless. And soon the family was at the hospital and number one Cochran employees were relieved. Then stunned again he actually came back the next day to finish a service Oskar back home in Butler county Heather is healthy and the family is grateful for everyone here who helped. I'm definitely are vital records who. Part of the first car after the delivery of Heather there's still a good bit of excitement here at the dealership and thome. They are sending congratulations. To Marcy can bring in Pittsburgh actually useful. Good thing is that who aren't yet.

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{"duration":"2:00","description":"The woman said she tried to stay calm in the seconds delivering her baby alone in a car dealership bathroom.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"44569275","title":"Woman Delivers Own Baby at Car Dealership","url":"/Lifestyle/video/woman-delivers-baby-car-dealership-44569275"}