48 Hours with Kygo

Get an inside look at the life and rise of Kygo - embedding with the superstar DJ/Producer from Norway for one weekend, two countries, and three shows.
23:20 | 10/04/19

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Transcript for 48 Hours with Kygo
Walk. Syria pesos massive stages since. And I. I. This is an amazing feeling. That's some really you know me. Did you ever seen these kind of performance is becoming a reality. I'd go for not. You know who described. Fought so hard to describe what's it like knowing that all these people are here just to see. It's the thing is definitely cool thing is as those a place by. It's always in new people coming in every weekend. It's Ilyce as a good crowd there. So you've collaborated with Rita aura. The Lehman Goldman. Miguel. You are the system make things I think it illegal in the snow whom. We are seeing and one war you know and only when he hadn't. Oh yeah he can't. And again I saw a man festival in no way like 2011. And that was is that I have been when its weapon and in me for a I had a career like wishes of people into action to be able to work with his people got around my waist licences. V place. He started playing the piano when he was sixers old who introduced you how did that start my dad is has let dead he plays the piano and news. But it was a bottle actually but one in me to start taking. Piano lessons when I study getting better. And stunning learning you know homeless songs and I won a two. Then is studded night becoming more more fun and I moved back slowly became. More and more my my Paxson. Again and after school elected just come home. When it was Nolan Miller home packages like playing the piano for hours. Old. I read that your dad was a big Simi collector when you were growing up. You have way he had deftly had a big Jack collection of cities like ruling social painful it elects Billy Joel's. Oh and job. A citizen blown up listening to settlements and different music we're Samir influences the defendant is an though he charted well when identifying these things like a beach it was there that the recent last out of that this when I heard. His songs. They just say I disconnected them like a different way. Wake me up. I think the biggest fraud ever so. I just needed this is this is one outlined it. So how did you actually start becoming a producer I'd got a meaty keyboard am. I think with the Christmas present from my mom up. And then a broad logic studio. That I have heard from a friend of mine some good stuff with the use and then I just used you to tutorials. Simulates. And it at a time. I didn't know how to do something and just trying to you know figure on YouTube or just experimenting. Palace is sitting you know our solaris and lack. I do. Every day. When you realize that people actually. Listening near music I mean the music that you're in your room just kind of making out. Of the world both sides slowly. You know play casino at the pace of its outposts and remakes and got a little bit more plays than the previous hynix. So the first time I heard human sexual healing remains. I was anxious students without I was. They city just making music. He ended every day with some really focusing on school and in what do we make him because it was such a classical try. The time and a lot of messages Sosa got those actions but a lot of people ask me and he got a remake section here. And then them one legislative account in this he actually the works out side both. I memos like nervous. Posting this I didn't know if we're gonna hate love it that I saw the reaction been and everybody seemed to be very happy about it. I posted this enemy makes every month. And then it just got more McVeigh's. An emblem of followers. Amid a FaceBook page. And Alan house likes sesame 101000 life. Analysis that's going upwards. IA he was looking online for me music goes on sound cloud. And I came across the now Chicago I immediately in a mobile peace book. I reached out my hand and huge fan loved music loved to work with GO he basically said yeah let's do it like right after call it was sore just like let's see what happens. That would definitely. Khaled opposites the Atlantic coast dealing personality we have let go our our strengths and weaknesses and make the music NN heaped most you know in a beginning a disposes like as those that oppose the stuff on the outside cloud. And I was just hoping so licences and when he came in and help me he was sake sending it to you. Adding these he put out there and likes that. That got the place up so much like the followed. McCain. Virginia. Singh woods. With a candidate shows like Benson and Ron. The I think we've stopped bringing down the big quick. The content in the case it doesn't matter because Greek bond so that the C. Steven. Describe to yourself. I wish I don't keep that happy that they. Kind of like he'll in my head summoned pan flutes some. Field on that stuff I'm bad typically tropical house. I think you think it's a good name for it. How do you keep up in the caffeine adrenaline is a little bit of both. Of a vote. An FAA. And drinks. Read both and coffees. To fly. You invited to play at a nightclub in Paris. But nobody actually knew what you look like. Yeah never posted a photo myself anything. If no one really knew anything about the other in house like I can't put in my by and I emblem with twenty or sell them for Hanoi summit that. Titles real name is. Sit our global doll a Tyson Norwegian astrological Hokkaido it was his username. In high school they think the beginning it was in glass and secured Corvel all cities like. KYTO. We met for the first time in Paris this person or show and I wasn't when Williams when he flew all the over there and I'll let you know sophomore in college an arm of the rooms accidentally empty all the sudden. He gets up the play an entire room is packed. Then we didn't know how people going to react to my tracked this because there was so much slower. Then every on the DJ outdated. Up that show I just knew that this this is actually I'm on to something because people like crowd surfing and having the best time ever in the cup. We just tell by the energy and they were there sing the songs that we had something. We both looked each other in the eyes of the government do this forever. Those early remixes like the icy fire remakes and sexual healing. How did this kind of changed the game threes and as they've been remixes go with Conrail will build my mind Correa of and it's sold US soil only Wendy's. Munitions that I put up on south. Oh record companies were taking notice and before he had even released original music. They're trying to sign U think. Will be overly bidding war going out of its win their labels to Neela say it's. Very important when I signed a deal to have lacked the musical public freedom to do whatever I want it. I signed a deal with so and in an elusive fighters still. So young we're so naive we don't know what's going on and we're just site rated again. When he signed that deal I just felt like it was game. Two years later you're selling a Barkley. The head. For the host thinkers and head for the first show. Agents say everything that's went very fast. How do you prepare yourself both mentally and physically but we can places. I tried good food imminent stay healthy. Just get an island have witnessed nothing else that matters. So with that kind of value meditation. We never. I was yesterday. This meant that's. So when they and as the district of the year it was. Wow things. Ice expert he tech news like office outside. It was his bachelor party. Investment. Friday night gets pregnant. Then Cendant. Yes that. It's Friday and Sunday that he wanted to work on that. It's funny I'm doing a show and everything what's happening the next day. Thing was how they act. Coughs and what can be done better and putting in that effort and time to make sure that everything's going to be great. Bird every so that you live there. Perfect but digital pirates great like it'll stressed it was shows like. All of that help how are you. If this evening I didn't. It was nice quiet you know. He shows energy different ways and argue on the little more of noticeable war. He out he's a little more like quiet. But I know that he's excited I know that he's grateful of the situation where it. It is. Get news. Guess when your secret. We go. We're here we're coming up headline really exciting. The plane yeah. I can we can certainly what I'm. The fastest artists to one billion streams on Spotify. What is screaming like the world of social media sound clouds Spotify what does that meant to your career and your success. Thank everybody my career is built spotted streaming and social media to be able to reach your whole fan base just by posting something. That since they have assisted in the best way to kid. You debut album cloud nine. What was it like to release original music for the first time both those in their feeling opens it up on Alison you know only -- an axis. And then. Other yet to some people so some people and incidents thought that my artist's name. What's kind of remakes confess they can lead every song us like kind of remakes did you feel if you had something to prove at that point. A live they act. But I wanted to prove that a I'm unable to make. Human emissions if talk to me about I love man was Whitney Houston is alleged. How did that come together she was sent to the same labels men they had the song laying around. And that she covered. 1990 and something than a group like officially released it I got from the facts. Analysis that allowed this this this is facing. Yeah. But if we lose track several you're asking my actually. He's the music video with analysts I want to bring that buy music I want to make this. Anti choreography like this happy jumping up and down but people just coming together he. It might cost happy vibes when I hear just wanna like dance to get out of my chair and. It's the course is so powerful political reasons I won the most legendary artists of all time. And so to me this is kind of unreal to get the opportunity and he when you hope to collaborate live in the future. I think that we can add San of those and I come on top mileage. Hopefully I'll make a song went on them. We rely great horse. Times are altered form with us just suggest so. And and. Both of us we're just such music lovers and I think we're both trying to find our way to do what we loved you know when. I think we kind of need is perfect combination where it was like the ultimate dream team you know and we loved and that is formed what we did come. A on stage of these big festivals you're playing the piano. The feel like it's a chance to show your artistry and piano is something and endings as those six or so. That's the meal you know need. I feel you so it's a special moment my sense. Laurie big public radio late payments. Marty London. Yeah. It digests them. See Sargent. Overnight she. Just. Thanks rather. What do you think this whole. Ready and. We move very fast. Pressure on ourselves as really gets it would do differently here do it make your fans happy and wouldn't think you can grow the brand. Just landed in Vegas. Flew in from Toronto. We got to show fifteen minutes. We got through customs things got back to job big guy. Oh yeah show the night. One weekend. Through countries. Three shows. Are you exhausted. And a day after. In the lifestyle it seems on forgiving with the scheduling with the travel with the constant shows do you ever feel like it's too much. Sometimes. You glossed busy toward filling generates. November. About going that it's too much. That's the eggs. These other DJ sixty though he plays like 200 something showed he had had a thing. I'm not. Who Wenzel said and done I think. Our overall goal is eases continue being creative we want to leave. If something bigger than Chicago behind. We've created a company we've a record label we want to build an empire to get. Cutting state ground well. Talk to tap it literally fan he might have Roman very good team. Defense. This is about surrounding yourself with. A. Oh.

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{"duration":"23:20","description":"Get an inside look at the life and rise of Kygo - embedding with the superstar DJ/Producer from Norway for one weekend, two countries, and three shows. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"66064719","title":"48 Hours with Kygo","url":"/Nightline/video/48-hours-kygo-66064719"}