Aaron Hernandez, Odin Lloyd: How Were They Connected?

When the former NFL player was accused of murdering Lloyd, questions arose about their friendship.
8:54 | 07/25/13

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Transcript for Aaron Hernandez, Odin Lloyd: How Were They Connected?
Few have fallen as far or as hard as former NFL star Aaron -- and -- that hands that caught so many touchdown passes. In handcuffs today as he was led into court charged with the brutal murder of his friend -- Lloyd. But Howard two men from such different worlds even met. And how are they united by the two women in their lives ABC's John -- and brings -- the report. For our series crime and punish. Aaron Hernandez practicing with his former team the New England Patriots. -- and -- teammates practicing with a semi pro Boston -- it's similar plays. Similar. But come game day Hernandez and the patriots. Were cheered on at Gillette Stadium by almost 70000. There. The bandits or didn't it maybe 200. Got a big big game and hopefully get. 300 the biggest amount you see in the stands. 300 people -- -- will -- these guys out here how much -- -- make. For game no one from -- -- don't make any money filming went. But according to -- coach Mike branch and others somehow Hernandez and Lloyd had formed an unlikely relationship. United. By the women in their lives. This is -- -- is -- beyoncé squirted out of court by his defense team. Lloyd needed her sister friends say the two men would often hang out. Sometimes. Even -- football but prosecutors say something went wrong shifting their bond from cordial. To fatal. -- breaking news of an arrest warrant has been issued this morning for Aaron Hernandez -- The whole world was watching as the 23 year old former tight end for the New England Patriots -- is charged with murder allegedly orchestrating the execution style killing. But his friend. How did it all go so spectacularly. Wrong. Aaron Hernandez was raised at a marginal neighborhood in Bristol Connecticut he had a share according. Father died when -- -- sixteen. That was very. Very tough for him at that age that it happened and. Had a little bit of a tough upbringing -- both because of that and even before that but Fernandez -- one gift that made everything better. Football was something that he really loved I think it gave him a little bit of a reprieve. From may be some of the other everyday challenges of life when he was around football he could forget. Even in high school it was clear he had an -- usual talent he started getting calls from colleges eventually getting recruited by the University of Florida. Bright future stretched before him. If you could only keep his demons at -- you can sell said that he had a history getting into trouble. Before he played a single game. His career was almost sidelined for ever -- reports that Aaron Hernandez. -- an altercation at a bar called the swap. A police report from that 2007. Incident surfaced recently. Hernandez had gotten into a fight with the bar manager over two drinks -- maintained he hadn't ordered. Guess who tried to come to his eight. According to the police report squeaky clean college teammate Tim Tebow offered to pay for the drinks. Instead according to authorities Hernandez punched -- manager so hard. His eardrum burst he could have been kicked off the team and he wasn't Hernandez was never -- with the assault. Growing up in Boston -- in Lloyd also excelled at football. But didn't get special treatment according to his coach. How talented was he coming out of high school. Great talent and -- himself out how to save possibly not upon himself in ladies Odom likely. His teammate -- Hodge says Lloyd never went to college he drifted into semi pro football and -- and jobs including his most recent as a landscaper. Did -- -- -- dreams of playing in the NFL -- because they give enough but malvo it's incumbent on -- realistic which and so. Meanwhile -- University of Florida Hernandez was excelling on the field with a 111 receptions and twelve touchdowns. Off the field there were rumors. Take a look at this personality test -- scouting report obtained by the Wall Street Journal it said Hernandez enjoyed quote. Leaving on the edge of acceptable behavior. And cautioned that he could become a problem for his team. -- was a major talent but as he approached the NFL draft in 2010. Real questions were being raced. How did -- in -- past impact his draft stock. Significantly this was a player that most would agree had first round talent maybe second round talent slip to the fourth round. But -- there he was still one of the over so lucky -- chosen by the New England Patriots to play in the NFL. He seemed to have it all including a relationship with beautiful -- out of Jenkins -- he'd met in high school and that's how old and Lloyd -- Aaron Hernandez finally met it's turned out Lloyd was eating -- -- his sister. In this true friends -- dating the sisters. You casually sees other had a barbecue yeah house woman whatever the case the deal with the -- -- -- -- -- ago they're gonna sees Elena passing by so that's what we thought of less what we thought there was. But no matter how casually it started and no matter how unlikely friends say -- -- and Aaron Hernandez actually met up and hung out. Even when the women -- around they also shared a common upbringing. Going up -- for tough neighborhood. It's I think that's probably why -- easier match for both would have to rise and not be in situations in jail incarceration. You know is this credit to both of them. That typical neighborhood was a reality Lloyd Steele had to deal with every day. But no money for car he would bicycle -- twenty miles to the bandits game. You know he's dedicated he's the incumbent around the corner and witnessed that they showed a -- in the and his helmet on that. On the stairwell was like -- were times this talented linebacker. Couldn't afford a human -- So he was wearing his Jersey and somebody else's name a couple of -- he did yes if you wonder why Oden was hanging out with an NFL player to semi pro guy announced NFL player didn't seem strange on the I think some guys and myself was -- -- -- -- -- -- where NFL play. But somehow -- unequal relationship. Was about to come unraveled on Friday June 14 police say Hernandez and -- were at this nightclub when a dispute broke. -- prosecutors say that there were some kind of an argument the Friday night before. That Hernandez was upset that lord was talking to a group of people that he ever discuss that view but he has said that they went off Friday and had a good time -- the same thing. A -- and -- aren't -- like to act out that he thought there was anything going wrong I don't think he felt it was a do it was a fight. But -- later -- surprised his teammates by showing up for practice. Without his bicycle and I see a black SUV -- you know I'm just looking at was looking -- -- in the top. -- -- -- -- -- -- Whose cars that first college you know quote now he said you know. -- that was -- referring to him. It's -- -- and it's. Darryl its -- and he saw him the last time Sunday night you with him just hours before he was murdered and this. -- as -- hang out -- Sunday what time did you drop them off. He got -- get a text for -- -- manages in India -- to next so. Every decision to go over he told me -- mobile -- so prosecutors say he got in the car with -- at 2:30 in the morning. If you work the next they what was he doing. Knows think that's the question. Prosecutors have not publicly discussed motive but documents they've released reveal two points they are investigating further Hernandez his -- Jenkins told police she suspected Lloyd was a marijuana dealer. And police recovered in -- safe in Hernandez's house a -- Police say the kind used to wait drugs but -- -- -- at a Boyd had nothing to do with drugs he was the drug Taylor. You -- -- your Iran -- to practice police are also investigating Hernandez's alleged involvement in -- 2012. -- by shooting in Boston. Let two people dead could Lloyd have been killed because he knew he -- about the shooting. I know and Solano in the world and Lloyd he's not again banker. You've got to -- it doesn't self possessed not a division that I know. In the coming weeks and months we'll find out whether there was a Lloyd no one knew. Already it was possibly Hernandez who may have pulled -- in -- back into the rough world. -- both spent the young lives trying to escape. We're Nightline and John -- -- in Boston.

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{"id":19766811,"title":"Aaron Hernandez, Odin Lloyd: How Were They Connected?","duration":"8:54","description":"When the former NFL player was accused of murdering Lloyd, questions arose about their friendship.","url":"/Nightline/video/aaron-hernandez-odin-lloyd-connected-19766811","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}