With 'Anchorman 2' Cast, 'It's a Free for All'

Will Ferrell, Christina Applegate and the rest of the news team talk about antics on and off set.
3:00 | 12/18/13

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Transcript for With 'Anchorman 2' Cast, 'It's a Free for All'
When will farrell first shopped around his idea for a movie "anchorman" a decade or so ago he wasn't yet a household name. And multiple studios turned it down. A movie about the snooze of course we now know how that turned out. The bumbling womanizing and somehow totally lovable character, ron burgundy is a cult icon. It was fan pressure and farrell's own enthusiasm that got paramount to bring the now a list cast back for more. Abc's nick watt got a look at the sequel behind the scenes. I'll take the job. And I swear I will be number one again. Ron burgundy is back, older, definitely not wiser. Quickness. Huh? ♪ Itf you like ♪ he is back by public demand. That is going to make one hell of a story. Reporter: In a movie that glorifies the long quality hair and belittles my profession. Wow, right on the lens. Reporter: I don't really have anything else to say to you people. Come on. Come on. What did we do? I feel look I need a new job. Our movie dismantled the way you look at your profession? You should go in the peace corps maybe. Awe off it is Reporter: It is mocking. I have seen. You were offended. Then we have done our job, very, very pleased. I don't have any legs, ron. Reporter: It is 1980, burgundy, armed with news instinct all. Trying to figure out how to make the news less boring. Reporter: Is shaping this nacient 24-hour medium. reading for charity the first anchorman script. 30 second. You are on. I am on right now? I don't believe you. Reporter: Yes, burgundy attained this status. The goliath, a quotable titan. You are a smelly pirate hooker. In a glass case of emotion. To a series of commercials for dogs. Only the one with the guts to tell you. Increakrcrease sales. Comfortably, fits two turkey sand wachs, or 70 packs of gum. In 2004, predicted, anchorman made a little less and a lot less than 50 first dates. Awe off the first one wasn't such a huge hit. They weren't chomping at the bit to make a different once. We had a different awareness that's out there. Wept have been clocking, how much of a cult thing this has become. People had heard we were going to do it. Then it was dead. They sort of started protesting that idea. Paramount went, a lot of people do want to see these people again. What about the time you dared him to drink the woolite. They're all kind of dumb. They're idiots. They're likable it yoldiots, right? Anchorman, ron burgundy. Promotion is anything than weep have seen before. And farrell in character, ku curling in win peg. Boughtful hill country. Have had a lot of success. You have didn't all without a mustache. Reporter: It is funny, because we have all see guys on tv who are a little bit burgundy. You know I do know a colleague, a tv reporter who does invite people to his house to watch vhs tapes of his old stories. Really, what is his name? Not going to tell you. You should say it. It it will never get back to him. Mort crim in a documentary, farrell happened to catch about the trailblazing female anchor, jessica savage. Mort c ricrim did not want to share the spotlight especially with a 25-year-old woman. I was a typical, traditional, 1972, male chauvinist anchor. He was awful off to this woman. Very qualified. Just want you to know if ron does not show up. I am ready how to go on. Farrell and the writer, with some of the giants of local news. Among them. Man out of san diego. He told us about doing a newscast where the director was over at the local watering hole and directed the newscast on the phone while he drank scotch. The best newscast they have done in a while. Heave watched it. Over the phone heap sai said, take camera one. Take camera one. The jazz flute. Just adam and I sitting around. I wonder if we should play jazz flute. And definitely should. What will we put it in? We'll figure it out. Reporter: My only criticism of the second movie, farrell does not as he has often done before in his work. Just going to grab the shirt if you don't mind. Just watch out for the guns. Reporter: Appear shirtless. Looking is free. Touching is going to cost you something. I don't have to take my shirt off in every movie. Not a contractual thing. Reporter: I thought you enjoyed it. The people enjoy it. Yeah. Yeah. Just by the mere thakt tfact that you brought it up. Don't mess me with, this white thunder rolls deep and nasty. The process of making the movies was part script, part improv. Free-for-all. A free-for-all. Anything goes. Really. with McKay the director shouting new lines amount the actors through ape bull horn. I say McKay's mind has its own gravitational pul l or just his satellites. You want more work. Let me take you in. Let's break the huddle here. What do you say? Fun to play somebody kind of expected to be ate buffoon. Little bit more. You can kind of go far in the direction of being a moron. And people tell you good job. Reporter: We had a good time. There were some days that were pure hell. I mean. Why do you keep pointing? I know. I know. Pointing at steve. One-on-one. I was pleasant to you. I don't know why your eyes keep darting to me. I picked you out as most unpleasant of the group. That's right. Everybody. There as good a human being as you hope they are. That's the truth. That its the truth. Off awe take that. Reporter: All right. Okay. Reporter: We'll move on. I don't know what to. He did it again. One little last darting eye shot at me. I'm nick watt for "nightline." Pull yourself together, man. In santa monica.

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{"id":21257086,"title":"With 'Anchorman 2' Cast, 'It's a Free for All'","duration":"3:00","description":"Will Ferrell, Christina Applegate and the rest of the news team talk about antics on and off set.","url":"/Nightline/video/anchorman-cast-free-21257086","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}