Angelina Jolie Talks Taking on 'Maleficent,' Wedding Plans

Jolie opens up about her first starring role in years, her health and her family with Brad Pitt.
5:49 | 05/22/14

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Transcript for Angelina Jolie Talks Taking on 'Maleficent,' Wedding Plans
There are few women are more powerful and prominent in Hollywood and in American culture and Angelina Jolie. We hear about her health and her family life so often that it's surprising to think. That's actually hasn't been in a movie for years. Tonight she opens up about her new role and a wild new wedding idea proposed that by her kids. Here's ABC's George Stephanopoulos. -- -- -- So on the sixties back day. Yeah. It's a fairy tale all this time with the new twist Disney's remake of sleeping beauty seen through the eyes of -- leftist. -- An iconic villain played by one of our biggest stars Washington on the situation. Angelina Jolie says she was drawn to the -- and even as a young girl. When I was little. I didn't -- the princesses -- -- of that. Ice on the left -- and I just thought she was so Elliott. He really is a study and humanity and how you lose your humanity and how could you ever get it back and and what is it that makes us all feel battered difference in what can change somebody you seem to be -- a time they yet to play around with the voice a little and did. I'm and it felt quite distressed did not. -- -- in detention. I didn't know what to do with the voice I kept giving and I give my kids about the night I -- tell -- stories in different voices and then when I did this particular voice. They couldn't stop laughing and that's -- -- -- got the more they laugh. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How. What it. I brought -- my own little focus group to the movie had four girls to land into their friends and they had a couple of big big questions. -- the first one you must've heard a lot that they were fascinated by it. How did you get into that cost -- how hard -- I did actually have to take it very slowly the first and I get into it. I did I had two different -- of warrants -- -- horns that I could pop off. Because I kept banging women -- things and I would it was knocked myself out and then when they were wrapped in leather I couldn't. So I was -- seven and a half foot tall thing with. But my -- and might and I -- my staff caught my cloak it all went terribly wrong in the beginning and but then that they need to have to -- it like any little girl with the first -- -- another highlight her daughter didian appears as the other -- that you know -- -- -- Yes she did she did she know the -- -- do for a living and she knows them we talked about what it was and we talked about blacks and talked veteran. And then Aaron moves like my game and sacred time you said you don't want your children to be actors -- thinking stop it. Now he can't stopping kids from anything if they want to be actors I think. We'll of course -- that we just want them to also -- other things the creative side of his wonderful the very public side of it is not something we wish for them. Surprisingly this is Jolie's first film role in four years but she certainly has not been out of the spotlight. Last may she candidly shared her courageous decision to undergo preventive double mastectomy. Making headlines and changing lives. Remember the cover of time magazine the Angelina affect. And the effect it's had on women around the country what I think is that -- on you I really didn't know how people would react I didn't enough there'd be some kind of strange silly reaction there. You're worried about it -- little worried but I didn't expect there to be so much support. And I was very moved by and it's connected me so much to other families of the women. And you know and and now when I meet people we don't talk much about films but we talk about their children -- -- women's choices or their wives of so it's been a really beautiful turn. Her frankness on this issue is yet another example of Jolie using the flame -- her stardom to cast a -- on global problems something she's been doing for more than a decade through her humanitarian work. I first -- about it on Nightline in 2005. I feel -- Better about myself as a person I have some -- in my life but I can I tomorrow knowing that -- Done something that's of value whether people asking them if you've ever think about going to politics he said and likely to many skeletons. -- find out my -- they're out they're probably all out Little Havana having left you know it's almost ten years later -- can you reconsider now. You know if I thought I'd be effective. I would. But I'm not I'm not sure if I'd ever be taken seriously -- -- when he was in fact she's speaking out now about the mass kidnapping of the Nigerian school. His team trafficking missed -- sexual violence against women this is against girls' education this is one kind of one very. Horrible example of something that is happening -- grand scale. But we couldn't and without the question on everyone's -- wedding plans with partner Brad Pitt. If it happens it'll be a family affair involving their six kids I was surprised to see you -- your kids talking about a possible wedding. What is a painful way. All of that I have to get it. We don't have a date we're not hiding it -- but we really don't know we talked to kids about -- -- -- ask a surveillance and violent one of them suggested paintball. And with us now. It's different -- So -- is you know I think the important thing is that whenever we do it that the kids do have a great time and we all. You know takes years -- eleven the connection between all of us but we also just get silly and do something memorable so we we will at some point if we do it let them. The apartment plan. For Nightline I'm George Stephanopoulos in New York. Our thanks to Georgia and Angelina and the left the -- coming from our parent company Disney opens in theaters on May thirtieth.

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{"duration":"5:49","description":"Jolie opens up about her first starring role in years, her health and her family with Brad Pitt.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"23820811","title":"Angelina Jolie Talks Taking on 'Maleficent,' Wedding Plans","url":"/Nightline/video/angelina-jolie-talks-taking-maleficent-wedding-plans-23820811"}