Apollo Robbins: King of Thieves

This sleight-of-hand artist is more interested in returning your stuff while blowing your mind.
3:00 | 07/12/13

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Transcript for Apollo Robbins: King of Thieves
Among the many flavors of feeds the pick pocket holds a quirky spot in the public guy. Not aggressive enough to be -- or stick up man still brash enough to invade your personal space he is part magician part sociologist. And if he's honest you can actually learned some good brain science from a good -- and as they are known but. Where would you find such a gentleman thief. Well Las Vegas actually his name is Apollo Robbins and he dropped by my office to show us the -- of the pluck. If you ever happened across a man named Apollo Roberts and chances are the last to show you -- you -- Moving you can regularly give -- in for office. With this kind eyes and -- manager -- should use his way into your own personal space -- -- -- use your hands. And -- hands of lightning who moved cords from her hands your shoulder. Dazzling needs. But what he's really doing is stealing your stuff -- watch. Get to watch -- -- districts more about the timing your wallets. Their phone and because Apollo Robbins is a close up magician who just happens to be in the world's greatest paper pocket sweet guy that we know also should if there are certainly other masters out there but this guy is the rare -- who makes a living by stealing your stuff. And always giving it back thank -- much. Did you -- steal for real. Diana shoplift a debate as a -- one time in particular some -- -- -- to some cigarettes form. And I -- as April was open site to reach Ramey -- -- back ticket dropped in his apron. He discovered his give growing up in a home where he says he -- scripture from his preacher father. And -- lifting tricks from his half Brothers Apollo describes how they would target marks at the zoo using -- -- are snakes as diversions. And as they were looking over the rails my Brothers would go around and they would actually use a blade to cut the pockets. Two pushed on a -- -- -- -- to come buttons often and usually would steal from bags with a -- weren't intending to. Isn't quite a conflict between that my father being -- minister. And one Munich heard a voice I -- -- both sides of that. And you went to the lights you into the good side YU. Was this or politics or decide which one -- -- the Microsoft's. But despite his honest -- he's still the passion for the dark arts of grifters and card -- and pick pocket teams you have the wire the stick to -- the -- And sure development act then moved to Vegas where Caesars palace paid him to entertain hundreds of guests -- -- this way it was like pickpocket college. And one night he even got a crack. The president Jimmy Carter. I pocketed his -- a Secret Service agents went to their credentials and and the itinerary where they're taking Carter tear. In the keys to the motorcade. After that -- began getting calls from law enforcement types and neuroscientist. And TV producers who helped him create brain games on net GO. All of them are hungry for insight into the science of diversion. If you look at you two fingers he looked back and forth to doing what's called a psychotic -- AB. But -- actually imagining everything you -- between your actually blind. -- between -- two fingers and your mind is filling in that space. And only uses the front of your -- And you work and that's phase tactic advantage of those say -- those -- but that moves very fast. But then the other one when you do this motion is called the smooth pursuit is like hunting and you -- and using more parts here brain. He knows that when -- human mind is concentrating on movement it misses -- an aggressive stimulus like someone and clasping your watch. Take another look. The magic is just an excuse to touch the mark -- less noble pickpocket would probably just -- -- off your wrist and a crowd. Or -- a revolving door to grab your wallet. Or reach into -- open purse on a crowded -- -- carry my wallet here whom. I don't know is that more vulnerable than -- put somewhere else. The different pockets have different names and so this -- here. It's considered -- -- here from pocket kid and about -- are considered your bridge. This is your pit is as close your armpit. This when -- call a -- discount ticket pocket and -- like this yours. If everything was -- -- is easy to steal. -- your -- -- -- and know that those ear -- tell -- exactly where you keep your expensive phone and if you're gonna sketchy neighborhood he says put your wallet. In an empty paper coffee cup. He says the best kind of self defense is the knowledge that you're always vulnerable to a thief with the right skills. -- someone knows. That they are -- and we've been victim actually. Thanks a lot more difficult to steal from two you'll want somebody whose brimming with confidence that way I could never be taken there are two types of people -- world there are marks. And there are people who pay money to find out that there -- market. -- And you can see more of Apollo tomorrow night Friday July 12 in brain games on the National Geographic channel. That's still there.

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{"id":19645554,"title":"Apollo Robbins: King of Thieves","duration":"3:00","description":"This sleight-of-hand artist is more interested in returning your stuff while blowing your mind.","url":"/Nightline/video/apollo-robbins-king-thieves-19645554","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}