Asiana Airlines Crash: The 7 Seconds of Horror on Flight 214

Authorities investigate what caused a Boeing 777 to crash at San Francisco International Airport.
3:00 | 07/09/13

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Transcript for Asiana Airlines Crash: The 7 Seconds of Horror on Flight 214
Car crashes are an all too frequent reality of modern life but your chances of being in a plane crash are miniscule. On Saturday the improbable and unthinkable occurred at San Francisco International Airport on a Boeing 777. More than two dozen people remain hospitalized. And tonight ABC's David Wright takes us inside how this could have happened. And the tiny flight attendant who saved lives by carrying passengers twice her size off the plane. During the crash land in San Francisco. Just an assistant thorough way sailor sailor and. Seven seconds out a final burst of speed the pilot of Asia on -- 214 must've realized he was coming in too low and too slow. When his controls literally started to shake. An automatic warning four seconds out -- days. Don't go around uses just one point five seconds before his tail -- the tarmac. Too late to save each element to fourteen -- hard. -- They're running out the emergency chutes deployed the passengers sliding down. Filmed here by -- horrified family watching from the terminal building. Everybody's running. The first major plane crash in the US in four years a life or death drama that dropped out of the clear blue -- Moments earlier on board AG on -- 214 in flight movie was -- hello 911. Korean romance. About love between two firefighters. Among the passengers watching Benjamin -- in thirty K the exit -- headed home from a business trip. He looked out his window suddenly worried I realized there was -- and we -- that we were -- you know. Up in business class seat three K hip hop producer Eugene -- sense to problem too. I looked outside. War -- -- hits with you know I'm in. With a little room -- on -- discuss. And -- the -- Just right there. There was definitely. Playing mostly hip. The passengers say it -- to them like the pilot gunned the engine and pulled -- trying at the last minute to abort as an on what happened I was inside but. -- -- that we were going back up and then we went -- don't put your heart. Aside just crafts. And the impact forceful strong. AG on -- 214 belly flopped onto the runway and started to skid when he was slow motion I was acting company this is happening now. Now -- gonna be okay. A -- Palestine and I thought those. This sort of emergency vehicles -- product. Urgent and let into action or what our officers on the air right away with a clear channel six of 33 and it's clear the channel will be talk. And instead. 777 just at the runway. Smoke quickly filling the cabin emergency responders knew they had mere minutes to get everyone out. -- you could smell the smoke and and the jet fueled. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At two of the exits emergency slides inflated inside the aircraft. -- flight attendants to -- Wall and also the the flight attendants connect stitching the from the war in -- -- and and behind all those those emergency. Communications slight -- in place. -- -- between. Bush who was sitting down on the maybe door -- open much. I shows trying to give a signal to us -- moving around like there. -- the first police officers to -- say the flight crews asked for knives presumably to cut them away. Inside -- now smoldering wreckage you could barely move. -- -- -- -- And this is the big mess is like a tornado went through that thing and destroy overhead luggage -- were down on the ground. Everything was shattered -- a walking happily. On -- -- look at some -- portable -- our site. Out of 307. Souls onboard including passengers and crew all but -- survived an astonishing number. The two who died. Chinese teenagers on their way to Christian summer camp their parents. Obviously heart broken. Tragically it's possible that one of the two girls may have survived the plane crash only to be run over by a fire truck -- rushing to the scene. What you may not know is what this person alive or dead. Seven Sacramento that's cracked. Today the National Transportation Safety Board confirmed investigators are reviewing videotapes. And consulting with the San Francisco coroner to determine exactly what happened that we want to make sure that we have all the facts. Before we reach any conclusions it is however remarkable there weren't more deaths. But it's worth noting that safety experts say the chance you'll die in your next scheduled flight. -- about 45 million to one and the tragedy aboard Asia on a 214 demonstrates that even severe plane crashes are survivable. Events. Statistics show that 95%. Of people survive in this case nineteen -- The Discovery Channel recently conducted a dramatic experiment to understand why purposely crushing this 727. The pilots abandoning ship in midair. Leaving a bunch of Crash Test Dummies cameras and computers to record what happens next. The findings that bracing yourself for impact does make a difference. I suspect this one may have a concussion that they had a broken -- minimizing the chance you'll get knocked out or worse. Indeed many of the injuries aboard flight 214 are from can -- -- trauma. One of the patients we talked to said that the seats in front of her all collapsed and came at her. She was sitting in her seat and that's how she got her injuries. So what exactly happened on Asia on a 214. The National Transportation Safety Board is now investigating that the crucial flight data and cockpit voice recorders. Already being reviewed at the NTSB lab in Washington. For its part -- Yana has already ruled out any problems with the aircraft. Company officials insist the pilot was a veteran with more than 101000 hours of flight experience much of it -- 74 sevens. But he was just being trained on the 777. Only 43 hours at the Helm of this particular aircraft. In fact it was his first time landing -- 777. In San Francisco. It would be a mistake for any of us to say the well somebody has only forty hours -- -- new type of airplane but he's been flying big heavy Turbo jets for a long time. That means he really isn't up to snuff. Because they would never turned him loose unless he had finished all the training courses and all that your -- why it happened -- who or what. Is to blame is now the focus of the safety investigation. And even if human error was a factor the fact that 99% of the passengers survived will surely count in the pilot's. And the airlines favor. Indeed the flight crew included plenty of heroes. The pilots on -- so -- and skinny. The ability of how helpful cultural issue what's true -- coming carrying people twice as -- -- heard. And helping other flight attendants and even outside the -- after she got -- got up to plan. Just money -- on deployment in the without any fear was trying to help. Forty year old young hee Lee injured herself was the last person to leave the airplane. Today she told Korean television how she rescued some of the survivors herself creating. There was a little boy who was afraid to go down the slide -- so why put him on my back and slid down with them. They -- go to school then Levy help people -- before grabbing his carry on heading out himself in at his mobile phone he immediately called his. -- -- -- -- -- And and his people the right away sensitive cleaning trash I mean I told them find. And then as -- don't have been and accidents and but I'm OK so until she later. Eugene -- can't believe he's still here will be on us what you. Are still tentatively. I still -- to have them back alive. Lost -- part of the some -- close my eyes and until I close my eyes -- -- kind of old but will be the same spot like that the putting -- -- -- hitting the wrong. And -- up to us post. Too strong moment that he had so many others here would never forget I'm David Wright for Nightline in San Francisco.

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{"id":19612468,"title":"Asiana Airlines Crash: The 7 Seconds of Horror on Flight 214","duration":"3:00","description":"Authorities investigate what caused a Boeing 777 to crash at San Francisco International Airport.","url":"/Nightline/video/asiana-airlines-crash-seconds-horror-flight-214-19612468","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}