Audio recordings shine light on allegations that ICE provides poor medical care

In a lawsuit, Gerardo Cruz's former cellmate says his repeated pleas for help on behalf of his friend were ignored.
8:58 | 12/13/18

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Transcript for Audio recordings shine light on allegations that ICE provides poor medical care
This special edition of "Nightli" continue rorter:s area ofico is known for its monarch butterflies and rich agriculture. Evastated by poverty and a hotbed for drug cartel violence many here feel they have no choice but to go north in order their famies. Your husband went to the U.S. Becaus he ran out O money? Tornado trans would have prred for H to stay here with me, of Urse. But he said he could not support his familyhere, and that's why he wasleav he said it was so that we could give the kids a better lif Reporter: So Pauls husndo left wife and six children behind inopes of a better future. T he would never return. Rossed theu.s./mexico border on feb 4th of 2016 with a group by a coyote, a cartel meer who runs uned immigra a the border. The group was detaiby U.S. Border patrol and take St this vid showsim bei interviewed by a U.S. Borde official upon his detention. Why did you come back here to the border? At? Well, to cross again. It's very po well, people are killing other peopl for no reason. There is N organiz law. EP February 11th he was placed in thetay Mesa at a time. Accoing to C documents when he first arrives he had, quote, no medicalproblems fact, his cellmate shes Ng playing dominos, goingut to third. But by february, the lawsuit says he S nurse at the e.icallinic in complaint O headac, sore throat, a cough, andasal congestion. Ebruary 16th, he againees ase reporting his P as a 9 of 10.hiten here says he was S concerned gerao was not getting proper medical cee called the mexico conlate to report the Matt LI Thone E' sick, he hasn't been get good medical care, and he hasn'taten foreveral days. And anything he eats H throws up. But they won't take him to the hospital or ag else. I told the guard, and he says that they only take them to the hoal whenhey're dying. I'm hopi they're not going waitill he DI Y don't think he treated Gerardo like a N? Norter: Angela gman is the Cruz Famy lawyer, suing sai.e. Provided poor medical care a is sui core civic, the cny owns and operates they Mesa facility, leging as gerao' conditionworsened a guard ignored, even D, illness. His cells one of the guards was taughim? Yes. The tg thk, what is it about this facility? Reporter: Core civic and the guard insis it would have been impossible for the guard and aneract because the guard was stationed in a differ area ofhe facility but their own employeeted in filing the facility assigned forpen movement, allowingnees to move around freely. Alejandro said he sought outhe D because he spoke Spanish. Co civic said Gerardo was seen X times B medicalstaff, but the cruzsuit says every doctor until it was too late. At one point gerardtarts coughing up blood, according T the lawsuit. Alejandro, the cellmate,al his wife and paints aes picture.hee we came back the ts were soaked in blood. We told the officer he was really sick, but no, the officer didn't want to, hs like laughing at him, and that was it. Those Are really- ther human rights. Reporter: Core civic saidhe guard never to ce or refused to assist. Later that day the man is sent to alinic where he sees a doctor a I St to a local hospital. According to hospital records he D severeespiratory failure due to pneumonia. Three later -- My friend died. Wonder, they let him die. Translator: Even now when I think about, I feel like crying. You think they Ed lator: Well, yes. What else C you C that, other than they killed M? They refused to help M. If they'd helped M, maybe he could still be alive. Ild have bn his death was swept under the rug no would know andhe'd G his Bo in a box oneay Reporter: The otay mesande dilly detention facilit owned and operated by core civic, one of the largest comp in the busin using detained im we've defended other borders while refusgo defend our own. R: Uer pnt trump's policy O immigratn, it's a B business. One-quarter of core civic' revenue comes from contr th immigraon customs fo Those who choose to break laws and enterllegally will no lo be abl to U meritless claims to gainutomatic admission into our cotry. We will hold them, F long time ifnecessar Reporter: This former core civic trning Mager, who work the at T otay Mesa detention center isow a K witness for the Cruz Fam in their lawsuit. He left on medical leave weeks before the innt, but says he was troubled by the the facili was run. Greed to tal to us as long as we D not show his face. To spital unt apparently it was too late? Dea always surprise me of safetyutns put into that. However, it doesn't se major iis happen, rtunately,no. You felt something B goino happen? Absolutely. Repr:eg made B former employee includedhe cruzily filing. He saysore CIV prioritized profitver the ll-being of detainees, and the company opened a newility by increa the amount of mates by almost 50% by cutting S 15% to 20%. Supervisors, 64 on night be supervising 12 Did this cause danger T the detainees? Mopinion, solutely. Reporter: The former insider was high. According to lawsuihe guard who allegedly cly dismissed Gerardo's illness had hours in four days Ifon't feel management cares about them, which high high percentage that's going tecrease the amount they care a how they're their job. Reporr: Core civic denies the claf unrstaffing saying the staffing pattern the facility was appropriate and within the stand of C for a detention cility. They say theirilities safe and appropria environments. Core civic emphasizes I.C.E healthervices is solely responsible forroviding medical care. To the card wasing re him what would you say? Tlator: Whyidn't you help him? Because he was Mexican does mean he did not have the right to be treat count to work not to steal or to kill anyone or comm crimes. They go to work, to F their families, to feed them. Repr: As for Jazmine, S want nothinghan to give her daughter a bter fe instead she ended uposingher. Her own asylum CAS pending, she faces an uncertain future and without H daughter what would you tell the people at dilly were supposed to take care of you? Translator: Y, to, it was completely irresponsible. I think they should T the children. The child are little angels, and this is not their fault. ??? ??? Whoa! And you wot want T stopor anything else. Ho! Lease the C 300 Sport Sedar $399 a mth your local Mercedes-Benz dealer. Mercedes-Benz. The best or nothing. I'm missing out on our family ogs

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{"duration":"8:58","description":"In a lawsuit, Gerardo Cruz's former cellmate says his repeated pleas for help on behalf of his friend were ignored.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"59791766","title":"Audio recordings shine light on allegations that ICE provides poor medical care","url":"/Nightline/video/audio-recordings-shine-light-allegations-ice-poor-medical-59791766"}