Baby Chanco and the competitive, at times controversial, child modeling industry

Thirteen-month-old Chanco, who was recently named the face of Pantene in Japan, was discovered on Instagram but industry experts caution that oversharing online can leave kids vulnerable.
5:49 | 02/12/19

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Transcript for Baby Chanco and the competitive, at times controversial, child modeling industry
Want to know my biggest beauty secret? My hair feels stronger than I could ever imagine. Reporter: Pantene is known for using the biggest stars for their strands, but it's the newest spokesperson causing the most waves. Meet baby Chanco. She was recently named the face of pantene in Japan. And she's not your average one-year-old. Look at that hair. That's no wig. She was born with a head of hair that would make ra pun zel jealous. Her mom posted her luscious locks to Instagram. It got a lot of likes. And then a lot more. And boom, just like that, a social media sensation was born. Despite being barely old enough to walk, she has nearly 400,000 people following her. We hope she's going to be involved in fashion or modelling. Where she'll be able to deliver the attraction and charm of the Japanese culture. Reporter: And sure, like any diva, she has her fair share of fussy moments. That didn't stop the multibillion dollar adult hair care company from wanting to partner with an infant. I've never seen a baby to have such unique, thick hair. Reporter: That glorious mane has made her the longest model to ever represent a global hair care brand. She's a great symbol of the diversity and uniess coming through her unique hair. Reporter: She's part of the lucrative and sometimes controversial world of child modelling where the stakes are high and the competition is fierce. Kids serve as brand ambassadors for household names like Ralph Lauren, target and Macy's. We live in a world where there are opportunities and so many people are business people and want to make other money for their families. Reporter: And social media is the choice for parents to put their kids out there. Is it the new casting call? Instagram and other platforms are a great way for modelling agencies to find new talent. It's a really easy way to see the personality of a child, to see the personality of a family. And I think that it just makes searching a lot easier. Reporter: How has Instagram changed the game? It does help us find new talent every once in a while. It's great marketing tool. I would say that my business was basically built off social media. Reporter: Do casting directors look at a potential model's Instagram feed to see how many followers they have? They just want to see the kids candidly. It's all about what does the kid look like when they're just being a Reporter: Here in New York we're behind the scenes at a photo shoot with these kid models. Put your hands right here. Reporter: They are trying to make it big. My work is taking pictures. Reporter: Do you go yet? Yeah. Reporter: Kindergarten may be their day jobs but after school, it's straight to the studio for their side hustle. What's your name? Galeo. Reporter: I like that game. Do you have a good pose? You like to put your hand in the pocket? That's a good move. I have a pocket too. Reporter: You have a too? That's crazy. These are the force behind these starry eyed hopefuls. I'm going to take your pictures. Reporter: Forging a reputation as mini model makers. What makes a good child model. The first thing is they want to be there. The first kid model is the one who is like I want to be on TV. How do I get in a magazine and their mom is like okay, I'll look into it because they keep begging me. And they walk onset and love being there. They light up in front of the camera. They're so happy to be there and have fun with other kids. Reporter: Who's that? Me. Reporter: But while moms are trying to build a following for their little ones, they say finding the next baby Chanco is lightning in a bottle. There will be other babies popping up on Instagram with long hair thinking that well, my kid has long hair. That same thing is going to happen. It just doesn't. Reporter: Children's wear is a multibillion dollar VI in the U.S. And moms have become the driving force behind the talent, handling the day today of their kid's lives which means sch and gigs. You can't move again. Reporter: What's it like taking them from shoot to shoot and being on the road as the momager. It's fun for me. I don't mind it. Reporter: Some parents there's a worry kids will grow up and not like their photos are out there for the world to see. Do you ever think what if they look back and think what were you thinking? I think about it all the time. You don't know. Reporter: Oversharing may leave parents vulnerable to scams and other dark corners of the internet. What advice would you give to parents posting like crazy? Be aware there's somebody out there if they have access to your photos, they might be taking it the wrong way. There's creepers attracted to kids, and it's just like the sad reality of life, and you should just be aware of what you're posting. Reporter: But for now, their little faces still light up. One, two, three, boogers. Reporter: When work feels

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{"duration":"5:49","description":"Thirteen-month-old Chanco, who was recently named the face of Pantene in Japan, was discovered on Instagram but industry experts caution that oversharing online can leave kids vulnerable. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"61011924","title":"Baby Chanco and the competitive, at times controversial, child modeling industry","url":"/Nightline/video/baby-chanco-competitive-times-controversial-child-modeling-industry-61011924"}