Bad Santa: Hollywood's Favorite Christmas Villain

From a not-so "Silent Night" to "South Park," what happens when St. Nick goes naughty.
3:00 | 12/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bad Santa: Hollywood's Favorite Christmas Villain
It's easy when you're sleeping he knows when your way -- that may be disturbing considering -- modern Santa trend. Here's ABC's nick -- It's cold silent night in theaters right -- the latest in the long line of movies in which Santa. Was -- This person -- scariest grandma -- here. The Santa costume if -- like he is right circle that being said that it. His attitude too much -- -- how it. Too much in biting the Christmas share from South Park bull bull bull. -- -- meet again Jesus to American horror story he should. This. -- sent pictures to 02 viewers loved it there -- the -- to goodness it. You -- Christmas has -- -- from. It's a kind of you know a tried and tested the optical dramatic trend it's scary elected -- -- -- scary evil behind -- -- -- It's scary like the original silent night is scary Crist sent a slasher flick for a back in 1984. Christine sort of it's religious to accept the State's -- Gene Siskel named and -- the producers on that at the movies. Few people have nothing to be proud of you to -- a few -- -- from all the negative publicity. -- -- -- And it's funny like -- Aykroyd dammit -- sentence. Trading places. And it's funny like a local news story about a grumpy -- cents a getting fired in Maine. He didn't even ask if she was to harm or any of that he just kind of -- terror. Even the Santa -- let me pull his beard at the Americana -- in Glendale thinks that's so -- complete sentence. And a lot of evil -- -- -- Our center as a serious point out to me I think it's -- -- and a half a there's no bad -- there might be people who -- -- Santa who are bad people. Bob savage benefit -- people pulled it was perhaps the best that this -- -- going to -- pretty. God damn -- imposed in this kind of world we're Arenas to his -- -- Don't we all at times feels a little bit like that the -- a couple of things. I'm -- what for -- But --

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{"id":17970114,"title":"Bad Santa: Hollywood's Favorite Christmas Villain","duration":"3:00","description":"From a not-so \"Silent Night\" to \"South Park,\" what happens when St. Nick goes naughty.","url":"/Nightline/video/bad-santa-hollywoods-favorite-christmas-villain-17970114","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}