The Band Perry: On the Road

Siblings Kimberly, Reid and Neil Perry talk about chasing their music dreams.
3:00 | 04/03/13

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Transcript for The Band Perry: On the Road
Not things -- music super stardom like talented group of singing siblings. The Jackson 5 away -- the Jonas Brothers. And how the band Perry joins the ranks of red hot -- bands -- -- down with ABC's. -- will block and discuss their long loads of -- fame. For tonight it's on the ten. In the busiest Stanley time for the -- the Greeneville Tennessee. And make a -- A band and a roomful of cameras because Reid Kimberly and Neil are no longer just any family. -- this sister and Brothers that make up the band Perry. But -- that name doesn't ring a bell the song probably will -- fat and. It means. -- -- -- -- Time -- you mean a man who lands. Song. I have two daughters six intent dean new angry words to that song and I hear it over and over and I was so excited no I mean. You look back correct. And we had so many mothers say. You know how am that my young daughters are. Singing the lyrics if -- -- -- surely you can rest easy because the -- behind it was one of contentment and you know making the most of every single moment while we're here. -- solidified as this trio rides high on two Grammy winning a string of country music awards. And a growing list of hit songs all under three years. And I mind -- money and. Nightline -- on the road band Perry expressed its name brought them closer. Back to their tiny hometown of Greeneville Tennessee. We've been on the road for 630 days of the past few years we're -- pretty much almost every single day. On this rainy night they're headed home to get a free concert for the second album -- -- It's just that -- as we asked what's the furthest away and come back very very 1000 people responded so. -- crossed at least 31000. You've been -- -- for a very long time and I'm sure you've had plenty of doors slammed in your face a lot of knows. How to how did you get to this point. You just how lasting the process I think that is one of the great things about being a family man we know how to pick each other up whenever we're feeling down. It's been some ride for Kimberly -- and read three kids who didn't show much interest in music until their teens but once they started putting together their own -- Even mom and dad could see there was no turning back. Think a lot of parents are here because my kids wanna get in the show business and where they always supportive of this line of career being the -- I was the first one to make a decision. That college and -- around kitchen table talking and parents just -- I'm I have something from that kind -- I need to have a plan B and they both looked at me was -- reversal. And they said hey if you have something about back aren't you're gonna fall back on and at some point so we're not gonna let you have a plan B. Instead their dad a doctor learned everything he could about the music business. Booking them in small clubs and figuring out how to get them in front of important people in Nashville -- took on the -- its dialect and just about everything else. He -- -- the bus early on in dad set up talking here tonight after it was not -- -- clearly -- That yet they know what those every step for the winner kind of the fourth and fifth invisible members of the ban. They make sure you or your clothing in your Harris just saying if there -- other laying out loud what she's scared yeah. It's. -- media. -- actually wrote a song for a mother it's called mother like mine when the easiest songs that we wrote is incredibly personal data. -- Backing -- filled the stands at camp down early on the morning at the concert. They're very big deal that forgotten that snow we're proud of him yeah we're -- knowing this keeps it. He really did he -- If you. -- -- -- -- Town recently to -- on that stage 25000 people had -- between isn't what we did more than -- entire town it is yeah. Not only does the biggest crowd and -- -- -- -- board -- and -- Couldn't we really didn't even see the pattern. It was a great moment today to see him. -- -- record is on paying here and I believe part of that pioneering spirit is about really big things happening. In small places -- -- perfect examples of -- -- talent that was just sort of sitting in a small town. And and enjoying the atmosphere ending its -- -- -- -- -- Is there any room for a personal life in this in this. Lifestyle life. Resting and -- -- show on the road. In New Zealand with whatever is out there -- -- back home that was getting married having babies moving arm. Exactly so what what does that feel like we've discuss that -- we -- have a personal averages have to bring it out on their and when that's. But don't -- a time that you know this is such the blast in the charmed season for messages gets really buckle down and and work hard -- we've worked towards this moment to be on stages. A decade now. So I think we certainly even share that commitments to making the most of this announcement in -- all those -- moments happened in -- For Nightline -- eighty --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Siblings Kimberly, Reid and Neil Perry talk about chasing their music dreams.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"18867448","title":"The Band Perry: On the Road","url":"/Nightline/video/band-perry-road-18867448"}