Bernie Sanders projected to win New Hampshire primary

After Iowa, Dems fail to pick a clear winner in New Hampshire Democratic voters explained to ABC News who they picked in the New Hampshire primary and why.
9:35 | 02/12/20

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Transcript for Bernie Sanders projected to win New Hampshire primary
Tonight, the first in the nation primary, narrowing a crowded democratic field. ABC news projects Bernie Sanders will win the New Hampshire primary. Pete buttigieg also having a strong night, finishing second. Amy klobuchar in third place, followed by Elizabeth Warren and former vice president Joe Biden. We now turn to political director Rick Klein. What do you make of tonight's results? Byron, we have a clear winner in New Hampshire, but no more clarity in the Democrat race. Bernie Sanders gets the win, the most votes for the second week in a row. He's able to declare victory for the second election cycle in a row. But Pete buttigieg walking away with just as many delegates, meanwhile, Amy klobuchar. Big disappointments for Elisabeth Warren and Joe Biden. Mike Bloomberg is waiting with all of his millions. Right now, there are a number of different paths that have opened up in the democratic field for different candidates, but there really is no more clarity about where this race is headed. We're looking at a whole lot of unformed paths and maybe a lot of anxiety among Democrats about this nomination as the contest ends. Thank you, Rick. We now turn to ABC's David Wright who's been on the ground in New Hampshire documenting the lead up and aftermath of tonight's high-stakes political showdown. Reporter: Tonight in new Hampshire, the thrill of victory. We're going to Nevada. We're going to South Carolina. We're going to win those states as well. We are showing that we're here to stay. I'm Amy klobuchar, and I will beat Donald Trump. Reporter: And the agony of defeat. Right now, it is clear that senator Sanders and mayor buttigieg had strong nights. We just heard from the first two of 50 states, not half the nation. Not a quarter of the nation. Not 10%. Two. Reporter: If nothing else, New Hampshire was at least more successful than Iowa in moving the democratic contest forward. We love you, New Hampshire. The state that goes by the motto, live free or die, you made up your own minds. This is a movement from coast-to-coast. We can unite this party and this country. And we're just gettin' started. Big take aways tonight? In a normal primary, someone who comes out on top in we and wins in New Hampshire would be well on their way, but this is a really weird primary. Looking at a democratic party that is still fractured. Reporter: Nearly half the voters made up their mind in the last few days. How close are you to make up your mind? Not very, I'm really not. When we wake into the booths tomorrow. I'll make a decision in the next 24 hours. What's going to push you over the edge? I really want to see a woman win. It's time. I'm 65 years old, it's way pastime. Reporter: Nearly half said the ABC news debate was an important factor in their vote. As you probably heard, we're on a bit of a surge. Reporter: That seems to have been good news for senator Amy klobuchar, riding high after her strongest debate performance yet. Is anyone else on the stage concerned about having a democratic socialist at the top of the democratic ticket? I'm not. Is that right klobuchar? Even though he and I are friends I don't think that's an economical policy at the top of the ticket. Reporter: Moderate Democrats were clearly shopping around. Are you an undecided voter? I'm an almost-decided voter, I would say. I think she's pragmatic. I think she can appeal to a broad group of voters. I like the idea of having a woman as a president. I think it's long overdue. Thank you. Reporter: Klobuchar appears to have benefitted from the sudden deflation of former vice president Joe Biden's campaign. Biden saw the writing on the wall. He headed to South Carolina. It's a little warmer now. Well, yeah. Reporter: Biden left even before the polls had closed. Live streaming into his campaign's New Hampshire watch party. Former South Bend mayor, Pete buttigieg got some of those Biden voters, too. How important is it to win in All of them have been claiming to be the organization that's so solid and so well put together that it's going to go on and defeat Donald Trump. The process of actually proving it, New Hampshire is a big part of that. Reporter: But many voters told us they were torn. There were a couple candidates that I thought were electable, how's that? Reporter: Was that the biggest factor for you? It was, but in the end, I just voted for the person I was most impressed with. The reason I struggle with the choice is the person I chose I'm not sure can go all the way. Reporter: Your gut says Warren? Yeah. Reporter: And your practicality says buttigieg? Yes, but then there's also electability, not issues but hesitation with him, too. Reporter: What do you mean? Just weighing what this country is ready for. Reporter: The candidates slugged it out down to the wire. At this point, there's not much more the candidates can do except try to gin up some enthusiasm. Senator Warren is doing that she has strong support, including Campbell Harvey and her poodle, Susan B. Liz Warren is who I voted for, and I've watched her a long time, very impressed with her. Reporter: Do you have high hopes for her? I do, actually, it's time for a woman president. Reporter: Warren was hoping to do better today, but she's not about to throw in the towel. What's your path forward from here? You know, I think it's about people who really want to win in November, and they have to take a really hard look at the top tier candidates and say who's got the best chance to make it all the way through and beat Donald Trump? Reporter: Does it become a harder argument to make if you slip farther and farther back? I don't think of this so much as where you are on any individual ranking. I knew from the beginning that this was likely to be a very long process. Reporter: Tonight, businessman Andrew yang ended his run after a disappointing showing. You know, I am the math guy. And it is clear tonight from the numbers that we are not going to win this race. One vote for Michael Bloomberg. Reporter: Today one candidate who wasn't even on the ballot won bragging rights in the tiny hamlet that traditionally votes first, dixville notch, population, five people, gave three write-in votes to billionaire businessman Mike he called them personally. He did call. He did call me. Reporter: He called you? Called several of us. Reporter: What was the conversation like? It's a nice conversation. He's a very articulate man. We talked about our dogs. Reporter: It wasn't a clean sweep, but it did allow Bloomberg to muscle in on the morning news cycle. The first winner overnight was not even on the ballot. We're talking about the former mayor of New York City, Michael Reporter: By afternoon, the story had changed. After audio surfaced from a 2015 appearance at the aspen institute, where Bloomberg defended the controversial new York City police policy known as stop and frisk. 95% of murders and murders and murder victims fit one Mo. They are male, minority. If that's true, that's where all the crime is. Reporter: Knowing a Democrat can't win without turning out African-American voters, Bloomberg apologized for that stance just before he jumped into the race. I was wrong. And I'm sorry. Reporter: By the end of the day, the hash tag was trending, Bloomberg is racist. The others pounced. You don't Xerox people. And it's upsetting to hear that kind of language. Reporter: How big a worry should that be in the minds of voters? Look, this is part of his record, and record matters. It tells you about a person. What they've been out there fighting for. Reporter: At the end of the day, is it any clearer who the democratic standard bearer is going to be? Absolutely not, and that is probably the worst thing for Reporter: Tonight, new Hampshire had its say. Because of you, we are taking this campaign to Nevada. To Nevada. To South Carolina. This victory here is the beginning of the end for Donald Trump. Reporter: One down, 55 primaries and caucuses still to go. I'm David Wright for "Nightline" in Manchester.

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{"duration":"9:35","description":"After Iowa, Dems fail to pick a clear winner in New Hampshire Democratic voters explained to ABC News who they picked in the New Hampshire primary and why.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"68933157","title":"Bernie Sanders projected to win New Hampshire primary","url":"/Nightline/video/bernie-sanders-projected-win-hampshire-primary-68933157"}