Billy Ray Cyrus Opens Up About Music, Daughter Miley

Country star talks candidly about his new book, "Hillbilly Heart," and his family.
5:56 | 04/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Billy Ray Cyrus Opens Up About Music, Daughter Miley
-- got millions of record sales to his name a fully -- trophy case and want exceedingly famous daughter. Country music star and author Billy Ray Cyrus shares his secrets for dealing with tawdry gossip in the tabloids. And his daughter Miley is engagements. ABC's Bob Woodruff traveled to Nashville to speak with the music icon and superstar -- Hang out Billy Ray Cyrus. The superstar singer songwriter and famous -- The -- We -- tour of his family 508. Opening up about overnight fame scandal there's things I would do different. -- yeah -- famous dog. -- gone up too fast. My only had a dream. This is the way that there was meant to be this is the way it happened. The questions about Miley whether he thinks her marriage to -- -- -- -- is ever going to happen. It all comes with the territory. The guy who's been in the spotlight. For more than two decades now out with a new book hillbilly -- an album called changed my mind. Do you read is taking time to -- through the rearview -- When you became famous very quickly said you -- you felt. Trapped -- still trapped. -- well buffalo has been a little different -- silicon Billy Ray Cyrus and 2317 Longstreet -- -- Kentucky. It's from that address that a young Billy Ray had dreams of becoming a professional baseball player. And he almost was. All that's a double edged sword. After ten years of playing dive bars and clubs Cyrus wasn't sure if that dream would ever come true. But finally after knocking on enough doors in Nashville he landed a record deal was handed a song. He thought could be -- hit. When I heard the demo and -- what is she. More. It's. Do you until world do you -- little book after. -- I'm close of. But even he could never imagine how big it would take. A monster hit on both the country and pop charts -- It seemed all of America was line dancing are wondering who is this guy sporting the Molly. Taking country music by storm. One of the tabloids it came out and said that -- -- -- was. You know together and I asked my manager of fire could go over and apologize to her and -- that. Tabloid down there and she looked and it's and I think that -- -- It's. It was around the time that a break and -- Fire Cyrus whose daughter was born they named her destiny hope. But the big grin earned her the nickname smiley. They dropped the S and in just a couple of years she was the one stealing the show. There's just your daughter has a smile. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lessons that are already there are still looks exactly same this year. In the years since so much and written about the Cyrus family it seems that would be little left for Billy Ray Wright himself. But as we explore his property together and get a chance to see another side of Cyrus away from the glare of Hollywood. Dancing in Athens -- now. That was us or whoever that was the lowest rated -- -- currently have about aesthetics but even as his autobiography hits stores there's still another chapter to be written. When you write a book like this things can change I don't know in the book you know that -- can believe that she's getting America William I know is those writing the book. I wanted to keep that particular. Moment there is open ended as possible I didn't know the answer you think you. I don't know what he wanted to tell you -- I play it by ear to she still listen to you you try to give her some. Some direction -- don't make this mistake don't do that mistake -- she -- we make their own decisions telling anybody how to live and about it. And as we talked about his daughter their relationship the mistakes. Billy Ray wanted to play me a song he wrote it from Miley just as she was finding starting. Hannah Montana. And it's that moment isn't following. Think you're ready to let go of it. You realize again. -- -- -- This thing. And please thing is that the. Competitiveness -- those. Things. Live again. Minutes. Twenty years after Billy Ray Cyrus finally realized his dream of being a star. He still learning the lessons of what fame can really bring. In for Nightline I'm Bob Woodruff and --

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{"duration":"5:56","description":"Country star talks candidly about his new book, \"Hillbilly Heart,\" and his family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19055371","title":"Billy Ray Cyrus Opens Up About Music, Daughter Miley","url":"/Nightline/video/billy-ray-cyrus-opens-music-daughter-miley-19055371"}