Blink 182's Travis Barker Recounts Painful Recovery After Plane Crash

In a new memoir, the drummer describes surviving a 2008 plane crash that left him severely burned.
6:56 | 10/21/15

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Transcript for Blink 182's Travis Barker Recounts Painful Recovery After Plane Crash
Good evening. Tonight blank-182 drummer Travis barker getting deeply personal about his journey to hell and back after a plane crash that very nearly killed hip and then robbed him of his will to live. Sharing his story now with ABC's Chris Conley and revealing how his kids are helping him overcome his fears. Reporter: He's the drummer from blink-182 who rocked into the new millennium with such pleasingly pop hits as "All the small things." Travis barker's over the edge lifestyle and prolific couplings, irresistible to fans and tabloids alike. It's like a dream. It's like a fantasy. You're just living it. Reporter: Then in an instant everything changed when the plane he was preparing to travel in crashed. Former blink-182 druchler and disk jockey dj am was critically injured, four were killed. Everything was just a flying metal capsule that's on fire that's going out of control. Reporter: In his new memoir "Can I say" barker opens up about what happened on a tragic September night in 2008. I call my pops. I just say, getting on a plane, pal, it feels like, I don't know, it just don't feel right. This plane is really small. Reporter: Barker and his close friend dj am are leaving a South Carolina gig with two pals on a last-second private jet. We go to takeoff and you just hear like really -- it sounds like someone is shooting at the plane and the plane spirals out of control. It just starts skidding on the runway. Smoke starts coming through, you know, the entire plane. And then we take off. And I'm screaming at this point. For me, at this point it's like my biggest fear in the world is coming true. Reporter: The bomb Ba deer Lear jet smashes into the side of an embankment after crossing a five-lane highway. And the plane is on fire. And my hands are on fire. So I unbuckle my seat belt. I move to the left of me. I shake Adam. He wakes up. Reporter: With his friend Adam barker somehow finds his way out but is engulfed in flames. I'm completely nude at this point. I'm running, grabbing my -- my testic testicles, my genital, I don't know why, because there's a highway full of people and I'm worried about them seeing my Gwen talls. I don't know what it is. I strop, drop and roll for a long time. Reporter: The plane explodes. His friend and two pilots left inside are dead. According to a ntsb report the cause of the deadly plane crash was a combination of severely underinflated tires. A design flaw in the aircraft's thrust reverser system and pilot's decision to abort takeoff too late. Tonight Lear jet manufacturer bombardie telling us safety is their priority adding that their aircraft meet the stringent quality and safety standards of authorities. While still infrequent private plane crash rest far more likely than those on commercial air crash. Just this weekend a couple surviving this fiery crash near a Texas airport. It was so fast. So fast. Just happened too quick. Reporter: As for Travis barker he grappled with survivor's guilt for years and his physical recovery was a long one. I stayed in burn centers for like the next four months. Reporter: Severely burned. Over 65% of his body. That, I mean, that feels like hell. You're put in a big metal pan and you're scrubbed with a metal brush to get rid of infection. And there's no painkillers that are going to mask that. Reporter: He underwent 27 surgeries. Did you want to kill yourself at any point? Yes, in the hospital when they couldn't get my pain meds right, when I was waking up in surgeries, when, you know, my medication wasn't right, I would call friends of mine and go, y'all, I'll deposit a million dollars into whoever's bank account. I'm done. You were willing to pay someone a million dollars to take you out? Oh, yeah. They had to take my phone out of my room because I was making these phone calls. Reporter: What pulls him out, he says, were visits from his children. Alabama and Landon. It was just hard for them to see me in the state that I was in. They could collar in class and everyone is drawing pictures of their family or what they did on the weekend and Landon is drawing a picture of a plane crashing. So, yeah. It's not right, is it? It was -- I mean, it was definitely something that -- I mean, he was old enough to understand. You know? Reporter: Less than a year later the crash perhaps claiming its final victim, Adam Goldstein, a talented deejay and addict in recovery seen here on his mtv series "Gone too far" fighting to help others get clean. I'm a Hartford, Connecticut, and I'm going go meet Gina who is a her win addict and talk to her and try and give her some help. Reporter: He was eager to get back to work but still battling demons after the crash. What were the last things you remember him saying to you? Unfortunately, and it wasn't -- I didn't really take it seriously. We get off stage and he, you know, we're hanging out and he said, man, Travis, sometimes I just feel like doing a bunch of drugs and saying It. Reporter: Two weeks later Adam Goldstein would be found dead of a drug overdose. It's something that I still think about to this day, did Adam commit suicide or did he go back to using what he was using 12 years ago when he was like a junkie? Reporter: Chasoned by his brushes with death, barker is just shy of his 40th birthday, warming to the tasks of a typical L.A. Dad. But he hasn't put those drums away. ? Are you burning off energy? Are you working out ideas? What's going on when that happens? To me it goes back to -- it just, the more I play, I the more confident I am. Reporter: Playing gigs with mark coppas in a reconstituted blank-182. What if we tried like 16 notes just like really -- that was my original idea. ? Reporter: And though he hasn't been in a plane since that tragic night, he says he won't rule out flying in the future. I tell my children when you're ready to fly, I'm ready to fly. I don't want it to be a handicap for them. I dread it. I lose sleep over it. But if and when they say they want to do it, I'm going to do it. Reporter: For "Nightline," I'm Chris Conley in Los Angeles, California.

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{"duration":"6:56","description":"In a new memoir, the drummer describes surviving a 2008 plane crash that left him severely burned.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"34617431","title":"Blink 182's Travis Barker Recounts Painful Recovery After Plane Crash","url":"/Nightline/video/blink-182s-travis-barker-recounts-painful-recovery-plane-34617431"}