Former Boy Scout alleges years of abuse from troop leader

A man claims his Boy Scout troop leader sexually abused him when he was an adolescent and alleges that the Boy Scouts organization turned a blind eye.
7:32 | 09/19/17

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Transcript for Former Boy Scout alleges years of abuse from troop leader
scouts. He trained me to not say anything. Reporter: Chris was an 11-year-old New Jersey boy scout when his life became consumed with a dark secret. You do everything you can to block it out of your mine. Reporter: He says his boy scout leader sexually abused him hundreds of times over five years. I can't tell you how many times. Reporter: Chris, whose last fla name we are withholding says that the leader became a trusted family friend and things took a sickening turn just weeks after he hit puberty. He said there's beer in the fridge. Help yourself, whenever you want take whatever you want. He breaks out a stash of porn and one thing led to another. I was 11 and essentially intoxicated and not knowing what to do. How did you react? I was frozen. I didn't know what to do. I was stiff as a board. Reporter: Chris says he is coming out of the shadows sharing his story two decades later. His adulthood plagued by depression, anxiety and anger. I have had this whirlwind of mess throughout my adult life. I'm 35 years old and still feeling this. Reporter: Now Chris along with two other former boy scouts have filed a lawsuit against the boy scouts of America saying they didn't do enough to prevent the sexual abuse. Look at his interaction with the kids. They chose not to look at it. Reporter: He says there was no escaping it. How much alone time were you spending with Steve? It became nine hours per week. Reporter: It would continue on troop outings. There is an adult in his underwear. Those are his boxers. At what point does someone say there's a problem here? Reporter: He says his troop leader provided scouts with alcohol. On some of the trips, it turned into a booze fest. Reporter: And an adult friend of Corcoran witnessing the abuse. He saw you and Steve together. Yes. Did he confront Steve? Yes, he said he played it off and the friend disappeared out of the troop and walked away from it. He didn't do what Normal people would do and call the police. Reporter: Chris says the abuse ended when he was 16 but by then his former scout master was a close family friend and was a guest in his wedding. The guy made it into my wedding. I left him off the list and my wife asked me what about him? And I didn't have an answer to say no. At the time I couldn't justify saying no without telling the truth. Reporter: His wife Tina had no idea about the pain that Chris suffered as a child. He opened up to her six years into their marriage. Jimmy: What did he tell you? Steve abused me. I haven't seen these pictures in years and hope to never see them again. But I had no earthly idea. Now I see pain. You see pain on that face? In that face, yeah. Reporter: Chris confided in his attorney at the time. I broke down to tears and just told him. What did you tell him? Exactly what happened. And that was the first time you reconciled it? Absolutely. How tough is that? Tough. In a statement to ABC news the boy scouts of America writing they are outraged there have been times when scouts were abused and they apologize to victims and their families. In the many years since, we have continued to evaluate and strengthen our efforts to protect youth. Reporter: Bruce Neagle represents Chris. What do you hope to achieve in the lawsuit? We want to bring to light this is an epidemic. Reporter: Steven Corcoran's attorney maintains his client is innocent but Corcoran, now 49 was found guilty of possession of child pornography. In June of this year he was sentenced to seven years in prison. What wlouould you say to him today? Why he chose me? I don't know. Reporter: This is not the first time that the boy scouts of America has been accused of harboring abusers as scout leaders. A Portland jury awarded a man $20 million in damages for the sexual abuse he suffered in the '80s by a former assistant scout master. If you want to join, please do so but be aware. Reporter: Lawyers successfully argued that at the time the organization knew he had a history of molestation. He served prison time, admitted as early as 1983 he had molested 17 boys. If you put the interest of your organization ahead of the safety of children, the guardians of the community's safety which we call juries will hold you accountable. Reporter: The month-long trial revealed the scouts kept secret files of alleged child molesters for decades. The files are about 5,000 files of alleged in some cases proven sexual abuse in the boy scouts. Reporter: The "Los Angeles times" created this investigation. The idea of the perversion files with the scouts is they are intended to keep abusing scout leaders from rejoining after they'd before found out. Reporter: In the past they have said scouts are safer because those files exist. Congre congre according to the "Los Angeles times" it followed a familiar pattern. The scout leaders would groom the kids, buy them alcohol, show them porn and then the abuse would start. Reporter: The newspaper said in many cases the boy scouts did not report the alleged abuser to the authorities. The victims suffering in secret. It's a life-long scarring thing for a lot of these kids. Reporter: The boy scouts of America has since implemented new policies including criminal background checks, requiring two very more adults to be present at all scouting activities, prompt mandatory recording of any allegation or suspicion of abuse and a help line to report suspected abuse. As for Chris, he says intense therapy and the support of his wife are helping him heal. If and when he wants to tell me more than he has, he will. But he needs someone to take care of him. Reporter: I'm Paula Faris in New Jersey.

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{"id":49944656,"title":"Former Boy Scout alleges years of abuse from troop leader","duration":"7:32","description":"A man claims his Boy Scout troop leader sexually abused him when he was an adolescent and alleges that the Boy Scouts organization turned a blind eye. ","url":"/Nightline/video/boy-scout-alleges-years-abuse-troop-leader-49944656","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}