'Breaking Bad' Finale Spoiler Alert?

Series finale was a coveted secret, until a thief stole a script and the show's cast called 911.
3:35 | 03/28/13

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Transcript for 'Breaking Bad' Finale Spoiler Alert?
Big cancer stricken high school chemistry teacher enlist the help of a former student to start a crystal meth empire. Millions of faithful TV watchers recognize this is the plot line of the hit show breaking bad soon to be returning for the and that of its run but in an ironic twist that's taken a series cast by storm the end of this make believe crime drama may be spoiled. -- a nonfiction cook ABC's Cecilia Vega reports. You could say it is prime time for television. Bombs away. Shows so juicy plot so thick. Audiences are so -- did say they're willing to wait months even years for their favorites to come back on the air. The wait for AMC's mad men is almost over. After ten months played -- -- back on April 7 some needed game of -- fix your brother is a good month. It also took ten month -- EPO fantasy thriller is back on some. Chemistry is the study of matter there is however no cult following like a cult of breaking bad I am not to -- in -- The danger the ANC hit that draws in nearly three million viewers a week is in its fifth and final season. But fans may be clamoring for a much anticipated series finale. That is -- thirty. That's Emmy winning actor Bryan Cranston playing a science teacher turned meth maker. -- -- -- -- Brian BRY -- at Princeton New York they -- -- video. And this is him in the real world. In just released 911 tapes. -- -- -- -- -- to report breaking and entering into my automobile. Cranston tells New Mexico police that on March 1 he parked his car not far from where they hit AMC series is -- badly mistaken for somebody else. Police say this man -- -- -- McAfee. Smashed the actors passenger side window and snatched his bag. In science in iPad and pages of a script for one of the final episodes of this last season of the show. McAfee was arrested and pleaded not guilty but that script it's still missing it hasn't happened before. -- -- -- you can't hope to control. When thieves -- Samuel L. Jackson script for the hit movie the avengers they reportedly shopped it around hoping for a quick payday but no one was willing to pay the price but Hollywood watchers say TV shows are most susceptible to -- scripts. The shows are around month after month after month. You know movie could -- potentially only three to five months -- and done there are so many possible ways of stories can get -- and information can get out I'm actually honestly shocked that doesn't happen more often than it does. Perhaps no one is taking it more seriously than breaking bats cast. Charles baker who plays skinny -- Has gone public with a plea on TMZ. Telling the thief he Marty made a choice to steal from a person who was loved by millions of people. Don't make it worse by betraying the rest of the cast and crew and fellow fans of the show. You have the choice to be a better person and that as for how the show will handled the drama behind the -- It may drive -- intense interest even more. It's a double edged sword you want people to be craving this information on the other hand some of that -- curiosity can become a bit of a -- -- same nine game. There so will there be a spoiler alert for one of the hottest shows in Hollywood rule states soon. For Nightline I'm Cecilia Vega in New York.

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{"id":18828253,"title":"'Breaking Bad' Finale Spoiler Alert?","duration":"3:35","description":"Series finale was a coveted secret, until a thief stole a script and the show's cast called 911.","url":"/Nightline/video/breaking-bad-finale-spoiler-alert-18828253","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}