What we know about Breonna Taylor’s death in police shooting: Part 1

Taylor was in bed when police arrived at her door as part of an investigation into Taylor’s ex-boyfriend. In the next crucial moments, Taylor was killed and Sgt. Jon Mattingly was shot in the leg.
8:35 | 11/21/20

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Transcript for What we know about Breonna Taylor’s death in police shooting: Part 1
Bullet holes through it and through the front wall from the next apartment where the shooting happened -- Police, put your hands up! Have you been hit by a bullet? No. Stay back! I'll send this dog on you! Walk back to me! Put your hands on your head! What did I do? What did I do? Let's get behind this car for What did I do? Banging at the door, she said who is it, they started what is this about? Keep walking! Keep walking! Stop screaming. Don't come off that car. You come off that car again, I'm going to put you on the ground. Please don't let her be dead. Please, god, don't let her be dead. This is a story about a death that didn't need to happen. Breonna Taylor had a job, she had a career, she had dreams, she was going places. None of that mattered on a night in which some police officers came to her door, kicked it in, shot her to death multiple times. It's a tale of two points of view, from opposite sides of the same door. And those really reflect the view of America. The police point of view and the point of view of black citizens who feel they're under siege. Say her name! Breonna Taylor! Say her name! Breonna Taylor! Look at breonna! Junior. No, that was senior prom. Junior prom she had the blue dress. That's junior prom. She looked so good. To know hers to love her. She's so much like me, but she's so much better than me. Breonna and tamecka were really close. Breonna pushed everyone else in her family to be the best versions of themselves. If you ain't got a breonna? Nnnna! She was the star of the show for the family, basically. She just kept everybody going. After she graduated high school, she started pursuing a nursing career at uk. She was making plans to settle down with a long-time boyfriend. Kenny walker. We actually met on Twitter. She was just goofy. She was always posting funny stuff. Just chilling, playing uno. You know, watching a movie. Then she was falling asleep, so was I. A couple minutes after she had been sleeping, there was a loud bang at the door. Seven police officers show up at breonna Taylor's door in the middle of the night to execute a narcotics search warrant. I remember banging on the door, open hand, hard smacks. Bam bam bam bam. First time didn't announce, hoping she'd come to the door. Kenny says he never heard that announcement. Police say they did. Breonna said, who is it? Nobody said anything. At this time we're getting up to put on clothes to see who it is. Then there's another loud bang at the door. I yelled, police, search warrant. Police, search warrant. A total of six different knocks at the door. Too late for anybody to be knocking on the door, so I grabbed my gun. Then we proceed to go answer the Finally I look back at my lieutenant, who's back here. He goes, go ahead and hit it. When we get right in the doorway of that room, the door flies open. I could see the living room to my GHT. I could see the tan couches, living room, door. Any lights on? No, just the TV back there. We have lights on guns. As I step in the door frame to clear the hallway, I can see two figures. Protectbreonna, protect myself. That's what was going through my head. My eyes went straight to the barrel of this gun. I could see the tip of it. My eyes just focused in on it. Kenny is a legal gun owner. Iet out one shot, you know, at the ground. He wasn't shooting at the ground. He was in a stretched-out, two hands, looking straight at me. Our postures were the same looking at each other. Figuring it's intruders, someone trying to break in and harm us. I couldn't see anybody, pitch black in there. I could feel a handful of blood, I thought, that's my femoral artery. Everything happened in milliseconds. Boom boom boom boom, returned four shots. What was your intent? Stop the threat, what was that was. I wanted to get home to my family. It was just a hail of gunfire. I grabbed breonna, dropped to the ground, hole are her hand. One shot, then 30 shots in a lot of people would say, that seems a little bit excessive. It does seem a lot. Are 30 shots normal? On this situation, I don't know how many were necessary. I mean, that's a hard one to tell, because the initial shot barrage were so quick. Then all heck breaks loose. And 32 shots are fired into the apartment. Detective Cosgrove was dictly behind Mattingly. Brett hang kin son told authorities he went around the side of the apartment and unloaded 10 rounds. I returned fire at the angle that I believed him to still be shooting, from because I could still see muzzle flashes and hear and the fire increased, almost like a -- almost like a automatic type weapon. Kenny fires the first bullet and didn't fire another one. It's possible hang kin son mistakes his colleagues' gunfire. Breonna couldn't say anything, she was scared to death, as was I. She did scream at some point in time, when she got hit. That's the last sounds she made. Anybody left in the apartment? Nobody, my girlfriend's dead. How's your girlfriend dead? I don't know. Somebody was banging at the door, and she said who is it, and they started shooting. No. No, we announced three times, police search warrant. Walker's charged with attempted murder of a police officer. A man accused of shooting a police sergeant out of jail on home incarceration. Two months after Kenny is arrested the charges are dropped against him. All three of these men have been placed on administrative reassignment. After the shooting, the three officers who fired their weapon, according to the department, are immediately put on what's called administrative reassignment. Which basically just means you're not working, that you'r getting paid while they figure this thing out. For us to just have to find the strength to move on without her is going to be so hard. We was going to have to get legal help to get answers. We a wrongful death lawsuit to make sure that we could get the truth out about what happened to breonna Taylor. Because we did not believe we were going to get the truth from the government ancies that were over this investigation. The breonna Taylor case didn't explode into the American consciousness until after the death of George Floyd. Han up, don't shoot! Everyone sort of perked up and went, yeah, that happened here in Louisville. Will we take advantage of can we make this a movement? Can we transform the pain that we are feeling and turn it into power? Breonna Taylor! Say her name. Say her name. Breonna is bigger than breonna. Breonna Taylor! She now has become an American symbol. Breonna Taylor! If we don't say breonna Taylor's name loudly enough and long enough, then the next breonna Taylor may be your daughter.

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{"duration":"8:35","description":"Taylor was in bed when police arrived at her door as part of an investigation into Taylor’s ex-boyfriend. In the next crucial moments, Taylor was killed and Sgt. Jon Mattingly was shot in the leg.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"74332227","title":"What we know about Breonna Taylor’s death in police shooting: Part 1","url":"/Nightline/video/breonna-taylors-death-police-shooting-part-74332227"}