Breonna Taylor’s family hopes FBI investigation will bring justice: Part 1

The decision to only indict one officer has sparked national outcry about Taylor’s case, which has brought attention to other Black women who were killed by police.
9:41 | 09/25/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Breonna Taylor’s family hopes FBI investigation will bring justice: Part 1
How urgent do you think it is to have transparency for the public to know what really went on in this grand jury oh. The urgency is its immediate need answers now. With police being spared serious charges in the shooting death of Rihanna Taylor her loved ones want answers. They want to know what evidence did couldn't backing attorney general. Daniel camera present to that grand jury. The extension did not touch on any the actions. That let that led to it that we're involved in the actual. Chilling Rihanna Taylor and this to me it's just absolutely shocking how is it possible that so many legal minds like yours can see so many holes in this case of any problems with this case and that the grand jury. Somehow did not which is why we need to see the transcript we need to understand how this case was presented to the grand jury only now that theory is. Proclivity by many jurors to believe police officers no matter what this Timmy goes to the heart of the very. Concept of black lives matter does the life of this. Extraordinary young woman. Who was sleeping in her bed after working for shifts as a Ian T does her life matter her life doesn't act Ari. Oh. For months now 26 year old Taylor's name sounded on the streets and it calls for police reform. But hopes for criminal charges may be dimming. In any other circumstance I would suggest that there could potentially be. Oh civil rights prosecution I would suggest that there could be a pattern and practice investigation of the local police department hold out little hope that with this Department of Justice. Under president trumps administration the Department of Justice has dropped the use of consent decrees which allows the federal government to oversee troubled police departments. After last night's protest in Google with two officers were shot the president responding today to the latest development. Into the case. I give my regards to the family of three and I also. Think it's so sad what's happening with everything about that case including law enforcement. It is Lawrence looks only know not. Mediate digging arrived at the house. To announce themselves can literally break down. That resonated. That it required. To actually knocked and announced themselves or they. According to the search warrant police came to Taylor's home seeking to seize marijuana. Cocaine heroin men and all illegal narcotics or paraphernalia. Authorities have said they believed in ex boyfriend of taylors and alleged drug dealer was using her dress for trafficking. There are reports that embryonic Taylor was more involved in her ex boyfriend's world and in order which is why police say she entered their Reid does not change anything about a year. Actually not all makes this case even more tragic big kids here's the other woman who was involved with someone that he was now. Extricating herself from it had extricated herself out. There is no evidence that she herself was involved in any illegal activities. Ironically that ex boyfriend had been arrested before officers even arrived at Taylor's home and no drugs were found in her apartment. The family's attorney saying the affidavit to get their warrants at the postal inspectors office was inspecting packages to embryonic Taylor's home as part of a trafficking probe. Something the postal inspector denies. Following a volley of gunshots Taylor lay dying in the arms of boyfriend Kenneth walker who first fired at officers fearing he was under attack. He's crushed says his lawyer didn't kill this long time were charged in her dad. He basically lived over there they were you know close and is back at it brought in overnight and political news. And now. Trees. How was he doing stuff and then yesterday I opened up more wounds it was almost as bad as it did eighty of the incident itself. Now operators where their first big. Going to have to get somebody in the door is aren't appropriate. Lightly as sad and Kirk Barton creek don't don't let go out. Oh Taylor and capacity. There and. Mr. walker admitted that he fired one shot and was the first tissue. Does he feel that he he was blind absolutely and I believe that two based on the press conference that general Cameron. Eight look in the entire world. Can eat our efforts and it's why he arts. The relief question. He often there isn't Schroeder. And he did what lawful gun owners do you wanted to protect his girlfriend and himself. And there are. The grand jury process is secret blow prosecutors could certainly decide. We are going to disclose. Everything that we present it to degrade picture. And this is very serious argument. That acted how answer a lot of questions keep aka. The grand jurors heard evidence that one witness recalls hearing the police announced themselves. Evidence show is that officers both knocked. And announced their presence at the apartment when he didn't say was that it was one eyewitness. Who believes that he heard the police say police wants. And that there where maybe ten or eleven other witnesses. Who said that the police did not say anything. No murder charges would be filed manslaughter charges either against officers Brett take instant Jonathan Mattingly and miles Cosgrove for Taylor's killing. Instead detective Higginson was indicted for wanton endangerment after firing ten shots from outside Taylor's apartment and endangering her neighbors. Only op surcharge in this case was essentially charged with wiring on. On it originate. On her. What it that's eighty. Why I think that's the part that is so hard to take glee offensive. It again it essentially it's an indictment that suggests that had actually shot on a Taylor. He would not be facing any indictment he's only facing indictments because he missed. Is there anything unique and it makes it enjoy. It. Not that I eight and able to detect from the laws of the state. You know. Prosecuting police officers and obtaining a conviction is difficult in every state in the country there is a presumption that is afforded. Police officers they very nearly face conviction what went at it they are actually brought to trial. Among the familiar names of blacks who died at the hands of police there have been few arrests and even fewer convictions. The rare instances where police officers and face criminal charges have occurred mainly in the past two years. Touching on a Jefferson George Floyd and reach our Brooks. What would each. They're getting justice for Rihanna Taylor because ultimately. Life has been taken from her for her sister or her mother for their community. And for all of us I think we need to see that the legal system. Actually it's prepared. To function like a just system. That it will function in a way that says no one is above the law and that wearing a uniform does not mean you about the law. In my view justice Rihanna Taylor it would be acknowledging our community. Activists to meet the memory has joined the local community marching Henry on his honor. We continue it was. Seat this country they LS. We see it. Process in the criminal justice isn't how it feels axis black people what particularly black winning they'll want what's don't want it lacks the feeling. Of the Ian disappointed at dean dis respect it at the end slap in the face by injustice. Mountains saying she hopes justice for Taylor will result in large skilled sustained reform. The art of justice is not just about read on him at the same SAO Randall. That eight also want to see that laws are cats across Kentucky and across the country that the text that next freon. Already some change is happening real honest law bans no knock warrants in more of that. City also awarded her family a multimillion dollar settlement. Still it's unclear whether we reached a national turning point. That's sparked serious and lasting cheat. Justice system.

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{"duration":"9:41","description":"The decision to only indict one officer has sparked national outcry about Taylor’s case, which has brought attention to other Black women who were killed by police.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"73234888","title":"Breonna Taylor’s family hopes FBI investigation will bring justice: Part 1","url":"/Nightline/video/breonna-taylors-family-hopes-fbi-investigation-bring-justice-73234888"}