Brian Wilson, Wife Melinda Open Up About 'Love & Mercy'

The Beach Boys legend's struggle with mental illness and celebrated genius is played out in new biopic.
3:16 | 06/04/15

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Transcript for Brian Wilson, Wife Melinda Open Up About 'Love & Mercy'
? You know, the beach boys gave us the sound track to summer year after year with those cheerful tunes about sun, sand and surf. Tonight with the new movie on the way, band leader Brian Wilson opens up about the demons that nearly drown him and how his great loves got him through so not sunny times. ? get around I get around ? We all grew up in California. Brothers here, Dennis, Ryan. Reporter: Through the '60s, Brian Wilson the brilliant, emotionally fraj jail leader of the beach boys dreamed up pure pop bliss. Songs that for millions defined the surf, sun and sand allure of California. When you hear your music now, is there a time when you will say "Turn that up"? Yeah, on "Good vibrations." ? I'm pick ING up ? in ? I'm picking up good vibrations she's ? With John Cusack and Paul Dano they use two actors to strike the balance of bril Brian Wilson's turbulent life. If you are going to make movies you want a chance to do something like this with a person of this much talent and creative creativity. His creativity would peak with the pet sounds featuring "God only knows." ? God only knows what I'd be without you ? What was it like to be in touch with your creativity at that period? The greatest part of my life. ? I get around ? Brian's music was aspirational for every American because the beach and the sun. Reporter: The multitalented actress Elizabeth bank plays a woman who fell in love with Brian in the '80s. I love your music. I grew up on it. I remember meeting her at a dealership, cadillac and said, god that is a pretty girl. He said music is his first love and nothing can replace it. I'm settling for second but a pretty good second. Reporter: She would learn of the toxic mix of voices in his head, the brutality of his father and drugs that had laid Brian low. Was with it tough for you to see this movie the first time? I didn't know how tough at this time would be. We talk about it and know about it, but to watch it is a different game. Very rough to watch? Yeah. The same reason you cannot be with anybody. Anybody who was on this movie you look at each other's eyes, okay we're not here for anything else. We are all in. It is like okay, let's try to make a real film. Reporter: Anyone who loves his music and loves his story would say the same thing. Brian are you happy? Very happy. I'm happy because we have a movie. Reporter: For "Nightline," I'm Chris Connelly, ABC news, Los Angeles. ? Good vibrations ? Quite a saga. Love and mercy opens this Friday. Thank you for watching ABC news.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"The Beach Boys legend's struggle with mental illness and celebrated genius is played out in new biopic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"31517059","title":"Brian Wilson, Wife Melinda Open Up About 'Love & Mercy'","url":"/Nightline/video/brian-wilson-wife-melinda-open-love-mercy-31517059"}