Burned-out millennials take on alternative work lifestyles

From working on the road to maximizing their 401K savings in order to retire early, several 20- and 30-somethings have looked for ways to replace the 9-to-5 grind.
7:29 | 03/26/19

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Transcript for Burned-out millennials take on alternative work lifestyles
95 to hit the slopes. Is a fantasy and he only three months retiring pastor and her husband. I've dreamed that the reality hasn't with just 38 years old when he hired. Do you think you'll go back in the workforce at some point who can never. Have traditional job again I don't want to have to go in and be there at 9 o'clock at leave it six or seven or eight or nine or whatever it as. They're good part of a trend people leaving behind the traditional workforce for something different and some are covering their lead. And it's picking up steam the millennial. Garnering headlines. They're accusing it very different pants in previous generations who prioritize to buying homes and starting family. Striking for many early retirement or saving toward financial independence is sort of just a way of saying like OK while Allen else is gonna help clean. Be secure or safe in my older years until I have to do that for myself. Hester and her husband are completely financially. Independent. When he. Earns good incomes is really just biding time do the work how much time. From the time that we decided to retire early until we actually it was about six years. We definitely saved very quickly and aggressively enough time. But very strict budgeting. Including wearing hard pets inside during winter to keep the heating bills down Hester and her husband were able to quit stressful political consulting jobs two years ago. We're very healthy retirement accounts in place. We were able to you kind of constrained lifestyle and not inflated your every year as illogical to you is you earn more. And really focused on bringing more thanking her raises. Has cerner has been are part of a movement called fire financial independence to retire early. Most people who follow fired into state half of their take or mean come after tax. And spend less. Picking and choosing exactly where their money goes. But it doesn't take complete financial independence to meet the German into an alternative lifestyle. Just ask Sarah Solomon right now I am al-Qaeda my camera and just everything around Disneyland and explore England and then I have this great little table right out of my laptop and you work in the morning. I find anything previously running with the died at some kind of before feeling the views like he was driving. He deferred to future in chemical engineering from playful Alaskan frontier mushy dogs I want to school for six years lot of time spent sitting down in the library it's kind of writing curb. Some different changing tastes good little detour. What should human man it's Solomon doesn't know win or if she's never coming back when I left New York City. I say go for year I'll travel weary air and I'll come back and you know probably get a job again and obviously that market and the air with you know no end in sight she left an enviable job at a big publicity firm that started getting a little tired just. Esteem nine despite great scene every day getting up. Going to work and just repeating it battered and I it was a little unhappy at my. You know one of my job so I started looking for other opportunities and now works as a freelance publicist. From anywhere around the world be Guatemala. Or Hawaii one of the things I've found amongst millennial since that they have an idealized image of what their life should both clay. And they don't wanna settle for a last they really are very self aware generation end that has been raised asks the question why. Why should I be working at this job that I don't lie but -- week is a psychotherapist in New York when patients come to me I asked them is that Smart and wise to leave the job before you have something else served plan in place. Can they afford to make that switch. We're living at a time when. That safety nets are disappearing Wang corporations are promising lesson last two. Employees here are very few jobs have pensions anymore or have any kind of like keep retirement young people who have graduated into recession and or who have have come into this country where they have record student loan debt and they're getting paid less proportionately than their parents did and being promised last. It it's should be no surprise anyone that so many are saying what I need to see things in my own hands. But those looking to take control of their lives and finance is the fire movement is an attractive thought. Some like Susie Orman it's unrealistic just don't be unrealistic. Naysayers warn that without padding knack for 01 K over time. Workers could be in big trouble later in life for all and Wolfson Esther admits that not everyone can achieve financial independence. But for her the free time allows the flexibility. To do more fulfilling work. It's your right but I read my blog I do pod cast all of those things look like work. That their things that are passion project for me it doesn't feel like where this is all I have been listening. She now works to share her knowledge with a group often excluded from financial conversations. Leaning women have and since the beginning of time excluded from high finance kind of conversations so he can talk about investing in talk about retirement planning. That's a conversation for the men. And if you're going on your own you would have to hire and male financial advisor. She started hosting sealed focused financial literacy workshops. What his specific challenges out there the hurdles that women need to overcome rumors that he and two feet firmly in this movement. I think we have to be very realistic about the wage cap we know that winning on average earn about 70% of what men earn we know that women make up by for the bulk of minimum wage earners in the states. So women are. Coming at this a little bit lower downhill. In any case I think women can do everything financially that men can do. But it dies take us getting getting getting over all the socialization and we've received tells us that this isn't for us this is for them. Now this is pressed him. For women at the workshop like Carla Perez it's an opportunity to alert status that feeling you look around the conference to see all these women put on hearing from. So many women are ecstatic to be here and they feel a sense of community and support witches. Rate because he can feel very isolating at times financial literacy isn't something we teach in schools it's not something many parents feel comfortable talking about her even have themselves. So don't blame anyone including myself for not having. The perfect financial know Hal at eighteen years olds. Esther believes financial independence shouldn't be exclusive to the Gruber wealthier highly educated instead she recommends these tips for getting started. Being mindful of your expenses and out extra spending that doesn't bring you happiness. Focus on increasing your take home pay every year and when you do get he raises. Don't spend a new money your earning. Instead put it into retirement account. It's I feel like one of the lucky as people he's ever lenders I think the real power here was just in creating a place. For people to come together and less about what. I might happened now it's more just saying okay let's all get together in TX. And I don't think that's gonna stop and think for me it's it's not about. Some that I wanted to sit at home in sept umbrella drinks it's that I wanna be able to and it helped make the world better and make it six accessible to as many people as possible. She wants everyone to have the freedom to choose to do something gala. For Nightline and Gloria every Vieira in Colorado.

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{"duration":"7:29","description":"From working on the road to maximizing their 401K savings in order to retire early, several 20- and 30-somethings have looked for ways to replace the 9-to-5 grind. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"61945007","title":"Burned-out millennials take on alternative work lifestyles","url":"/Nightline/video/burned-millennials-alternative-work-lifestyles-61945007"}