Business owners, workers coping with the economic fallout of the coronavirus: Part 1

From a bar owner and his employees in New York City to a housekeeper and single mother of three in San Francisco, people who've lost their jobs or wages due to COVID-19 speak about their experiences.
10:49 | 03/19/20

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Transcript for Business owners, workers coping with the economic fallout of the coronavirus: Part 1
It's a lovely day excite you demise of the bar of impact. David Clark can't believe what's happening but he's worried his whole livelihood is about to disappear it's surreal we're gonna Hopson rappel to fire Burnett. Receivers future. Solid passer and be right now. Nothing can. As millions face unemployment tonight stories from some of the first to be hit hard. Those in the service industry where more than seven million workers are facing lost wages unemployment and even bankruptcy cover nineteen and economic tsunami from hotel workers and missing her mom won't change any don't know what I'm getting used to print for redundant to move to restaurant servers currently not. I just recently. Small business own. As we do we're architects a lot of us are left with little or no and kind of nice and I don't have a huge patient and I. There industry scrambling to adapt after at least twenty states have closed restaurants and bars to dine in customers in the. DEA office says they think it is dedicated fleet feet. A ticking clock as cold in nineteen continues to tighten its grip. Although only six. Today as the number of workers applying for unemployment skyrocketed. Washington passed a new relief plan. The shutters not normally small business. For the workers the stimulus package is supposed to help its assistance they desperately need but it may not be enough. We haven't seen germanic layouts in our industry you know we represent workers in. Hotels casinos restaurants bars stadiums are green as and virtually everything has close. Wendy Walsh works for unite here a labor union that represents 300000. Working people from across North America many of her workers where two or three jobs and are now wait out from all those jobs many of their members are immigrants women of color who are already vulnerable. In San Francisco where the cities under lockdown housekeeper Lara Luca rumba a single mother of three hasn't worked in. Two weeks we just hear him my name doctors just. Phoebe should be dual classes. And my sandals than just being patients homework any kind of help from the government. He's relief going to work constrains. Because. Really needed. She hopes her employer a major hotel chain will allow them more paid sick time we should not just our health insurance the stationing thanks so this. That everybody's getting seek to help fill in the gaps in Los Angeles local nonprofits are hosting a food bank for the unite here members. I think this really is a moment where we should ask ourselves as. Airlines are going to the federal government her to ask for billions of dollars in bailout money. How is it possible that the food service workers for preparing the food for those planes. Don't have access to a portable health care this is just a moment that really highlights what's already broken in the country. And this has to be the time to fix it. Small business owners are feeling burned two. Your bar is completely empty what does that feel like there's no there's really. If there is no true. Tom Coburn is one of the owners of Cooper's a pub in New York city's east village. Forced to close amid a temporary ban on restaurants and bars and life altering not just in time but his staff of 35 people how did you. Breaking news Karen clients we just Holmstrom out whenever they came into work. Very very unfortunate. What the worst thing we could do about it and how to they react. There were shocked a lot of them. There are some of whom I see the writing on the wall because. From other places that are enclosed. What many of them are there were shocked. Yesterday would have been one of the bars biggest days of the year celebrating Saint Patrick's Day. But now the general manager Nelson read on an eight is trying to figure out what happens next so. What are you gonna do. You lot of art. A how then figure. And wrote in an umpire when employment for the time being. Re not the moment just hoping my coworkers. And their unemployment files are you worried for you in your coworkers yet. Yes I am. Fields then. Don't really have. They disability. Is if I don't not wishing them the more for them buddies and just in minutes that's well. An enemy Dublin's hand up was so. Small biz are critical to the economy they employee nearly half of all Americans. It will be. An earthquake a financial earthquake for half of all Americans and small businesses don't get the help that they need berries. I just put in the kitchens yards and then law Philip later. Many restaurants and bars are trying to stay afloat by offering takeout and delivery like Angela Marsden in LA. We have so many loyal customers and they all calling to see Howard doing it and Harry at CN show you coming out are you guys ordering today because we are open and is finally now. But making that transition is difficult for businesses that are built on bringing people together. Just. Bars and here since 1978. And it means a lot to meet and some people in neighborhood day one of her new normal was not encouraging. You know it's. I don't know almost 5 o'clock coming and are open from 118. And we only have a 140 dollars and sales and that doesn't even cover the two people that word I'm trying to keep. You know I'm going. Today things are a little bit better and thanks guy named Fabio thank you can. I ain't with a slight uptick in take out sense bowl. The big question now does anybody know what the long term effects on the economy will be. The stock market dropping again today an even temporarily halting trading experts fear were spiraling into another recession. The stock market is saying recession. Economists including myself are saying yeah outward recession. The senate is hoping that the multi billion dollar emergency aid package they've passed today. Which expands paid emergency leave food security programs and bolsters unemployment insurance Wilhelm now lawmakers are focused on the next step. A one trillion dollar stimulus plan which includes 500 billion dollars in direct payments to the public. Fifty billion to bail out the airline industry boom and 300 billion for small business loans vows. Dollars 2000 dollar check maybe that's the start and see how goes. The virus went lasts for longer than. More money. Balloon man. Some say Washington needs to get even more aggressive and soon. We need to parent of Panama when he took their is helping until. You know then expenses in the long term I don't know what's in need to get a job within minutes of him back on our feet. Do you think you can make it through this. I don't know he hoped I hope and a and I I can make and but out of my list Mike. I've been lucky and have some loyal customers stopped then. I have some lawyers from the courthouse saved there they've been faithful have ordered every day so hopefully they'll still order today. Our thanks to Diane Macedo. And now I want to turn to our next guest holly Pennington from Spartanburg, South Carolina. Holly's a single mom who used to work as a bartender until two weeks ago. As news of the virus was spreading she had to make a gut wrenching choice between her job and her son's safety. He's in you know compromise with a life threatening brain disease. I spoke to her earlier tonight. Holly for small thanks for joining us clearly. Co bid made it impossible for you to keep working I know you don't see it as a choice between a paycheck and your son and yet. That was your choice. That what that was my choice and that that's completely make it over again this past week. Governor of our state and made it. At may and day that. All art and art or art take out. Though not just me. That lost their. Are we going to have aren't winning her back or narrow. And I know that for you your job isn't just a paycheck it's your community these are your friends. If the owe me. Slice. Adults. Normal why that is split I'm somewhat used isolation. If it can be as for our ball. You know today in congress they were arguing over should we send a thousand dollars to every American for relief what could you do without money. I get paid back Barnes. Where they're from. And I to me. A rare but it is a thousand dollars. Leon. Not a whole lot parents and or it. As stark as her life can feel sometimes today she got just a little bit of sunshine. A regular customers banding together rounding up over a 120 dollars. A co worker. Drove over an hour just to dropping off your mailbox that was a lot of twenties in hat tip jar for you what was it like when you saw that money that. Your regulars wanted to deliver new. And then an academy the plane and steered them. It is comfort him and hand. I heard leaning and rank male blue lake. And go to bed break every day in they're simply there. Your green who gave them things work thankful for. As a mom it's really scary. To know that there's nothing can game. Armed with corona Barrett. Actually have something that I can do that he can break it in new. It gives me a little bit and their ship opener where. It gives you a little control. Oh. Thanks to get a college. Holly I can't thank you enough for joining us as I say you are in our hearts. Be well. Hang tight and will be your act you.

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{"duration":"10:49","description":"From a bar owner and his employees in New York City to a housekeeper and single mother of three in San Francisco, people who've lost their jobs or wages due to COVID-19 speak about their experiences.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"69680717","title":"Business owners, workers coping with the economic fallout of the coronavirus: Part 1","url":"/Nightline/video/business-owners-workers-coping-economic-fallout-coronavirus-part-69680717"}