How Buzzfeed Makes a 'Creepy' Video Go Viral

The Internet geniuses at Buzzfeed show ABC's Nick Watt the secrets behind their successful series.
5:50 | 05/30/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How Buzzfeed Makes a 'Creepy' Video Go Viral
What makes you share a video with your friend? The folk bees hind buzzfeed are always after the next viral phenomena, the funniest, sweetest, most personal. The magic combination of qualities that will rack up the hits. But can you quantify cute? ABC's nick watt stops by the buzz factory to find out how they're engineering the next big thing. Buzzfeed, Los Angeles, and young brains are wrestling with one of the biggest questions of our time, what makes a video go viral. How on the Earth did psy, a Korean pop singer, garner 2 billion hits. We are looking at it as a complex problem. So complex. None of us are smart enough to understand it. The only way you understand it, is a lot of people working on the problem from a lot of different angles. That is an online video saj W -- sage who heads the office. It covered the white house to cats falling off tables. A year ago, they decide to produce their own video. They made 1,500 so far. And just celebrated their billionth view. Can you take risks with video? Intelligent risk. We don't think of it trying anything. Testing an assumptiontion. Things cats do that would be creepy if you did them. Will you rub my belly? Stop. Now rub it, stop. Rub it. Reporter: That assumption was correct. A million plus hits. And creepy is now a series. Today, creepy guy, played by an grew here is, tackling weddings and we are imbedded at buzz feed for the process. Any other time you slow dance with your mom it would not be acceptable. At a wedding it's mandatory. Until death do we part? What, in front of everyone you know. Until one of us dies. That's the scene I will guest star in, by the way. How many people do you want to watch this to be a success? At least a million. Reporter: A ml yillion is your number. Sharing is the key to viral tichl ity, a person to person spread. Like a real life virus. It's easy to get people to watch I the tricky part is after they watch it to get them to send tight their friends. Pro ducts is under way on things you do at weddings would be creepy anywhere else. No. You said this was a good idea. Okay. We're good. Why will people share this video? Summer, time for weddings. At buzzfeed that figured out that is within of thesend links to friends. Shared experience. Remember we were talking about this. Then sad cat diary. Dear diary, the squirrel was back again today. It mocks me. A video that might scream, oh, my god this is totally me. Next there is the oh, my god this is totally you. Lech I know you like dogs, this is a video on dogs. Then there is the emotional gift. I just want you to feel this way. This made me feel X. I want you to feel X. Back to our shoot. The budget is a couple hundred bucks. I have to make creepy guy a bow tie out of a cut down regular tie. It all seems a bit amateurish. Yeah. But the product is really quite good. Yeah, thank you, I think. We don't hatch tve the resources of a TV show or movie shoot. We don't need those to make a hit internet video. Bottom line like any movie, TV, piece of music, article, to be shared, it still need to be good. Yeah, I think we goilt it. The finished product. Conceived. Shot, acted, edited on a shoestring by this quartet. The little girl one of two actual actors in the piece. More flowers. All of this shot in the buzzfeed office. In a year I'm having a get together with everyone I know. What is it? My special day. Bring a gift. ? What? That guy is just a co-worker, just happened to be in the kitchen. My friends on the left. Matt's friends on the right. My friend on the left. Malts

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{"duration":"5:50","description":"The Internet geniuses at Buzzfeed show ABC's Nick Watt the secrets behind their successful series.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"23923835","title":"How Buzzfeed Makes a 'Creepy' Video Go Viral","url":"/Nightline/video/buzzfeed-makes-creepy-video-viral-23923835"}