Cardi B on life since becoming a mom, why she didn't perform at Super Bowl halftime

The 26-year-old Grammy-nominated rapper sat down with ABC News' T.J. Holmes to discuss her career, motherhood and her relationship with rapper Offset.
6:53 | 02/05/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cardi B on life since becoming a mom, why she didn't perform at Super Bowl halftime
Here's ABC's T.J. Holmes. ?????? Reporter: She's music's "It girl." Cardi B. ??? I was dancing note ??? you don't want a girl like me I'm too crazy ??? Reporter: Featured on maroon 5's hit "Girls like you." ??? Who you gonna call ??? Reporter: The video viewed more than 1 billion times on YouTube. ??? Red light red light stop ??? ??? I don't care when it comes to my heart ??? ??? 24 hours I need more hours ??? Reporter: Sunday night when it was time for maroon 5 to serenade a stadium full of fans with the hit -- ??? girls like you ??? Reporter: Cardi B wasn't there. The rapper refused to perform at this year's super bowl, citing the NFL's treatment of Colin Kaepernick. Under what circumstance would you have performed at the halftime show? They hired my friend back and understand why was this so important and was such a uproar. It means that much to me? It means a lot to me because it's like, you know, he's standing up for minorities. And it's like, if we don't support who's standing up for us, then it's like, who going to support us? I grew up with different ethnicity of minorities. So like I sympathize with everybody, you know. I come from a place where it's like a melting pot. So I see like how minorities struggle. And they need to understand why he stand up for us. It's crazy. You don't think he's been accepted, if you will, or his message, at least, has been understood by the league, by the owners? No. Reporter: She might have skipped the halftime show but cardi B performed plenty in Atlanta. At least six appearances including the fanatics super bowl party, dancing with new England patriots owner Robert Kraft. If they can make money off of us, why can't I make money off of they stuff? You got a lot coming at you, no doubt. How do you make a decision about, I'll be in partnership with that company, not that one? How do you make those decisions? Money, that's one. Reporter: Cardi, real name belle almazar, the former stripper from the bronx now a household name. Cardi, nominated for five grammys, has quickly become music royalty. ?????? ING the charts with hits like "I like it." ??? Cardi B can't tell me nothing ??? Reporter: And "Finesse." The star who has almost 5 million Twitter and 40 million Instagram followers isn't agreed to get blunt. Even when it comes to politics. Trump is now ordering and is sentencing federal government workers to go back to work without getting paid. Reporter: At times coming head to head with conservatives. Just this morning cardi reignited her ongoing Twitter feud with conservative darling Tomi Lahren over a tweet from Lahren where she joked about 21 savages' incarceration. Cardi responds, don't make me get my leash. After the twerk video, suggestive content drawing ire from some online. In the era of "Me too" how exactly does this empower women? Jamila Lemieux is a writer and communications strategist. I've seen so many videos that are so, you know, rich with booty shaking and girls dancing that it surprises me that people are still up in arms about these things. But I also recognize that cardi is becoming a cross-over star in many ways. You point to her and say, this is a woman who is living her truth, who's made the best of some really interesting career twists and turns, from strip club to reality show to being one of the biggest stars in music. And there are things that can be learned from that. Reporter: Cardi first burst onto the season on reality show "Love and hip-hop" where audiences first caught a glimpse of her larger than life persona. It would be a song "Bodac yellow" that would give cardi her first taste of fame. Two years later she's married to rapper offset, mother to 6-month-old daughter culture, and focusing on family. I did the parties when I was young. You are young, what are you talking about? You're still young. 20, 21. You know, I'm 26 now. I work almost 24 hours. I'm a mom. At 26? Hey, listen. Life changed like that. When you have a baby. Yeah. I'm sure you'd like to be with your child right now. How are you balaning that? It's a hard period for a mom. I feel like -- you know, some moms have a 9 to 5, after work they go home. Most of the times I don't go home. I'm overseas. Yes, it is hard. I just think to myself, her future's going to be so secure. Oh my gosh. She's going to have a Lambeau when she's 18. But right now I've got to be in my grind. Reporter: Cardi's high-profile marriage has had ups and downs. Last year she announced the two were calling it quits. Now she says they're trying to work things out. I know his story. And I know his goals. And I know why he do it for. It just makes me proud, everything that he's accomplishing. Because I know what it means to him. I know his dreams. And he's proud of me too. So I feel we're going to be all right. You know, you got to take it slow. How important is that to you, that family unit stays together? When I start seeing my parents separated, right, even through like being a single mom, you can always accomplish everything. And a lot of people was telling me like, oh, you could date, you could find another man, blah, blah, blah. And it's like, I can. I could find anybody I want. You don't know nowadays who want you for you. I feel people want me for cardi B. As soon as I said I did a video, I'm not with this guy anymore, I got all these male celebs in my business, yeah, let's go to dinner. You want to go to dinner with me, cardi B? Famous dudes talking to you about dates? Yes. It's like, bro. It's just like, I feel like it's not as easy as people think. Find a man, you could do this, you could do that. Like, honey. God, you're killing me. Reporter: But for now she's focusing on what's next. And one thing seems certain. Cardi's time in the spotlight is just beginning. She promises even bigger things ahead for the new year. I want more. I have a vision board. I did one. I never did one before but I did one. What's on that board? When it happens I'ma hit you and up tell you, remember I told you about that vision board? Check. Reporter: For "Nightline" I'm T.J. Holmes in Atlanta, Georgia.

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{"duration":"6:53","description":"The 26-year-old Grammy-nominated rapper sat down with ABC News' T.J. Holmes to discuss her career, motherhood and her relationship with rapper Offset.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"60847232","title":"Cardi B on life since becoming a mom, why she didn't perform at Super Bowl halftime","url":"/Nightline/video/cardi-life-mom-perform-super-bowl-halftime-60847232"}