Chicago Gym for the Overweight Only

Downsize Gym only admits members who are at least 50 pounds overweight.
3:00 | 03/22/13

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Transcript for Chicago Gym for the Overweight Only
Trying to lose that extra -- -- thirty or more pounds what provides a stronger motivation. Being surrounded by visions of tone of model bodies as a reminder of -- finish line. -- -- a roomful of likely body its drivers hope you lose that self consciousness and focus on the goal well tonight we visit new kind of Jim. -- all the members have the latter in common and paid a visit is a man who knows what it takes to tackle serious obesity. ABC's -- Alex threats. And a culture that values -- the debate is on fire -- big smile. From plus size models posing for the cameras. To preservationists superstars like -- down. Filipino. And winning an Oscar for -- -- And there's we have done it probably bearing -- all in her hit show girls. Plus size is going mainstream with clothing stores that market -- close to big girls. I think in today's world when they're so many positive. It's you know role models out there Octavia Spencer. -- -- Melissa McCarthy from bridesmaid that I think -- changing the way things are viewed. Vogue Magazine notorious for featuring papers thin -- will soon feature Kate Upton on the cover. The swimsuit model famous for her cards so is there -- still real shame in being overweight. Chris Sharon. Lewis and David. The answer is yes they are all -- -- downsize fitness fifteen seconds. The Chicago Jim -- membership is reserved for the overweight -- There's a need for a place that heavy people need to go and concentrate on losing weight. They are all self described outcast from the mainstream -- -- There's not the culture of acceptance in America for overweight people. You can stole. Discriminate based on size downsize -- is no part of the national arguments are overweight people still treated differently. Just this week the CVS pharmacy chain told workers they had to submit information on their -- body feds and glucose levels or pay a surcharge. An extra 600 dollars a year for their company's health insurance. Another hot button issue overweight airline passengers -- should they have to buy an extra -- Blogger complete to -- says she was humiliated by a Southwest Airlines gate agent in 2000 mile. That Gainey said it came up to me and he began he asked me how much they lead. He said that I was too fat to fly in bad need an additional seat. Sharon has also felt the pain of harsh stairs and ridiculed. She joined downsize fitness last year. Starting to -- 376. And still reeling from the sting of a bad experience -- -- personal trainer and a mainstream -- And and she is afraid of you know training -- person and -- what it was so I'll I was able to do is sit in that corner and worked on a treadmill. It made me -- like a -- I like I didn't belong there but -- I was allowed to join in six months -- -- fitness -- dropped twenty pounds. The workouts or stressful they're -- we asked become -- times -- week. We call people with the -- what. They only -- membership to those at least fifty pounds overweight. You know the support that you're segregating the obese people why -- they need to have their own -- Her response that gyms or go -- -- people to stay fit. I don't think they're built for Barack -- -- So and we -- -- but we're segregated for reasons. Her goal weight 225. Quick. -- also joined just six months ago starting -- 310 pounds. He tried to lose weight -- one of those other Jews and was a member for twelve years paying 75 dollars a month. But after only one year. He never went back. So for eleven years you paid for a gym membership. You never went there wasn't something or is comfortable going into the gym. Your on your own there's no in there to help you there's no end to explain what you should be doing. So -- -- dropped fifty pounds his goal waved 180. I think as -- -- flying exercise physiologist Jennifer have been trials says the program. Works. Is this a cop out in some ways and word is -- that. Do you start having grocery stores for big privileges are having bigger planes specifically for -- This. Is about making someone feel comfortable. Technique that changed to engage in a healthy behavior it's not oh it's okay that your big you can stay that way they are. -- as is their biggest success story yet his first day he weighed nearly 550. Pounds. A year later he's lost a whopping 202 pounds and hopes to get down to one -- -- -- said the -- got the best I mean -- to bring back to his neighborhood and we retrace the half block long walk that he eventually. Brought him to -- -- like this. Houses in the hole myself up and bad news having two months now he's one of the most active members -- -- Full disclosure this is a battle on all too familiar where. When I was a teenager I weighed 356. Pounds and size 54 waste it to be years of dieting and exercising alone before I was able to bring down my -- to live healthier. -- having others who understand the frustration of being obese. Would have -- so there's definite success here people are losing a lot of weight here and it's a great place to do it. For Nightline and -- express in Chicago.

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{"id":18795137,"title":"Chicago Gym for the Overweight Only","duration":"3:00","description":"Downsize Gym only admits members who are at least 50 pounds overweight.","url":"/Nightline/video/chicago-gym-overweight-18795137","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}