Christina Grimmie's Death: Final Moments Before Singer Was Killed

A man shot and killed the singer after a performance in Orlando. Other stars have taken extreme lengths to stay safe.
7:20 | 06/17/16

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Transcript for Christina Grimmie's Death: Final Moments Before Singer Was Killed
Good evening. Thank you for join us. Her tragic death nearly a week ago was lost in other headlines. Christina grimmie, the rising young voice star gunned down at a performance. New details on the final moments that awful night. And new incites on how hard it is to keep performers safe. ♪ I came in like a wrecking ball ♪ Reporter: She was the 22-year-old breakout star of "The voice" blinding the judges with her cover of "Wrecking ball" in season six of the singing competition. That is the moment where you realize that this person can be a huge star. Reporter: She came in third. And her career seemed to be taking off. But it all came to a tragic end early last Friday night when she was gunned down after a concert. Two patients. The female patient and the shooter. Reporter: She was opening for the band before you exit in arou Orlando, Florida, calling a call out before the show. Please come near the show if you live near Orlando, Florida. Reporter: Some fans got an up close meet and greet. These photos capturing those moments. But then. Gunshots went off. Pop pop pop pop. I was traumatized. I was in shock. I didn't know what to do. Reporter: A man in the crowd shot the singer at point-blank range. Grimmie's brother who often appeared with her on youtube tackled the gunman who then shot and killed himself in the struggle. Her brother is a hero for saving and stopping him, for not hurting anyone else. Reporter: Grimmie was rushed to the hospital but died from her injuries the next morning. Following the news of her death, some of music's biggest stars finding ways to remember their friend. Have a Salena Gomez and Justin biebe Bieber. Authorities later identified the shooter at 27-year-old Kevin loibl from Florida. They're going through the suspect's cell phone and computer to see if they can find a motive for this crime. The suspect had two handguns on his person and two additional loaded magazines for those handguns and a large hunting knife. Reporter: His motive is still a mystery, but we know according to police he drove about 120 miles from his home in St. Petersburg to her concert in Orlando. The suspect in this case is not from Orlando. He traveled to Orlando, apparently, to commit this crime, and then had plans to travel back to where he came from. Typically people who travel a long distance, in this case, armed, they well have some sort of fantasy in their head relationship with the person that they ultimately end up killing. A love relationship with the person that doesn't exist. Reporter: This note posted on the killer's front door we his family offering their deepest sorrow for their son's actions. She love third down town. She love third down state. She loved singing. She loved the lord, and she loved me, and she was my baby sister. Reporter: Christina's brother spoke at a vigil for his sister in New Jersey where they grew up. Websiitnesses say that she was arms open wide. She had no idea and treated everybody the same. It was hard for her because she was introverted. Reporter: It was social media that prepped her for stardom and allowed her to connect with fans all the world. ♪ Reporter: Her popular covers on youtube amassing over 100 million views. Like Justin Bieber's "One time". And "Titanium". ♪ ♪ fire away fire away ♪ Open up. Reporter: For those wanting to be famous, it's a delicate balance between seem accessible to fans and saying face. Someone like Madonna, they're going to have security around them all the time no matter where they might. As you go down the tier of people less famous make less money, chances are they may have no security. Reporter: And there have been plenty of close calls. Many captured in youtube videos like these. Adam Levine, her mentor accosted on stage by a fan who tried to hug him. The same thing happening to Taylor swift, a perfect stranger grabbing her leg at a concert. A Justin Bieber fan rushed at the singer on stage before security tackled him. And beyonce was almost pulled off stage at a concert in Brazil before security intervened. If you place the protected Pers in front of a large unscreened crowd, they're at jeopardy. Reporter: He's from company that's protected celebrity royalty for years. The protective bubble says that no one that you have not screened for a weapon gets close enough to your client to draw a weapon and shoot and murder your client. Reporter: He says all the celebrities hes with must agree to follow his protocols without exception. Celebrities hate the bubble. They like to control everything, and when you're controlling their movements and who gets access to the bubble, it irks them to a point, but they usually respect the bubble enough to stay within it. Reporter: The bubble is too limiting for some and too

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{"duration":"7:20","description":"A man shot and killed the singer after a performance in Orlando. Other stars have taken extreme lengths to stay safe. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"39924983","title":"Christina Grimmie's Death: Final Moments Before Singer Was Killed","url":"/Nightline/video/christina-grimmies-death-final-moments-singer-killed-39924983"}