Christopher Dorner: Massive Manhunt Continues

Why police are saying the fugitive ex-LA cop has become their worst nightmare.
6:00 | 02/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Christopher Dorner: Massive Manhunt Continues
-- high stakes manhunt is intensifying in California has police -- the Los Angeles area. In search of the man who allegedly killed three people and they revenge motivated shooting Rampage. But this is no more ordinary man -- the man they are looking for was once a cop -- -- armed. Dangerous and equipped with the same training as those tracking him ABC's David Wright has -- latest. New images of fugitive Christopher -- -- taken by surveillance cameras the trouble is they were not taken today. This was two weeks ago in Irvine not far from where Monica Kwan and her fiance Keith Lawrence were murdered last Sunday. The last photos taken of corner before he disappeared. Signs like these well armed and dangerous -- on every freeway here in Southern California police hoping that someone will spot him. But so far -- what happens the last tangible clue where -- her might be the burnt out Hulk of his truck near big bear lake. But -- body inside and footsteps leading away how far away that's the question. Today about a hundred law enforcement officers here in big bear searched in vain. There are reports. Some tracks being bound. They -- they investigated those along with those tracks they found ski tracks. And it's a popular area for people see you -- cross country skiing. They determine that's -- it was those tracts are not related to garner. Blizzard like conditions haven't helped matters no -- in the sky for one thing. In this weather the helicopters can't fly on the ground not much better. Visibility so bad you could barely see the headlights of oncoming traffic. Search teams had to use hillcats to get up to remote cabins in the mountain. There was also. Record. A door kicked at a cabin in the seven oaks area. Stage checked that out. It's -- damage to Warner seems to have vanished faded into the studio if he has gone into hiding. He won't stay in hiding because that doesn't really feed his needs in his needs are to tell us that. He's an OK guy -- a powerful guy and he can take action and action means going after those who have wronged him. Authorities are systematically searching every address to order has -- Today police executed a search warrant at his most recent address the house -- -- -- he shared with his mother and sister. Both of whom were home today. This was a couple of parliament -- -- gratitude assistance residents he was believed to live that residence belonging to his mother. So we're searching for any evidence related where he might be -- connection with the -- allegedly committed. Irvine police carried out plenty of items and paper bags no comment on what they found -- one big problem authorities are facing because of his police and military training -- order knows the methods and procedures of this type of searched. And that manifesto published on line -- even -- the LAPD about it. I have the strength and benefits of being unpredictable unconventional and -- -- forgiving he writes. Do not waste your time with briefs and table -- I will utilize every bit of small arms training demolition ordinance and survival training I've been given. Because a police training in the -- military training he would maybe do the obvious like dumped his cell phones perhaps not -- credit cards. Not travel to any place. That he has a previous history because we as we look for people we go to where they have been because people feel comfortable and go to those locations. At this point authorities are hoping he'll make a mistake. -- Williams knows to order better than most she -- -- seven years ago and says he was unraveling even back then. Always keeping weapons close by. He'd be in the bed in -- be won by the then -- be one of the -- Connor immediate comment I -- -- something mean yes on the bathroom and Aaron kitchen. To be several weapons just lying around in my domain and I started with the disease -- things it just transpired over time that I discover. Strange. She said today she's still scared but doubts she will come after her -- he's -- bigger fish to fry now. -- a lot more on his plate and I think he's very angry with these people. Produced during his career and for destroying him he feels as as a person. Today here in big bear plenty of people were nervous Brian Murphy checked in with his kids -- -- text message. Plans on keeping his gun handy I keep it. Safe and a lot of tonight -- -- devoted. Today this ski resort reopen the fresh powder tough to resist even with a manhunt under way. I'm not really too scared about it. But you know it's you know it's in the back of my mind thing anybody you know funny I told everybody it's -- -- big -- today and I know is the killer and -- Greg and Christine -- -- came here to celebrate their anniversary not quite what they expected when they checked into the castle would cottages. The group of mountain lodges with -- -- evil theme while -- had to be more vigilant a little bit more careful. I wouldn't let him Gergen is our charter -- -- -- the principal amount. It was that it was like -- your weapon. True attitude and defend the capital. Authorities say they're not giving up on their search we're gonna continue to search an Italian air we discover that he left the mountain are we find him one of the two. Either way no matter how many survival skills she may have this is unlikely to end well for Christopher Horner. Only god knows the answer to that the budget I don't think it's going to be a good thing. And you can only hide out in snow and the cold for so long. At the end of the day they're no closer to finding their man but at least today no one was killed or injured because of the man. David Wright for Nightline. Big bear lake.

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{"id":18448417,"title":"Christopher Dorner: Massive Manhunt Continues ","duration":"6:00","description":"Why police are saying the fugitive ex-LA cop has become their worst nightmare.","url":"/Nightline/video/christopher-dorner-massive-manhunt-continues-18448417","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}