Comey: John Kelly offered to resign after my firing: Part 2

Comey told ABC News' George Stephanopoulos that Kelly said he would quit because he "wouldn't work for people who would treat someone like me in such a dishonorable way."
6:00 | 04/17/18

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Transcript for Comey: John Kelly offered to resign after my firing: Part 2
and you could be 1 of over llweekly win. N theayames Comey was D, the career law man realizedhe fib rules he had followed didn't really apply. I W no longer an oyee. Wasn't breaking the rule. Ok a bottle of red wine out of my suitcase. I asked the pilots could I sit up with th I had N done with it. Sat in theump sea between the two pits. Tched the land along the potomac. Then we shook hands. With tears in our and then, I left and G driven home. Ormid flurry of calls,omey recei that day, he says there that stuck out. Joh Kelly who was then secretarf homeland security told me. Very upset. Very emotl.aid he had seen the news. Andhate intended to resign because H would work for who would treat someone like he in such dishonor way. Was going to quit. Whatid you tell him? Pe don't do that. This president need peo O acter and principle around M. Escially Thi president. I said we need you T stay and serve for the country. General Kelly didn't resign. Going on to become white Hou chief of staff. At what point do people serve Iner to protect the institution? To protehecountry? Bad behavior? T is the question.the challenge of this president T he will stain everyone around him, and thestion is, how much stainventually makes you unableo accomplish your goal ofrotecting the country and serving the country. The white houeferred us to rtatement attacking his credibility claimingey contradicted himself in testimony and made bizarre cisions a director. Comey turned attention to his next S. It wasn't until, the esident tweeted at me, that morningfter I was fired that James Comey better hope N't tapes of our conversations. At iortf snapped back to the present. Reporter: This all motion that leak heardound the world. Comey's first corroborate his side. Somebody has got too get the tapes. I trust FBI because they will see what I see. But I don't trust teadership of the department of justice to do it. Why not? Theeputy attorney general, in M view acted dishonorably putting out this pretext of why I was fired. I cstm. The deputy ag rod in withttorney geraleff sessions signed letters recommending Comey's smissal. What do you make of the attorney general? I don't know what to him. My sense of him maybeunfair to him he was overmatc for job. And -- that job was much, much biggernewas. He was going to struggln . That's mysee. Reporter: Comey kept ap -- kept aritten record of his interactiohe made a decision. He unclassifiedencounters, wrote them up on my Perl computer. Thank goodness I kept copy here. I was banned F the property. One of theers THA was issued I was never be called back on FBI property plli I killed somebody. Co controversially gives a memo off to the fd who Rea it to "The New York T." The preside tweeted calling you ar becausethat. First of all whats yourinse to presidenttrp? Look, it's I mean I am one who testified about it. That's people know about it. I gave the unclassified memo to my friend a askedem to give it to a reporter. Thats entirely appropriate. Reporter: The white house tried to get out iron O Comey's book and intew. Launching a fl-scale counterattack. The presid tweeting calling Comey a slimeball, leaker and a liar. Ey wl forever be known as a disgraced partisan hack Last Friday, press secre Sarah Sanders reading from a prepared statement. This is nothing more than a poor executed pr stunt B Mey to desperately rehabilitate his tattered retation and enrich his bank account. Republican national committee, to discredithim. The tension between president and Comey is not to fme out anytime on. Says that perhaps atle heata good thing. Terri things happen in forest S. But I am an optimis. See already things ground flourishing that, ,idn't before this fire. See the ks marching in the streets. Including my own kids, guns. I see parents talking their kids about truth and prejudice and bias and respect. That was notpening three, four years ago. And so there is a L of good growing. F C it all comes back to his ideal which he says, are fundamentay American. Pe well themselves, well, Y donalump is unethical, but I am getting the right supreme court justice, O E right ratory roll back. Are kiddi themselves. Because the if we lose tt tether to the trutthat stops being the norm at the art ofur public life, what are we? Where are we a country? Reporter: He will go D in history perhaps as one of the most polarizing pub fis. One of my kids shaith M a tweet, become one of my favorites, where some one said C is such a political hack. I just can't figure out W pa Aren't you concerned that pu T has taken a hit because ofhe decisions you made?e I am. I screwed up ae th. But in the main,hink given were the decisions thatere calculated. My hope in this book THA people agree W . They may still walk out of this thinking I am anidiot. But an HT idiot. James com will be on "G" tomorrow morning.

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{"id":54521031,"title":"Comey: John Kelly offered to resign after my firing: Part 2","duration":"6:00","description":"Comey told ABC News' George Stephanopoulos that Kelly said he would quit because he \"wouldn't work for people who would treat someone like me in such a dishonorable way.\"","url":"/Nightline/video/comey-john-kelly-offered-resign-firing-part-54521031","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}