Coronavirus survivor, Broadway star talks about lingering symptoms of infection

Adam Perry, who recently starred in "Frozen" on Broadway, came down with COVID-19 in March. He tested negative for the virus in April but still has problems breathing and worries for his future.
6:20 | 06/25/20

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Transcript for Coronavirus survivor, Broadway star talks about lingering symptoms of infection
Tonight the US is seeing its highest number of cope in nineteen infections in months. Surging to nearly 35000. Cases in just one day. And it numbers continued to climb the CDC forecasting the country could soon see a 150000. Deaths. By mid to line. Also concerning doctors. A growing mystery surrounding patients suffering from symptoms for weeks even months so called long haulers earlier today I spoke with Adam Perry a 39 year old actor and dancer who recently starred in frozen on Broadway. Healthy and active before his first diagnosis in March. So Adam today marks more than a hundred days on and off of symptoms for you first all how are you feeling today. There's pretty and it's a little bit up. This in its us. It's a. What you say you've had these relapses. That assessed have never stopped tell me how it waxes and wanes. Well what's that the worst. Honestly it's. He lets you. Use you see you meet the pirates. In what happens is. In and getting this isn't access. Office in on. Some new. And dating. We really. It's extremely uncomfortable and its area and it's just it's higher cycle as EP edicts. And did you happy is that. That that billion scare you all over again. And while much of the country is getting back to business and reopening and in some ways letting their guard down your feeling very passionate about this. This week you posted on FaceBook can you. Read us that pulsed. Wrote. Watching the news. Pieces spiking president next jokes are rotavirus. People same or where and lasts. Country is making it a partisan issue. Wallace a literal thousands oh all who had long haulers and infinite list of pop albums. And quote sorry not sorry. I wouldn't wish it worst. And what inspired you to share that so publicly and do you think people aren't taking this seriously enough. Right and I cried watching the news is because I see people getting this buyers. I'm glad I went rootless slew scary Bernie and anxiety ridden and and it's been an eye ear and I. I don't want other people to go through that. Adam stay with us on a take a moment and bring in doctor Darian Sutton doctor sons and emergency room doctor and ABC news contributor. Who's working on the front lines of the cove in crisis doctor Sutton the World Health Organization says 80% of covered patients recover within two weeks. What is the medical community learning about the so called long haulers like Adam. Who are now weeks or months. Into symptoms. Yes I think Adam Burris offers telling his story because I think it's a story many. Who don't see your position since he and still do with his co written anti virus. Unfortunately the trick is is that we simply don't know when this virus is only six months old. And speaking today 80% certainly be what's really isn't the United States. And about one point six million people who we who know we're just don't need immediate their medical. And that group of people suffering cry it she might now there's a muscle. Oh Bob could use it. I did seem he's more and more patients who are coming and six. And you mentioned that so much of it is unknown but what are some of the leading theories as to why this is happening and are some of these patients re testing positive. You're using altered factor virus this is persistent and there are articles that last after he says persistent person who is are. Here is involved an hour or name laboratories is more muted response. It's what is clear is that happens I'll answer that it's many people may not realize there's going to be the market and it. We and people who this viral pneumonia and pneumonia was attributable to a lot of new sales in the long. And difficult. We're Tracy Morgan now we're we're the agents were coming and witness confusions. Despite this continued sort desert rat and we're thinking that possibly to be associated with this audit implants or respond. It's Adam mentioned that the mental strain and the anxiety is almost. More challenging than the physical challenges. This is clearly not a straight line recovery for every one. Can understand how it deals if you are person walking around it and able bodied and all of us are here teaser and you don't have that ability in Manhattan's whether it happens over who appeared were wrong. The question are. Me and ask themselves as. This permanent. And I think that's associated with and that is really. Understand what all the nasty look like he's my normal. And you have to deal with its ultimate rearrange the words of comedy and how things are really frustrating. Adam I saw you nodding your head as doctor Sutton was talking as a Broadway actor and dancer it requires stamina and lung capacity to do your job are you worried about getting back into shape and being a 100%. Absolutely. Are. Experienced where you know eight. What wake up one dating in that I was completely back to normal and the next day. And as you know is that back again and me and my lung capacity and I have been trying to build my parents every day. And work my lungs and get them going up but you know it's area Mena been dancing and singing probably for the past twenty years and all of a sudden it's I don't are you gonna happen more so. And just trying to stay hopeful for the future that. It will get back. Normal. While Adam doctor Sutton thank you both for sharing your wisdom and your insights with us be well. And use these guys up.

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{"duration":"6:20","description":"Adam Perry, who recently starred in \"Frozen\" on Broadway, came down with COVID-19 in March. He tested negative for the virus in April but still has problems breathing and worries for his future. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"71441767","title":"Coronavirus survivor, Broadway star talks about lingering symptoms of infection ","url":"/Nightline/video/coronavirus-survivor-broadway-star-talks-lingering-symptoms-infection-71441767"}