COVID-19 continues wreaking havoc on US as Trump is released from hospital

Trump told the public not to be “afraid of COVID.” Over the weekend, his team gave mixed messages, including false statements, about what his condition was and which treatments he received.
11:12 | 10/06/20

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Transcript for COVID-19 continues wreaking havoc on US as Trump is released from hospital
Tonight the president back in the white house continuing his fight with covid-19. The this was the extraordinary scene earlier. President trump surgical mask on, giving a fist pump as he exited Walter reed. And then despite experts saying he still is contagious as the president entered the white house, the mask came off. This is someone who is argue ably the most prominent covid patient in the world right now. Something like that not only shows a relative disconnect to the severity of the situation but he is, he has the potential to be in a real teaching moment and that was a fumble. A jaw-dropping move as ABC news confirmed 17 others who were either on the white house grounds or in contact with trump himself have tested positive as well. His doctor, Sean Conley told reporters that his entire medical staff approved trump's discharge. He may not entirely be out of the woods yet. The team and I agree, that all of his evaluations and the clinical status support the president's safe return home. When asked about brain function, Dr. Conley pointed to trump's social media post. Can you talk about if he has neurological issues? If you look at the tweets, he is back, yeah. The president filmed this moments after walking in the white house. Don't let it dominate you. Don't be afraid of it. I think we all had hoped given what he has been through that he would finally take the virus seriously. And I think many of us found that tweet disappointing. To date the United States has recovered over 7 million covid over 200,000 deaths. And 30,000 people hospitalized. According to ABC news analysis, 33 states in Puerto Rico are seeing an increase in cases. The 7 day national average is now the highest it has been since August 22nd. More than 10,000 Americans across the country have died in the past two weeks alone. People like beloved coach Derek leppard, from olith, Kansas. Marner saw, a leader in the refuge community. And infectious disease specialist who helped keep her community protected from diseases like the coronavirus. Her son and daughter are taking a road trip with their dad in her memory. Mom would have said the same had thing any time she saw somebody not wear a mask. It's a stupid choice, it's neglegent and you are putting others at risk. It has been a weekend of mixed messages, including conflicting statements from the medical team. The medical team had a credibility problem. Dr. Sean came out and gave flat wrong information. He seems to be putting the best possible spin on things and he acknowledged that he has a patient that wants him to put the best possible spin on things. There's a question now when the doctor comes out and the medical team comes out and says the president is doing fine, you have to wonder are they telling us the truth this time, when they were not telling the truth before. After denying the president received oxygen, his medical team admitted today that two rounds of supplemental oxygen were administered as a precautionary measure. Was not required, he was not short of breath. He was not looking ill. It was more of us trying to anticipate needs and see how they respond in both cases. Came right off. If you look at the infectious disease society of America criteria. Someone with severe covid-19 is someone with an oxygen saturation 94% or lower on room air and we heard that was in fact the president's condition over the weekend. Still, they remain tight lipped on other crucial details. Like the health of his lungs. You are actively not telling us what the lung scans show, to be clear? There are hippa rules and regulations that restrict me in sharing certain things for his safety and his own health. That was one of the most odd parts of the press conference. He shared very specific information. He shared the president's heart rate but then when it came to his x-rays and cat scans all of a sudden, invoked hippa and said, he no long er, he can't do this because hippa regulations. We want to know how sick the president is, how serious is it? Remember where we started last week. It feels like a did decade ago. We had a tough week last week. First the New York Times publishes his tax returns his former campaign manager, still on the campaign, threatened to take his own life and then we had the debate. Which everybody agreed was a disaster. But, Donald Trump and his team knew they needed to turn the corner. They needed something different. A different story line to move it forward. They didn't really have on their wish list Donald Trump getting coronavirus. While it's nearly impossible to know how the president was exposed to the virus. Some are pointing to this event. Last week, hundreds of supporters jammed in to the rose garden as he announced his supreme court nominee, Amy coney Barrett. There's several people that were at the event who have now tested positive. So far, 11 people who attended have tested positive. Including the first lady, kellyann Conway and two Republican senators. The rose garden is the big we have the visual from that, right? You can see there's no social distancing. There's big crowds. There's a part of the event that goes in doors. Which completely flies in the face of everything that we have been hearing from the ckc and the white house task force for months. Former governor Chris Christie, seen at the event hugging others. He would then spend the next few days with the president in preparation for the first presidential debate. Christy has since tested positive. From what we know five of the 9 people involved in the debate have tested positive. Including his top aide hope hicks and bill steppian, and then in Cleveland, thepresident and Joe Biden remained socially distance. They had to get a test and wear a mask. Testing is not a prevention strategy. It's a surveillance strategy. And so those tests can can have as high as a 50% false negative rate, that is not a green light to take your mask off. In the front row, Dr. Jill Biden, seen with her face covered. A sharp contrast to thepresident's family, seen without masks. Despite the venue rules. At one point, a health worker approaching them with masks. A staffer rebuffing them. On Wednesday evening the president was back on the campaign trail, holding an outdoor rally in deluth, Minnesota at no point wearing a mask. Minnesota will decide whether we end the pandemic, defeat the virus and return to record prosperity, either way we are returning. Many inthe crowd mask free. Some of the president's top advisers told us that they had observed him seeming fatigued and tired. Some told us that they at this point were worried that he could have potentially been exposed to covid-19. And on the flight home, aboard air force one, hicks started to feel ill. ABC news white house report er Jordan Phelps was on the flight. As I was getting off the plane. I bumped in to hope hick-s who was exiting from a different part of the plane. But it was striking because at the time she was wearing a mask. She had her hair pulled back and she had switched out of her heels apparently in to flats and we since learned she quarantined in the flight home. Hicks testing positive for covid-19, the white house learning the results Thursday morning. But by the time the results came in, the president was moving forward with his plans of holding a fundraiser at his club in bedminster, New Jersey, those close to hicks the day before were not on board. Video showing a drive through security screening tent. The white house has since supplied the New Jersey department of health with at least 206 individuals who attended the event. By Thursday night, the president was talking about hicks' positive covid test result. You know hope very well, she is fantastic and she has deny a -- she has done a great job. We spent a lot of time with hope and others and so we have been we will see what happens. However, we now know that by the time he did the interview. The president had tested positive from a rapid test. But was waiting a more accurate test. Tweeting out his results shortly midnight. But as the president recovers the list of those testing positive grows. Today, white house press secretary Kayleigh Mcenany, announcing she and two of her staffers tested positive. With so many Americans already voting, and election day less than a month away. Trump's diagnosis now flaming the already contentious campaign season. Biden who has said he has continued to test negative for the virus has carried on with his campaign. Tonight, appearing in a NBC town hall. Anybody that contracts the virus are saying that masks don't matter and social distancing doesn't matter, I think is responsible for what happens to them. As for whether president trump's campaign will be sidelined. Often, people do well early on, look good and then day five, day seven, even after day 10 take a sudden and dramatic turn for the worst. And so depending on the timeline of the president. We are doing to have to pay close attention all week in to the weekend. The reality is that trying to keep Donald Trump inside, not going out, not doing anything. That's going to be mission impossible. I'm actually quite curious if he sticks to the full 14 day quarantine. But he wants to get out there, he is definitely in the fight of his political life and he is had his best spokes person. The second debate scheduled for October 15th. President trump's 14th day in quarantine.

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{"duration":"11:12","description":"Trump told the public not to be “afraid of COVID.” Over the weekend, his team gave mixed messages, including false statements, about what his condition was and which treatments he received.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"73445770","title":"COVID-19 continues wreaking havoc on US as Trump is released from hospital","url":"/Nightline/video/covid-19-continues-wreaking-havoc-us-trump-released-73445770"}