Darius Weems Hopes for DMD Cure

Part 2: Weems participates in a clinical trial that hopes to help stimulate deteriorating muscles.
3:18 | 11/23/12

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Transcript for Darius Weems Hopes for DMD Cure
-- This means is on -- mission. But even though he's only 22. -- a race against time. He's determined to help solve the riddle of -- -- muscular dystrophy. For himself and all those other young man who haven't. The disease took his own brother Mario had 198. So when not touring the country making music in raising money for research he often comes here to the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore. -- -- -- Well good -- Don't you. Story. Tell me about your physical self at this point. And -- situation I would -- don't do they actually you know then they lose this. The in my life and -- my dream home appreciative -- -- but that's a lot you can do for yourself in need. Help and support. You -- Like simple things are Viagra still brush our -- and -- writers. But there may come a day when you can't be so you know are removed only care library and they you know -- -- Long live around here and being able to motivate people and being its final form and -- You know home home and live my life to the phone. His hope this place largely on this woman doctor Kathryn Wagner. Darius is part of a clinical trial she's helping spearhead. An experiment. Using -- all things the active ingredient in Viagra. The drug is called Saldana -- it's supposed to help stimulate his deteriorating muscles specifically. Those around the heart most of. A focus into -- and -- -- on the children which is incredibly important. But sometimes it feels that is a community that once the boys have lost the ability to walk. That we forgotten about them. Doctor Wagner hopes for research will help those who do -- live longer and healthier you know that this disease. It's gonna take -- life. Now I would definitely say wrong. -- -- -- -- Condemnation each flag he knows so surreal you know I'm gonna you know be lost -- -- when they showed us why. -- we starve while -- is being appreciative. He had to get down. Are you know we're here to analyze their -- you down which you know I think what the situation gays and sending -- it is disease and China Kerio mom brother legacy. To you don't count the days you don't do the math you don't saying. Okay -- now -- two years old and that's already beat me up. How would say all you can eat sometimes you do kind of thank you have -- day. But Dennehy you know Jim 'cause I got a favorite does he doesn't mean -- got to conclude. In name on the mound it's time in my life you know we're writing on -- -- -- so long month -- and they live one day at a time. But despite his optimism a few months later at a routine cardiology check -- doctors discover excess fluid has been building up around his heart. Darius spent his 23 birthday in the hospital. And news that day brings tears to resign.

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{"id":17790516,"title":"Darius Weems Hopes for DMD Cure","duration":"3:18","description":"Part 2: Weems participates in a clinical trial that hopes to help stimulate deteriorating muscles.","url":"/Nightline/video/darius-weems-hopes-dmd-cure-17790516","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}