David Guetta on his latest album '7' and his rise to the top

Guetta has worked with some of today's most popular artists. The headline has been updated to reflect the accuracy of the interview.
5:50 | 10/22/18

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Transcript for David Guetta on his latest album '7' and his rise to the top
It's that we go behind the scenes the man behind titanium a and some of the other catchy songs in recent decades data get a is back now with a new album. Would more mega collaborations with mega artists and ABC Zachary quiche reports in from Vegas. Hot heat up energy. Wide menus successful is really my connection with the. I'm camp and I love it. Then we're here who loved to -- get it isn't a psychologist by trade but it's hard to deny he gets the party moving sing. That fifty years go get it has been dubbed the grandfather of electronic dance music. Cemented his status is a global hit maker. Producing big tracts like. Without yeah. In club can't handle me. He's not even fans alone anytime soon. Futures seventh album now you've been in the game for such a long time how do you keep involvement and the talent making and you have them. It's a more difficult than it appears that is a getting harder and harder but not I don't know what happened in my brain in my heart. I if you lag. I'm born again. It's crazy. The DJ slash producer's latest project is titled seven in features some of today's most popular artist including. He will not. Justin Bieber. I didn't see scenes features on his own wounds. Which reached number nine on the dance electronic so. But this isn't the first time get in Syria have linked up inmates north's. Talk about a titanium change your life. Yeah it's crazy so Ahmed CF because I was supposed to be a produce and she was to be supposed to be a writer. Who is supposed to give that rented to another artist who went this regular night a game first I'm not giving this record away this -- if for me sick it and you need to stay on the record he's. And then you know a titanium cannot huge directed. And thanks gods she. Kept being an artist she's my favorite artists in the well. Got its garden you think there's a fourteen year old kid DJ. Paris France later taking final this school records in makes them it's a local club hit. It's been all world. Doing things on a high level but is there a piece of you that is still deeply rooted in your experiences as a young man going up from France and in in how you interacted with the music fan. I started you know giving the flies myself on the beach. Putting the posters and my staff promoting good to people saying this new type of music is the house and is it it's crazy is gonna be a revolution. I would go outside of the other clubs. And that security running after me yeah. Over the next two decades house music's popularity is sky rocketed UNE 209 get a get a big celebrity was top of their north. In a few months I did when asked takes over with a pair of our. Then I got a feeling with the red tape he's. And a sixer chick with Akon. All of this in three months and that tariffs changed everything. Because American radio started to play a tempo music wished never happened before since Disco it didn't happen. So that was like a big big shifting thing global pop music I do and a flag. Three months of the air. And has enjoyed a long time residents. You can win in Vegas. And stay connected to his DJ roots what's going through your head when you when you're up there rock and the crowd like. There is very specific. To Vegas and there's no other place in the world where I play. And some of the people in the pool and it just brings in a different since. I feel like giving an experience that is unique I feed of energy and we reckon I'd play even if they know for example my songs but added to their version that they never heard before. It's special edits. And in the same way I tried to play in the venue that is unique. What's more enjoyable the rise to the top or maintaining that top spot. That's a very discretion what's more enjoyable is a rice at the top is only happiness SCSI based on cleared. It's based on passion then when you had to top. What you have. Just being scared of thwarting any happen to me that place them at right now are is normal fear. It doesn't matter to you. If I wind are nuts I just wanna make good music. Promote I'm Zack confusion mostly.

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{"duration":"5:50","description":"Guetta has worked with some of today's most popular artists. The headline has been updated to reflect the accuracy of the interview.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"58666371","title":"David Guetta on his latest album '7' and his rise to the top","url":"/Nightline/video/david-guetta-latest-album-rise-top-58666371"}