DC police officers recount violence, lawmakers demand Capitol security probe: Part 1

MPD officers Daniel Hodges and Mike Fanone were attacked with their own weapons in the riot. Some lawmakers demand details into "suspicious behavior and access given to visitors" on the day before.
10:45 | 01/16/21

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Transcript for DC police officers recount violence, lawmakers demand Capitol security probe: Part 1
They threw down a huge metal object that hit me in the head. I was also knocked down -- the medical mask I was wearing got pulled over my eyes, so I was on the ground and blinded and they started attacking me from all sides. Reporter: Like most Americans, officer Daniel hodges will never forget the scene that unfolded around him last week. Unlike most Americans, hodges was there. On the front lines, defending our democracy, as an angry mob stormed the capitol. He talked about that now infamous image of him being crushed by a door with my colleague, Pierre Thomas. Some of them thought they would March on up and tell us that there were not enemies, we should join together, arrest congress together. Some of them were conspiracy theorists they hear about on the internet, just espousing every bizarre kind of theory that they could to try to get to us join their side. They would try to convince you as they hit you? Yeah, they were waving the thin blue line flag while they were assaulting us. Reporter: Rioters from all over the country assaulted officer hodges and fellow officers like officer Michael pinone, who was beaten with an American flag. It looked like a medieval battle scene, some of the most brutal combat I've never countered. At one point I got phased. People were yelling "We got one." Reporter: Pinone, who works narcotics, father of four, was tased several times, stripped of his badge and radio, and suffered a minor heart attack on the scene. Some of the people in the crowd while I was getting tased, they were stripping my gear off my vest. Stripped my badge off, my radio. Individuals in the crowd tried to get my gun. At one point people started chanting "Kill him with his own gun." At that point, self-preservation kicked in. I remember thinking -- you know, I could kill some of these guys. But -- that would give them the justification that they were looking for, I think, to kill me. He was practically foaming at the mouth. He was screaming and just grabbed my filter on my mask, started beating my head against the door frame, ripping it off as best he could. He was able to rip away my riot baton from me and started beating me in the head with it. I thought, this could be the Reporter: Over 300 facing charges in relation to the insurrection, more than 100 suspected arrests. Americans from all walks of life facing multiple felonies and prison sentences. A flower shop owner. Occupational therapist. Firefighter. Along with followers of q-anon and the proud boys. All charged with lawful entry and disorderly conduct. All stemming from January 6th, a day painstakingly documented in our ABC news hulu special "24 hours: Assault on the capitol." January 6th was going to be a busy day in Washington, D.C. I got up in the morning, was preparing for my own remarks, and had a zoom meeting with the members of the Pennsylvania democratic delegation. Was ready to go conduct business. January 6th is the day that congress has the responsibility of counting the electoral votes. Usually it's a pro Forma session. Reporter: Competing with the history happening on the hill, president trump was throwing a big rally just down the street near the white house. The president and his team had organized this rally for weeks. They started tweeting about it right around the Christmas holiday. December 19th, president trump tweeted, quote, big protest in D.C. On January 6th, be there, will be wild. We saw people from all over the country listening to that call from the president to show up here. Fight for trump! And protest what they thought was an election being stolen from them. A lie. This election was not stolen from them. Reporter: The proud assembling outside the white house swelled from hundreds to thousands to tens of thousands of people. This from very early on felt different. Usa, usa, usa! You just felt this negative energy. Whose street? Our street! As you approached that rally -- Hang them in the streets, hang them all! Reporter: The president took the stage just before noon. Started repeating those familiar lies, that the election was rigged. And then this. We're going to walk down, any one you want but I think right here, we're going to walk down to the capitol! You'll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength, and you have to be strong. We love you! We love you! . The crowd was jazzed up. Even before they finished, they started heading out and toward the capitol. Stop the steal! Stop the steal! We're coming for you! Madam speaker! Reporter: By 1:00, just as the joint session is beginning inside the house chamber -- crowds are breaking through barriers on the grounds outside, clashing with capitol police. Within the hour, rioters would break into the building itself. It's obvious to me that the capitol police weren't given the resources they needed to defuse that situation. Surely someone in the chain of command screwed up. Royally. Go, go, go, go, go! The truth is law enforcement was not prepared for the violence that broke out. Didn't have the armed national Guard standing sentry in front of the capitol. Didn't see any of that kind of gear you expect law enforcement to have at the ready. Do you have any doubt if they could have gotten to the members of congress that they would have taken some of them hostage? Oh, I have no doubt. Reporter: Today "The Washington post" reporting vice president pence was rushed from the senate chamber just one minute before this group reached the second floor, only to be led away by officer Eugene Goodman, who acted as a decoy. That scene playing out while pence, his wife and daughter were 100 feet away. One of the first people to reach pence's desk, the man who calls himself a q-anon shaman. He's facing at least half a dozen charges, ranging from obstructing an official proceeding, congress, to violent entry and disorderly conduct at the capitol building. Reporter: Today prosecutors arguing chancesly should remain in custody after leaving a note on men's's desk "It's only a matter of time, justice is coming." Standing next to chansley, Dominic pizola from New York. He was arrested today, seen in that video smashing a window with a capitol police riot shield. Pizola, who goes by "Spaz," appears to be a member of the proud boys. According to the FBI, spaz and his group says anyone they got their hands on, they would have killed, including house speaker offense and vice president Mike this week, authorities made dozens of other arrests across the country, including the man seen carrying a confederate flag inside the capitol. The man wearing that camp auschwitz sweatshirt. A Texas real estate agent who took a private jet to the an olympic gold medal swimmer. There are the people who just access the capitol without authorization. Basically a souped-up trespassing charge. Then there are the people who actually used force and and they're the ones who are in much bigger trouble. Reporter: People like Peter steager of Arkansas, allegedly beating a police officer with a flagpole. And Robert Sanford, retired firefighter of Arkansas, allegedly throwing a fire extinguisher at police. Some could be charged with sedition, trying to overthrow the government using force. But I think it unlikely because that's a little more politically fraught than some of the other charges. Reporter: Serious questions remain about why authorities were so ill prepared. Lawmakers say they saw other members of congress giving group tours at the capitol one day before the riot, even though tours have been suspended since last March due to covid, raising the question, were they reconnaissance missions? It seem like innocent coincidence? Or is there early evidence there's something suspicious about it? I think, you know, the fact that there were tours and they more than likely were people who were involved in the insurrection, that we have to be very, very aware that maybe there is some kind of tie there. We also have to maintain some level of level headedness and not jump to any conclusions. Reporter: More than 30 house Democrats have called for an immediate investigation into the suspicious behavior and access given to visitors, adding that the rioters had an unusually detailed knowledge of the layout of the capitol complex. You've suggested it may have been partly an inside job. What do you base that on? I base that on the fact that they seemed to know their way around this place in a very unusual way. If there was some level of coordination, those are criminal acts that need to be prosecuted. So the punishment should be severe, and they should be held accountable, whether they're a member of congress or not. What does it say to you that we've reached a point that, whether this proves to be true or not, that you have to be suspicious of your fellow lawmakers? The fact that, you know, members of congress are scared of other members of congress who want to carry guns onto the house floor, avoid the metal detectors, is something that I never could see I would have to worry about or we would have to worry about. We are in uncharted waters at this point.

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{"duration":"10:45","description":"MPD officers Daniel Hodges and Mike Fanone were attacked with their own weapons in the riot. Some lawmakers demand details into \"suspicious behavior and access given to visitors\" on the day before. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"75293249","title":"DC police officers recount violence, lawmakers demand Capitol security probe: Part 1","url":"/Nightline/video/dc-police-officers-recount-violence-lawmakers-demand-capitol-75293249"}