Divers successfully rescue 13 boys and soccer coach from Thailand cave

The final four boys and their soccer coach were successfully removed from a flooded cave in Thailand on Tuesday.
9:57 | 07/11/18

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Transcript for Divers successfully rescue 13 boys and soccer coach from Thailand cave
run beginning.re's ABC's Matt Gutman. Reporter:side the dank recesses of this Thai cavet's the sound of triumph. After 18 harng days, T wild boars soccer team, 12 boys and their coach, weakened but free. A monumental task that so many volunteerer. One ex-thaiavy S.E.A. E giving his life for it.and for some here, perhaps T miraculous rescue from the cave that was once the boys' or, kismet.according to Thai LE the lush, beautiful mountain I the province is inhabited by the SP of a mythicalprincess. In fact, locals say I you look closely, you can see theig of sleeping princess. The idea is if S happy, she will small favly help a good outcome.eporter: Herhe outskirts of the fabled mountain, under watchful eye of Thi majesticdh statue, sits the soccer team's home district of sa it. One of the local youth tms that plays on this slight ragged soccer field I dubbed the moopak, Thai "Wild boar." The Tes composed ofids fr schools around the district ranging from 11 to 16. Day one, Saturday, june. This video was taken that fatefulning of the wild boars practicing on th field. Posted on Facebook the 25-year-old assistant coach. The boys used to practice O this soccer field a couple of mes a and they left from H too on that ill-te trip to that cave. But not beforrst stocking U store. This is actual video taken that day of 12 boys and coach aik making the roughly 45-minute bike trek up this road tower R destinatn. Two members of the who did not make the T told us that teamursionsnto the CAS were nothing unusual. I've gone inside fourmes. Takes about five O six hours. It scary at all? Ou went into the S? No. Bee when we V the cave, we all go together and bri plenty of flashts and food. Reporter: At about1:00p.m., the team arrives at therance of cave, chainingir bis to a rail,eang behind their backpacks aoccer cleats be going inside. Later that day the boys were supposed to gather a the home of tat pirpat T celebrate his 16t birthday. A cake is wait for the occasion. The team NER arrives. It is the begiof the rainy season, and enough, while they're in the C outside it begins to rain. And rain hard. Translator: At the I felt nusworried. Because T parents told met the kid went missing and they couldn'tch them. Reporter: Anxiety to alarm whee finally learns of the team's trip to the cave. Hehes to the site. Transla I was stunned and shockeause I know that cave if theater starts Risi the trance is going to get completely blocked O order: The soccer Tes trapped. Frienddily gather at the mouthf the cave now block by torrents of floodwater. They call out to the boys. Soon the families are joinedy reds of rescueworkers,e than 1,000 of small nation's miliploying in the rescue effort.thailand is alone. Halfwaycross the world, a renowned britiav rescue organization get call for he and responds immey. Thritish teamncludes two O the best cave divers in the world, John velantn, rk Stanton. They startut as Cavers, that was their sport.it enables them to goough into places other people't get. Reporter: My colleague James Longman among the firstoreign joursts to witness massive rescue Theer rescuers and lunteers everywhere. You can see oxygenanks being stacked outside theeo th cave. Those are for the vers. Reporter: By midweek ny 50 pps bught in,this point wngusly to drn the cave. The cave U that mountain is an chitect's fever dream. In one caverneilings soar like a buddhismple, in the next, nothing more thanwl space. Somewhere in T six-mile L rintds, the missing teens.on day nine an electifying discovery. Divers surface deep in the tain -- how many of you? 13? Brilliant. Repr: All 12 long-lost boysheir coach gather togeexhausted, hungry, but alive. Many people are com Reporter: T families outside the cave are overjoyed. Now a new mission begins. Gettinghe out before coming rains fil the already submerged cavern. The worldch a they're examined by medicalerts who surprisingly find them in relatively good health. My he is good. Repor of the many options nsidered, the most via O was having the boys swim out with the divers. But as I found out when I visited nearby cave, I easier said than done some of these passageways are narrow, you guy have to S on your butter crawl to get through. Making a complexituation even worse, many of theses don't know how to swim, much less scuba dive. Only a select few divers have the expertise toonquer T inside of this cave.among them former THA Navy S.E.A.L. Saman Nan, who came out retirement T help. Days earlier heted this video online as he boarded his flight to join the rescue efforts. "Mayd luck B with us to bring the B bk home," he said. Butle laying oxygen tanks alonghe eape route, he unconscious. Found by his Budd diver, he could not be revived.his fellow S.E.A.L.S wrote, his determination and goo intention will always be in the heart all S.L. Brothers. Today you get some G rest, we will complete the mission for you. On day 15, with the T of rain running high and oxygen in the cave running low, officials decide they can wait N longer. It's go time. Translator: Today is the day. We 1ady. Reporter:ulances are sitioned near the cave, and helicopters are also Rea T take the boys to thehospit and the htal itself is prepared for theworst. Hospital. These stretch are lined out. Security has tol U these are forirst boys to be rescuedfrom that cave. Reporr: 10:00 A.M. Local time. G of 18 divers enter the cave,d directly for the boys' location. For this. Eporter: T Rist part of the dive begins immediate E dives down, lng for a small hole thatil them away from the ach. Buddeams are used with the lead diver carryinnra tank of air. A secon diver assists and at times physically hauls the rough the water. Cials say eac boy was given anti-anxiety medicat help she their nerves before the re. It takesrs before the teams toe the slow passage to safety, but a 5:40 P.M., success. He first boy emerges from the ca. That is thestambulance, the whole world hasn waiting to see this. Reporter: Two houater -- there is more good news. Translator: The third and the cam out about .M. And 7:50.today was very successf. More than we expected.orter: Theex three days, the res divers go backin. Every more adept at maneuver through those narrow ageways. The last four players and coach brought out today. Thst to come out, the coac sources telling us it was a close call, saying after the coach wasextracted from the , the main pump out. The cave filling back Ith ter. It'say 18. And theoodbilant outside the hospital. Everyone had their cell phonut like we were at a concert. They were all celebrating the fact that theinal ambulance had come through. Reporter: It seems after daysof being trapped inside the mountain, wild boars and their coach may be O road to recovery. But T ordeal hataken its toll. Weerstand theoach actually is probably among the weakest. Because he gave hood away. Or for now the kids can only dre a what they av araal spicy treat of basil fried rice. We're learning for the first time tonight, the boys reunited withheir families. You can ban O a roundf hugs 18 days I the making. For "Nightl" I'm Matt Gutman Asai, Thailand. ??? Can we still be friends ???

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{"id":56504228,"title":"Divers successfully rescue 13 boys and soccer coach from Thailand cave","duration":"9:57","description":"The final four boys and their soccer coach were successfully removed from a flooded cave in Thailand on Tuesday.","url":"/Nightline/video/divers-successfully-rescue-13-boys-soccer-coach-thailand-56504228","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}