Donkey milk, an unexpected ingredient in the K-beauty craze

"Nightline" co-anchor Juju Chang reports from a donkey farm in South Korea that supplies milk for a Korean beauty brand.
7:21 | 01/23/18

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Transcript for Donkey milk, an unexpected ingredient in the K-beauty craze
Eight minutes ago. We're live on FaceBook everybody from Seoul outside so about an hour outside Seoul which is the capital city we are in a country farm area known as the home. But apparently he and Disney is much different day. And my friend Janet's house and she is with the medic and we're here because. And amp L have become. And in his praise in what's known had played you'd say you become a major export a college students third wave export. After Korean from a Korean. Hot sauce known as cape op and now a beauty and I'll tell you why conference ace is so important along with us is a farmer Kim whose first name is. But on main in the news came from two kind until I was having trouble with but. Are Kim is nice let me ride case and maybe even milk one of the donkeys because it's donkey milk that has become this. Craze. Ingredient. Known in these past rate that's OK so let's see. How embarrassing it is for me to write this might read a welcome from. My dignity. My opinion. Reason I'm not donkey milk. We. That Ian. Chemically. Very very similar to human rights that have out of here properties it has a lot of new treatments. Which is one that didn't. A but we'd go for. Apparently when it's scary happy. And quite heavy. I'm about to show you how they milk the donkey on the farm. Extract enough to get incredibly that Colin White gold. Important and it's. And it's part of that KG trade in the sense that it's high tech meats organic. Re. The and who is one of the major distributors to anticipate. That and what can run and we'll give me not pleased with well. And jargon. A lot of the right. Being exports from Korea he's like doubled in the last few years. It's a multibillion dollar industry. So with that shouldn't the well into getting if that's what. Farm which have about a hundred donkeys and where. Evans said about an hour. We. We're about an hour outside of soul. And soul is its teeming metropolis as you know they literally are out and it's beautiful country side. Grammy crammed to get off and what this don't even plan. Call like chocolate. And call it going to be milk. Children languishing at they upgraded and they're feeling it out though and it you a little bit. Okay we're gonna milk. If that means you go right now but benefit fifth and eighth. And quote you know so he can demonstrate. Donkey milk is a well okay. Just pull on it like a finger like physically. I taco. I am now. And a very bad milk made. And Taco Bell might feel a bit. OK so. Reports who went from. What. There are accountable. OK Barbara Kim's gonna show me it plans to bad milk made it -- oh my god she's so good at. All. So donkey milk is not as plentiful as cow's milk and so it's it's a pretty. He helped that woods and if so they formulate the donkey milk and footed in all sorts of creams and she math right you have a conflict just. And they literally out of the price to pretty reasonable excuse. It is part of this huge cultural export dependent. I didn't think my someone's. Actually. And the babies complaining like OK so then it turns into this kind of donkey milk healing mask. And it says all sorts of things on here like what is it where does that come from and Brinkley the slip much on its current I don't. I don't own and then a look at this is the donkey milk three moisture cream and this is the face masks that you know if you look at any celebrities and Graham. Feed you can see all these crazy face masks. And this is what it turns twenty and incidents. Face before. And then you put on your face then of course you can make it's this part of the Kay beauty enterprise trade and rain. And then you put on your face vastly. I. Trying to think what else I was gonna talk about. Is so. Oh well don't you. A lot of maintenance break that he talked about it says because it says Timothy. He was speaking in Paris and all right. An ounce drink yeah. Great wonderful. Things right and we'll get very. Eight V I. CD. Magnesium. Found that yet in the higher but also. Keep you craze is all about exotic ingredients thinks that everything we are extracts it. He then them sheets pregnant. Sales are well. They don't come here. Part of what makes so boring. And it really it was picture. He. You camp from. That state. Didn't know what went wrong with you my mind. What we know from what. We.

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{"duration":"7:21","description":"\"Nightline\" co-anchor Juju Chang reports from a donkey farm in South Korea that supplies milk for a Korean beauty brand.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"52538701","title":"Donkey milk, an unexpected ingredient in the K-beauty craze","url":"/Nightline/video/donkey-milk-unexpected-ingredient-beauty-craze-52538701"}