Drug Testing for Middle Schoolers

School districts in at least nine states say drug tests mandatory for middle schoolers but two parents are fighting back.
3:00 | 04/09/13

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Transcript for Drug Testing for Middle Schoolers
Well there was an interesting benchmark in these so called war on drugs late last week. For the first time in four decades pollsters -- pew found that a slight majority of Americans favor the legalization of marijuana. But while some states are loosening a -- drug laws others are cracking down with mandatory random drug tests for kids as young as twelve. Tonight we visit to middle schools were policies aimed at keeping adults in the know have opened a sharp today. We're joined now by former Olympian and special Nightline correspondent. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Night before becoming -- lady Spartan. Each of these twelve and thirteen year olds. Must first pass a test they all say. Isn't -- little embarrassing. And it's finally in. -- unit. You can mountain. That other people's eyes -- that. At pleasant middle school drug testing is mandatory. And not just for sports for any school activity. -- -- Warners says the random tests are keeping this school -- Mary Ohio drug free. What were tested for -- Common street drugs what's that feeling when mr. Warner -- and and calls -- your name for their random drug tests. I can tell you must be an -- as -- in trouble he doesn't -- Different tactic they're freaking out if you're like okay what -- I -- I can enjoy. Isn't violating your right thing that that they. -- but when Alexis -- was told she needed a drug test to join the scrapbooking club. Her parents said no way they took the school in Milford Pennsylvania the court. I mean that a -- and -- day. Difficult not being able to you know playing with another -- -- -- it hey you -- -- -- younger sister Megan were forced to sit out all activities even if it meant the girls not being. Replace fourth grade even -- -- they had to suck face there sportsman clubs they've loved so much I gap and it's easy to pee in a cop but. Giving up your constitutional rights just because. You cannon doesn't mean you should. It's a decision faced by parents across the country as random drug testing once reserved for Olympic college and high school athletes. Becomes a fact of life for kids in their early teens even preteen today school districts and at least nine states require it from their mid. Schoolers I would argue as as a school administrator who sees these kids day after day it's helpful for them to have a reason this -- -- he still -- -- Okay. Back at pleasant middle school principal Elaine Warner isn't just worried about getting students to class on time -- He's bigger concern the stories he's heard about what some kids this teenager bringing to school. Little things that they hiding drugs in to carry around with them that that look like. We'll try to have a normal -- -- -- -- very eye opening how easy is it for at thirteen fourteen year old I would love to say. -- that's that's something that. The kids around here they -- have to work hard to to do Peronist is making big comeback since its becoming more you learn it's pretty accessible. But Warner says random testing is working. He says in six years -- there's been just one positive test here. Are you testing great kids -- you're getting this student athletes really shouldn't. The schools be testing that outlast the kids that aren't necessarily in that -- type of environment. Does that mean that. Every kids and a fighter cases is their kids are getting away with -- -- I don't think it means that I think that means that. In large part it's effective. But even though the US Supreme Court ruled random drug testing for high school athletes is constitutional. -- -- won an injunction. Preventing their school from enforcing the policy. It means the girls can play again while the issue is settled in Pennsylvania's Supreme Court. Sent you yeah Atlanta's -- freshman that it's an island -- Over the years had to -- in many cubs and -- -- Olympics and World Cup's and -- should we weren't the ones necessarily cheating but. The argument. Maybe it's for the greater good clubs and after school activities. -- -- -- -- For kids to not be involved in drugs throwing up the barrier having to be drug tested for it might prevent those kids. From even trying out the back on the volleyball court -- different take from the lady spartans. So over Iran you'd think it's a good thing yeah yeah that. I think -- I think -- And they now they're not going to be eligible for -- and. Random drug tests a rite of passage for olympians professionals. And now even America's youngest athletes. For Nightline I'm -- -- in Marion Ohio.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"School districts in at least nine states say drug tests mandatory for middle schoolers but two parents are fighting back.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"18910914","title":"Drug Testing for Middle Schoolers","url":"/Nightline/video/drug-testing-middle-schoolers-18910914"}