Early Bird Partiers Start the Day With Morning Raves

Morning Gloryville events host sober dance parties in the wee hours of the weekday morning.
3:51 | 06/25/14

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Transcript for Early Bird Partiers Start the Day With Morning Raves
Who needs drugs when you can get a natural high? That seems to be the newest mantra of dance partiers. But it might come as a shock they're heating up the scene before breakfast. Before these ultramotivated party people, there is no rush better than endorphins. Reporter: If you asked most clubgoers what are the best ingredients for a rave, they would tell you drugs and darkness. But what if you held a rave without all that? This is a sober morning dance rave. And here no one is running through the streets of Brooklyn high on crack like Shoshana. So are pop up morning raves the next bingest thing? From London to Barcelona to new York, they seem to be expanding glory. They are putting together last-minute details. It was introduced to London haste may. Reporter: Now the London morning glory dance group attracts close to 100 ravers at a time. It worked so well in London last year, it's scary bringing something like that to new cities. Rules are sew pobriety and authenticity. It gets sweaty. I'm like, is everyone going to get out of bed? Reporter: In just two hours, this empty loft space will be filled with hundreds of bodies. Getting dressed for a morning rave is harder than you might think. It's a quarter past 6:00. I'm running about 15 to 20 minutes late, as usual. Reporter: These sisters literally cannot wait to get their dance on. Are you how feeling this morning? Great, excited. Reporter: This morning's rave has yoga classes, massage stations, and if you feel so inclined, you can hoola hoop. I always have a huge sense of responsibility that I carry with me, because I know that my music is guiding everyone's experience. In this day and age of crazy A.D.D. Technology, it's a practice, it's a discipline. It's so much about being silly, rediscovering fun and playfulness you had as a kid, which is liberating and empowering to know that you can have natural highs. It's fun. There's no alcohol and there's no judgment. Just go for it. Reporter: What did you think of this today? I mean, besides the incredible vibe in there, dancing with this kind of view is something you just don't get any other time of the day. This is like it's a way to get together and exercise before you start your day. Reporter: Burning some calories today. Totally. And we have hundreds of parties going on every single thigt in New York City. Why aren't people getting together in the morning? Reporter: Two hours later as people head to work, we catch up with the organizer. How did it go, ladies? It went really good. Reporter: And in just a few hours, people on the west coast will be lining up to rave into the day for the first-ever morning gloriville in San Francisco. For "Nightline," I'm Linda Janice in New York.

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{"id":24293464,"title":"Early Bird Partiers Start the Day With Morning Raves ","duration":"3:51","description":"Morning Gloryville events host sober dance parties in the wee hours of the weekday morning.","url":"/Nightline/video/early-bird-partiers-start-day-morning-raves-24293464","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}