'Nightline': FBI Informant Accused of Murder (2)

Part 2: Mani Chulpayev accused in the killing of Atlanta rapper Lil Phat.
5:55 | 05/30/13

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Transcript for 'Nightline': FBI Informant Accused of Murder (2)
If you saw his miles -- Roddy spewed by you on the streets of South Florida you might think that Manning -- high maybe music producer perhaps a well heeled hedge fund magnate. Only the most cynical among us or maybe staunch movie fans would suspect he's an infamous criminal accused of conspiring to kill -- rap star. We now return -- ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross in a case that is truly stranger than fiction. As we -- around for a lot of but lost a -- The man behind the week -- -- body was doing all he could to persuade -- he was no longer road ruthless Russian -- protected by the FBI. But don't just goes -- somebody. Just because of my past don't use my best the C wild card you know I mean. And back -- his luxury car business -- volume denied he was dealing in stolen cars are doing anything illegal -- you sit here now and say. You're not involved in any ongoing -- like it most definitely nothing whatsoever nothing whatsoever most definitely. But only a few weeks later and they're going -- heavily armed police and federal agents raided -- volumes operation. And took him in -- custody. He is now indicted by a grand jury in Georgia along with four other men on charges of murder felony murder and street gang activity. Musicians from around. The -- if it was Melvin -- Popular Atlanta rapper using the name -- fast. -- that was murdered in June of last year. Outside the hospital where his fiancee was about to give birth he was shot multiple times next to his -- -- In the parking. Authorities contend that at the same time supply of the serving as an informant for the FBI he helped arrange the murder of the rapper. By attracting the victim's vehicle for the accused -- with the GPS device. This defendant actually track the vehicle. All over eleven occasions and provided that tracking information. To the other two defendants who ultimately killed and shot the victim there at the hospital. In court last week in Atlanta. Upon us lawyer George to have meetings that his client was not involved in the murder and then as an FBI informant. He had kept his FBI agent and handler fully informed -- Everything goes through the handler. And so basically the handler deliver managed to the FBI headquarters. Any debriefing. And he told them everything that he -- -- Active tracking devices but then the prosecutors that in fact she apply -- had essentially come the FBI. By lying about his involvement to -- And he went into the FBI on July 30 of 2012. Some six weeks after our victim was murdered and he lied. To the FBI. He lied to federal agents he did not cooperate with the state. And that evidence will show that he has done nothing but lie about his involvement in this murder so simply not true that he -- -- cooperating. Witness with the FBI or the state when it comes in this matter and. Adding to the entry. According to Georgia authorities and the lawyer. Is the role of the FBI agent who was -- -- his -- to apply his lawyer says the agent asked for lavish gifts and cash and ship by. And then tried to block local detectives investigating topography in the murder case so the FBI agent was obstructing the investigation of a murder. That's my opinion that is man's as well. According to the lawyer the FBI agent asked for the best tickets to see the Miami Heat basketball team. And also -- says the lawyer for expensive watches the use of luxury cars VIP entrance to exclusive nightclubs. Even 3500. Dollars in cash he gave him cash. Yes he gave them hotel rooms yes. Jewelry and yes watches yes fancy cars at least a 100000 dollar cars analyst for the use of the FBI agent. Yes. And it was that under the assurance that they were for lawful law enforcement practices. FBI officials say they are taking the allegations against its agent very seriously. The Department of Justice inspector general and the FBI's own inspection division are both investigating. According to what officials told ABC news in the statement. Be assured that the FBI holds every one of -- 36000 employees to the highest standards. And -- an allegation of -- conduct arises it is taken seriously and addressed the statement reads. It would hardly be the first time an FBI agent -- an informant had been accused of crossing the strict legal line. Most prominently Boston mob boss Whitey Bulger accused of giving gifts to FBI agents for years. As they look the other way when he allegedly killed rivals. But that's part of the criminal justice system you know there are thousands of people in the witness protection program. Who are very serious criminals and now they have new identities and they have new jobs in many of them. Turned their lives around the bad part is on -- It doesn't work. I knew that many shall -- it would be out on the street after the cases -- -- and he was a player he was a street guy. It's hard to take someone like that. And say okay you've signed a cooperation agreement not go out there and worked in an office in the filing papers that -- just not in this book. Many -- via says being an FBI informant. Had nothing to do with his life of luxury and fast cars that he would have been better off serving his time in prison. I don't think I got a veteran but the you know be in the situation reversed. A little too much -- they'll probably got convicted that would have proudly served my time and not -- and life. I'm living now why do you call that went electoral law -- your life so but definitely that one reason -- you were sitting here talking. That's one reason.

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{"id":19285034,"title":"'Nightline': FBI Informant Accused of Murder (2)","duration":"5:55","description":"Part 2: Mani Chulpayev accused in the killing of Atlanta rapper Lil Phat.","url":"/Nightline/video/fbi-informant-accused-murder-19285034","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}