Feed Frenzy: Things That Just Don't Fit

Funny man, Russell Brand gets serious about politics, healthy candy and more.
2:17 | 10/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Feed Frenzy: Things That Just Don't Fit
The theme of tonight's feed frenzy, things that don't seem to fit. And today, vegetables and halloween. Imagine the reaction, if instead of handing out candy you gave kids broccoli and artichokes. It would probably look a lot like this. Kind of good. Kind of bad. Be honest with me? It's bad. Looking at a promotion for crest, making the case for brushing well instead of trying to trick your children out of their treats. Exhibit b, comedian getting serious about politics. Russell brand usually a funnyman in hollywood. Here he is in arthur. That was no trouble! This week he is guest editor of a london political magazine, complete with an op-ed that states he has never voted. Which led to this exchange on the bbc program news night. Is it true you don't even vote? Yeah, no, I don't vote. Well how do you have any th authority to talk about politics. I don't get my authority from a pre-existing paradigm that is narrow, serves a few people. I look elsewhere for alternatives that may be service to humanity. He cited a government that serves political and corporate elites but added he would vote if there was a "genuine alternative." Brand however did not announce any plans to run for office personally. Speaking of things that do not fit, brand apparently did not fit well with katy perry, remember they got divorced. But perry fit extremely well this morning, in a place you would not normally expect to find her in a little high school gym in colorado. It all went down live on "good morning america." ♪ I got the eye of the tiger fighter ♪ she celebrated her birthday with the high school, the winners of a lip-dub contest for roar. She picked the kids out for their excellent execution, one long take that includes 2,000 students and staff. The prize -- perhaps the best friday ever.

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{"id":20689692,"title":"Feed Frenzy: Things That Just Don't Fit ","duration":"2:17","description":"Funny man, Russell Brand gets serious about politics, healthy candy and more.","url":"/Nightline/video/feed-frenzy-things-fit-20689692","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}