Female Daredevil Is Motocross' New Rising Star

Jolene Van Vugt, 33, is breaking records in an extreme sport usually ruled by men.
3:00 | 01/14/14

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Transcript for Female Daredevil Is Motocross' New Rising Star
When you think of extreme sports and motorcycles, you may not immediately imagine women doing the jumps and wheelies. Well, you're about to meet one. And if there are any glass ceilings above her, they'll be broken for sure. We're there as she attempts her most daring stunt ever. Here's abc's rena ninan. She's got abs of steel. When I was younger in my teens I didn't really work out. Reporter: And the workouts she does daily are for a different kind of pageant. Will you please welcome jolene van vugt! She's awesome. She's tough zplp sh. She's an inspiration. Reporter: Backstage at madison square garden this star performer gets ready for her act. They take care of us. Reporter: In front of 15,000 screaming fans. But what jolene van vugt is about to do few men would dare. Jolene is a rising name in the testosterone-fueled world of extreme motocross, an adrenaline-pumping sport known for outrageous stunts, where every air-bending flight risks disaster. Jolene is part of "nitro circus live," joining 40 other extreme athletes on a nationwide tour performing these stunts on motorcycles, bikes, and whatever else they can ride you're really like the only girl in an all boys club. When I sort of broke into the "nitro circus" there was no girls. Not that they didn't want to include them. They just really could never find one that could hang with them. And I gave it a go and I was able to complete it and became the first woman in the world to backflip a full-size motorcycle. Reporter: With her daredevil tricks, utter fearlessness, and hard to ignore good looks, 33-year-old jolene is a triple threat in this competitive arena. And I want to backflip. You heard her, new york city! Reporter: At stake -- nothing less than her life. It's dangerous, and it's not to be taken lightly. I definitely want to go out there and be focused. Reporter: Motocross star travis pastrana is the show's creator. What would you say is the one thing about nitro circus that most people maybe don't know? Most people just think that everyone's crazy here. Which you know, you have to be willing to take that shot. And the risk and reward is different for everybody. Reporter: It's a sport that constantly pushes the limit. Just this weekend in texas bmx stunt rider matt olson risked his life, riding his bike over this brand new fort worth bridge. It was a pretty amazing feeling to be up there that high. Reporter: On the first stop of jolene's tour, 27-year-old bruce cook was critically injured after attempting this stunt. Is it worth the risk? It was really tough. Our good friend bruce. It was his first nitro circus trick. He was doing a trick bigger than anyone else in the world hfr done. There's a lot of responsibility for myself especially and for everyone around us to say what is too much? Would the crowd have noticed that that trick was bigger than everything else? Probably. But there's a lot of people that just come for the show, and they wouldn't -- you have to stay within the realms of safety. Reporter: Jolene knows the risks. But for her this is a lifelong passion. I started riding when I was 11. I came by motocross and dirt bikes through my father. He has had a love for motorcycles his entire life. One of my favorite photos is with my dad on his street bike on the road and I'm six months just sitting there riding -- six months? Yeah. Six months riding on your dad's motor bike? Yeah. And I was just really intrigued. I wanted to also participate. It looked like a lot of fun. It wasn't a lot of girls back then, especially my age. I was only 11 and there was two girls in all of pretty much canada that were riding at that time. Reporter: What do your mom think about this? My mom is very supportive, but she does have very high blood pressure. Reporter: Though extreme stunts have earned her a spot on the big screen. Anne hathaway's stunt double in "the dark knight rises." And if you look ahead, that's our -- oh, there's the motor home. The nitro circus live motor home. My brother actually drives that. Yeah. There it is. Have you had any serious injuries? I definitely have. I've spent my fair share of time in the hospitals and having different types of surgeries. What have you had broken? There's a lot. I mean, the list is quite long. But one of the things I don't -- it's kind of a superstition i guess but I really don't like to talk about the specific injury. Fair enough. It's just a few hours before showtime. I don't want "nightline" to be blamed for any sort of problems. Reporter: Backstage the tour director gives some final advice. We all know that tonight is probably the biggest "nitro circus live" ever. To be in new york city, madison square garden, and have it sold out is a big deal for all of us. Thank you guys for putting on such a great show that people want to come see it. One, two, three -- nitro! Reporter: It's showtime. In front of a sold-out crowd jolene wants to give the performance of a lifetime. Do you have to like get yourself psyched up and ready? Yep. Most definitely. Dirt bikes, stunts, tricks, anything like that is very mental also. You have to really believe that it's something you can do and that you're capable and, you know, all your training is finally going to work. You've put in the work. You've just got to go out there and trust your body is going to remember everything you taught it. And you just have to be very confident. The toughest woman on the planet, jolene van vugt! Reporter: At first jolene performs this backflip. New york city backf start making some noise if you want to see -- Reporter: Next she glides down this 50-foot ramp in a barbie car. She nails both stunts. I don't think I would even go sledding down that ramp, it's so terrifying to me. And I understand that. This is obviously my world. It's something I was raised into and have been around my entire life and ventured through all the steps and stages. So this is my comfort zone. Not the average person's comfort zone. No, it's definitely not. We're coming up on the end of the show, and so far it's been an amazing show here at madison square garden. I don't think we could ask for anything better. I had a great performance myself. My flip was awesome. My barbie car stuff went great. Reporter: And now it's on to the next city for the only woman making the big jump.

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{"id":21523194,"title":"Female Daredevil Is Motocross' New Rising Star ","duration":"3:00","description":"Jolene Van Vugt, 33, is breaking records in an extreme sport usually ruled by men.","url":"/Nightline/video/female-daredevil-motocross-rising-star-21523194","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}