Florida among 12 states seeing record COVID-19 cases, many traced to large gatherings

Florida saw the highest single-day total of new cases out of any state since the pandemic began -- over 15,000. In Miami, neighbors have expressed concerns over parties at nearby residences.
6:56 | 07/14/20

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Transcript for Florida among 12 states seeing record COVID-19 cases, many traced to large gatherings
I don't have to deal with and we're going to continue to fight this, because we can't live like this. Reporter: Benny Diaz says he's sick and tired of the neighbors using their house like a night club. The scene is chaotic, irresponsible. I feel like I live in a hotel. Every day, going home, turning the corner, who is my new neighbor now? Reporter: He and other frustrated neighbors are scared these events are helping to spread covid-19 through their Florida community, and beyond. A reasonable fear, with Florida recording more than 15,000 new cases on Sunday. The highest one-day total of any state since the outbreak began. More than 11% of those tested in Florida turned out positive. I was asked, what was my nightmare scenario a few weeks ago. My answer was to be New York. And the fact that we are heading there now seems like an avoidable tragedy. Reporter: Florida's cases skyrocketing over the past several months. On April 1st, 7,000 cases. June 1st, 57,000. July 1st, nearly 159,000 cases. Adding more than 100,000 cases in just 30 days. Early on, the message from the top was clear. This virus is not a threat to Florida. You have a lot of people in your profession who wax poetically for weeks and weeks, Florida will be just like new wait two weeks, Florida will be next. Hell, we're eight weeks away from that and it hasn't happened. Reporter: As cases kept escalaing in June, the governor resisted a call for a statewide mask mandate. The increase coming even as phased reopening in the sunshine state is reopening. This weekend, Disney is reopening its parks for the first time in four months. With temperature checks, masks, and sanitation stations. But California is putting its reopening in reverse. Shutting down indoor businesses, restaurants, bars, theaters, and museums. Los Angeles and San Diego school districts announcing they will only reopen online this fall. 12 states hitting a record number of infections and hospitalizations this weekend. Many cases traced back to large gatherings of people. Including Michigan, where hundreds were shoulder to shoulder at this party. What goes through your mind when you see these parties? It's sad. I'm all about partying, but right now is not the time. Reporter: Jared is a party promoter in south Florida. He's been planning events since the state opened up, and is struggling with the need to balance safety with a paycheck. Do you worry about one of these parties leading to someone's death? Yes. I'm scared to party, I'm not going to the parties. If they want to party, they're going to party regardless. I'm trying to figure out a way to do it safely. Reporter: His parties are invite only, and asks guests to wear masks and social distance. Very few of us are eligible for unemployment or making money, and we need to survive. I'm not trying to do it to get people sick. I'm just trying to make some money. Reporter: Miami is a night life hot spot, an economy based on parties and large gatherings. Fueled largely by young people. The mayor notes the irony. The faster and more disciplined we are, the faster we can go back, god willing, to some sense of normalcy. My message is please, please listen to authorities and stop having these parties. Reporter: Over the weekend, president trump wore a mask for the first time in public to Walter reed medical center. But this morning, the president retweeting chuck Woolery's rant accusing the CDC and doctors for lying about the virus. What would you say to the president if you were in the room with him? I would say the CDC works for him. When you say you shouldn't listen to the CDC, you're saying you shouldn't listen to the federal government, which he runs. I would ask the president to implement a federal mask in public rule. I think his leadership would be incredibly important. Reporter: Rachel Scott talking to several trump supporters at his cancelled new Hampshire rally. We don't need a mask. It's a brainwashing. There's no reason to be scared. Absolutely not. It's a joke. And there's not a pandemic anymore. Reporter: President trump talking about his relationship with the government's leading expert on infectious diseases. I have a really good relationship with Dr. Fauci. I don't always agree with him. We've been told that senior officials refer to Dr. Fauci as Dr. Gloom and doom. Reporter: Dr. Fauci focussing instead on the raging public health crisis. Still, the president plans to accept his nomination at the Republican convention next month in Florida. Hospitalizations are at an all-time high. Icu beds have twice the number of patients they have in April. Ventilators, we just across the maximum number we had, over 200. Reporter: So you're bracing for a higher death rate? Absolutely. Reporter: While young people may have decreased risk of hospitalization, it's still a stress on the already taxed hospital system. The same young people, especially in Miami, live in multigenerational homes. We're now starting to see a gradual increase in the number of older patients who are needing to be hospitalized. I feel threatened. I am threatened by these parties. And, you know, we can't live like this any longer.

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{"duration":"6:56","description":"Florida saw the highest single-day total of new cases out of any state since the pandemic began -- over 15,000. In Miami, neighbors have expressed concerns over parties at nearby residences.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"71767635","title":"Florida among 12 states seeing record COVID-19 cases, many traced to large gatherings","url":"/Nightline/video/florida-12-states-record-covid-19-cases-traced-71767635"}