Florida school shooting survivors demand change during visit to state capital

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students met with legislators in Tallahassee, while others gathered at a rally.
9:07 | 02/22/18

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Transcript for Florida school shooting survivors demand change during visit to state capital
It's amazing and it isn't close some for all of us that it hit. Get out of school on the our community these are the young people who have faced down gun violence in our now thrusting themselves onto the front lines of America's battle over guns. Signs here. Was your. Whose lives. We are not. Now. Arianna Ortega says she's taking action today took another cup fresh. I'm Don Hasselbeck is today sees little celebrating another year of life you're sick of it in another second. Calling themselves never again this student organized movement. Verging on Florida's State Capitol. Kind of pulled. Raids in idealist. They're saying they say to demand more from their lawmakers than just thoughts and prayers want to make changes so that no other school and other family no other student. Pass ago what we as mergers and others have had experience over the past week. It was a week ago today when one of the worst school shooting. America's history took place at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school and apartment floor and concert from us from. Its horrors captured by students hiding in locked classrooms there unedited images shared widely and social media. Have stared down the barrel of an analyst fifteen ourselves. So they don't tell us that we don't know we're talking at. It tears were barely dry yesterday when a hundred students sent out on a six hour journey from Portland. To Tallahassee. Driven by their grief and a shared mission. To turn their tragedy into sweeping political action. You can't just going to have national team is hot ones he's done at the local level probably benefit the level. And then from there would like this are actually minute concert. This time where we're putting an end to end and if that never again. But before this group of students arrived. The state lawmakers voted along party lines against even considering a ban on semi automatic rifles opposed. Though the motions not adopted son Parkland students who were in the gallery for the vote reacting with tears legislative resisted instead gun control measures has become the norm after attacks on schools. More than a 150000. Students have experienced a school shooting. Since Columbine in 1999 according to Washington Post analysis many thought the nation had reached a turning point and again debate back in 2012. When twenty children ages six to seven were gunned down in Newtown Connecticut. Together we are introducing legislation. To help end the mass shootings but five months after the devastation and fury at sandy hook elementary school. Federal efforts to ban semi automatic rifles and expand background checks were defeated. Few minutes ago. A minority in the United States senate decided. It wasn't worth. This time these students say he will be different because we're the ones leading the charge but I Harry yeah. Starting today at their State's capital start but people say yes you experience something horrible but that doesn't necessarily make you experts and gun Powell. And once got hot in the boxing hostage for hours on knowing our friend there if you are going to be okay like its neighbor not at the accident some. The policy summit but we definitely know that impact in our hot. We also have some critics people who say your ponds. The liberals. How do you respond to that this is on the door from our hearts our minds and emotions and the thoughts of we haven't students here are very capable. I want to share thoughts. This option isn't helping either variety after quick breakfast they took off this political. Marching to the State Capitol building sound like you're gonna Unita and we've got any event. Some interesting well I'm glad I'm gonna talk. Once inside. The kids bounced from one office to the other this is. We're here today to make sure that something that's changed. Taking aim at topics such as generate funding mental health screenings and semi automatic rifles such as the AR fifteen. What's your opinion on spinning her her weapon. You know I don't have that conversation. And I think we are committed to look at everything. Make the rounds inside the capitol to a large rally. Outside. And across the country an outpouring of support from fellow students young people taking to the streets. Are coming into agent teenage political activism. Sought many of us are starting to vote I myself registered to vote yesterday and anyone I feel any senator any representative in and that includes the president I won't work against them and they are working against me. Could do something about this. Our school did you. In Washington today the president sat listening to the horrific firsthand accounts of senseless violence. Among the group Andrew Pollack whose eighteen year old daughter meadow was one of the seventeen killed at Stoneman Douglas high school last week. Pollack standing with his sons beside him. We hate you because. My daughter has no voice. She was murdered last week she was taken office. Shot nine times on the third floor. All the school shootings. Took it doesn't make sense fix it should have been one school shooting and we should affects. And on pits. This might door unlocking to see it yet. Samuels life was texting with his brother a floor above the as the gunman murdered one of their classmates I turned. Eighteen the day after. Woke up to the news have my best friend was gone. And I don't understand why it's still going to store. And bought him a weapon of war. Let's never. Let this happen again. Please. Please. Meanwhile the threat of more school shootings. Ever present. Since Parkland alleged threats have been investigated in West Virginia and Maryland Seattle. And just today in Southern California where authorities found two A ar fifteens and handguns. And at ninety high capacity magazines in a student's home. Back here in Tallahassee the park when students challenged their lawmakers with tough questions are you willing to actually act on yesterday no. And also. You think he actually push for any policy yourself we're just extremely if it is indeed. By midday their initial optimism had Kurd old into frustration as they complained about what they saw. As a lack of straight answers from lawmakers. I don't known if I'm gonna have faith in my state and local government anymore. Because what I saw today was discouraging me want common sense gun laws we don't privatize telling to be competing for foreign to you can't just walk into a building with a 130 dollars and lockout with an air fifteen. As an example of what they say they found frustrating check out what happened in this meeting. We Republican senator Aaron beam of Jacksonville as your personal stance on assault style weapons they can there. It's it's stretcher where we are so. It's going to be. It's going to be a debate I've always. Defended people's right to defend themselves and there. I think that's specifics of the students still pushing for something anything as they walked out the door yes it is worth our latest we heard ago. And we don't want us any other student. I don't need much as we I don't either thank you we'll hopefully get hang hang in there after the meeting and are you. Generally considered pro gun nor the senator didn't want to answer questions from us either. OK I believe that's okay. You guys asked him repeatedly about air fifteens. Do you feel like he gave me an answer. He does not answer questions these colleges Pulitzer condolences this. Fight the disappointment these kids and their friends say this will not be the last time they rally for action they vowed to make this trip to their State Capitol again. And to attend a march on the nation's capital next month for now though these students are returning home to these nearly emptied classrooms. Refusing to be silenced. By gun violence.

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{"id":53267450,"title":"Florida school shooting survivors demand change during visit to state capital","duration":"9:07","description":"Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students met with legislators in Tallahassee, while others gathered at a rally.","url":"/Nightline/video/florida-school-shooting-survivors-demand-change-visit-state-53267450","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}