'Frozen' comes to Broadway with new songs and a feminist twist

Creators and stars of Disney's biggest animated movie speak about the Broadway adaptation in which the women, and not Prince Charming, break the spell.
7:21 | 03/23/18

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Transcript for 'Frozen' comes to Broadway with new songs and a feminist twist
??? It's the highest grossing animated movie of all time. Now Elsa the ice queen and spunky sister Anna coming to life on Broadway with brand new songs. ??? Along with familiar favorites. ??? Hoping to attract theater Goers with glossy high stakes multi million dollar frozen wonderland, with a ice Sickles and crystal gown and snow creature ola F. Nice to meet you. Of corals the power anthem that gave fans the chills. "Let it go". Immortalized by Adina Manziel. Now it's Broadway veteran Casey leavy take on the ode to female empowerment. ??? Let it go at its core is a song about let it go of expectations, being perfect all the time, of doing everything for everybody else and embracing the mess of life and in do sog feeling free finally. It's a song that everybody in the theater knows. And it's anticipating on some level. It's a big deal. I really try to tap into those lirks and what Elsa is dealing with. Those lyrics courtesy of this duo husband and wife Roberts. What capabilitiesy does. ??? I just have a nice little mix. She makes it sound like a storm is raging. She's unbelievable. Her voice is thunderous. Yes. Almost irresponsible we held that note for that long. Now can do it eight shows a week. I can't stop smiling. ??? How strange. The two time Oscar winners have created a dozen new songs for the theater experience. Do you feel like you're writing for children or adult when it comes to a musical of this scale? Adults, absolutely. We have a musical with a talking snowman, it's in the DNA, but we were given the directive to write this for the audience that will show up on Tuesday night at 8:00 P.M. In January. That's what we've done. We've added some racyness. Adult humor. Some subversive jokes. From the story line to the sequins kvm. Took 30 hours just to make the one dress. Patty plays princess Anna. This is 12 pounds, I guess. You have to sing and dance in it. A lot of dancing in it. The other half of the love story between two sisters with a feminine twist. These are princesses who break their own spell. And also about sacrifice, Elsa sacrifices for her sister and Anna sacrifices herself for her sister and save each other. And how many girms are looking for in prince charming. Exactly. That's how I grew up as well. Society trains you. It is great to do a show about two women that discover that true love is not necessarily from a romantic interest but from your sister and best friend. ??? But as in most ferry tales there is a prince charming, or two, to woo the princess. ??? Comically played in "Love is an open door". However in this story, spoiler alert, this prince isn't so charming after all. ??? What's it like breaking all those girls' hearts every night when you turn evil? I have to say I have a great time doing it. It's fun being the bad guy. He plays the good guy, the nordic ice Shepard his nontraditional casting a departure from the movie version. Catch. Thanks. Any judgment they had about what they knew Christophe was to be and is is erased and new production is daring you to rethink what you know about "Frozen. "Frozen..." Neither of you end up with her. What's it like being part of Disney princess 2.0. It's amazing to be part of the revolution. They don't need men but men need them. How are you. How are you. I don't know which hand to shake. And yet everyone needs olaf the loveable snowman who steals the show with his dance routine. Step with your right foot and go in a circle. Nice. He's adorable. So much fun. Like a classic vaudvillain chain but also like a Shakespeare clown where he serves as the conscious all-knowing and all-naive at the same time. The musical now exploring the depths and dimensions of these beloved characters with the soulful new song "Monster" ??? We wanted it not to feel like "Let it go" which is -- ??? -- but it's still in a minor key and wanted it to feel anxious. ??? The character of Elsa comes on and has a really deep debate with herself about whether she's a monster who should even be here. For director Elsa harkens protagonist. In what way is Elsa like ham letlet. Goes out in the world and ha debate about who she is and why she's going in the direction she's going, having a existential debate even in the middle of "Frozen" the musical. I bring adult perspective while taking care of the kids with the story, about love, love goes all the way through our life. Doesn't stop in childhood. Much has been made the fact you're both Disney princes in pants. These girls are real women with different outfits. With Elsa can rock the dress but can wear the pants. This is about a pinses in pants about nuanced three dimensional women dealing with leadership, love and their own

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{"id":53956126,"title":"'Frozen' comes to Broadway with new songs and a feminist twist","duration":"7:21","description":"Creators and stars of Disney's biggest animated movie speak about the Broadway adaptation in which the women, and not Prince Charming, break the spell.","url":"/Nightline/video/frozen-broadway-songs-feminist-twist-53956126","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}