George Zimmerman's Fate in Six Women's Hands

After almost four hours of deliberation, the jury adjourned without reaching a verdict.
3:00 | 07/13/13

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Transcript for George Zimmerman's Fate in Six Women's Hands
-- which is gripped much of the nation's attention is now. In the hands of the jury six women five of -- white will decide the fate of George Zimmerman charged with second degree murder in the death. Of seventeen year old trade on Martin. Prosecutors claim Zimmerman was a wanna be cop who took the law into his own hands -- our young black man in a -- in his suburban neighborhood. Zimmerman says he was acting in self defense with police and civic leaders urging calm what -- the verdict. Matt Gutman reports tonight from Sanford Florida. On the George -- try. Your verdict finding George Zimmermann either guilty or not guilty must be unanimous. Almost seventeen months after trade on Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman whose fate is now finally in the hands of the jury. The verdict must be a verdict of each juror as well as the jury as a hall. The panel of six were sequestered for weeks deliberated for three and a half hours this afternoon and now bear the responsibility of either -- -- Zimmerman of second degree murder manslaughter. We're finding him not guilty Zimmerman shot and killed the seventeen year old -- Rolle -- February night. -- when he twelfth the day started with the defense's closing argument attorney -- Marek -- taking the un orthodox debt. Of introducing -- jurors have -- across for two weeks now. Because he's. O'Meara insisting that state offered no proof that 49 year old former neighborhood watchman mortar -- You want to -- -- liberty that they get a free case. The burden -- on this student -- -- even brought -- -- block of cement. To show his client to shoot self defense. But that's cement. -- And that has not been gone wrong -- With nothing but skills. Trying to hear who and he even suggested it was Martin who still -- turning to do much. Starting now. Acting out what he says -- the four minutes that -- waited for him instead of going home that's your call. But it was the prosecution which got the last word casting those six female jurors decision as historic. Your verdict is not going to change the past. But we'll first -- To find. Passionately prosecutor John Guy lashed into Zimmerman insisted his claim of self defense is a life responsibility for the shooting began. When he left his car and started following the seventeen year old this case is not about standing your ground. It's about staying in your car evoking Martin's -- the five mothers before him and the manner in which he died. What does that. When a grown man. Frustrated. And with hate and it's par. Gets out of his car. With a loaded gun. And follows. A child. A strange. And don't. And -- from his home. Could you tell the difference between the way the jurors reacted to -- -- vs John -- Absolutely absolutely I think they listen to Mark O'Meara they respect him he's a terrific lawyer. But they did not take their eyes John. And that's very telling. Trayvon Martin's parents have been in court every day their attorney spoke to us this afternoon 43 days of this -- -- sat through every single day. They've been affected by that at all. Very much are you at times you see just to tears in and -- silently -- to themselves. Better yet they continue to be dignified and graceful. And try to say that we have a purpose that we won't let us they're being brain. Today's proceedings capped a see saw a trial which began with a joke that fell flat not not. Who's there. From the start the state struggle to present hard evidence to -- government's claim of self defense. With witnesses liked Martin's -- -- Gentile appearing to falter on the stand. I in fact he says that it could have been for all you know -- -- -- -- -- Jordan Zimmerman in the face is what you actually her. My -- just earlier today. I -- in -- it after me. And the prosecution's key witness lead investigator Chris -- essentially agreed with the defense that. Zimmerman story was consistent was there anything else in this case where you've got the inside that he might be paparazzi who want. No but the defense seemed to suffer continuous gas -- ago. Here's what one -- from that relentless cross examination of Egyptian -- can you read any of the words on it. -- -- Kardashian read it. Followed by days photo -- so called Celtic taken by attorney Don west and later posted to -- to Graham by his daughter. With the caption we -- stupidity celebration coats hash tag that killed -- west later apologized for the incident. -- -- Martin's -- and the fact -- wasn't arrested until 45 days after the killing triggered protests around the nation. And and the trial serving as a reminder of lingering racial tensions in the country and both sides in the trial have said the case is not about race prosecutor John -- -- made that point in his rebuttal today this case is not about race. It's about right. And wrong but the issue of race has persistently shadowed the case throughout. This young man -- just being a kid on his way home. And it's it's so frustrating for people an African American to -- to because. You know he wasn't doing anything around it says the -- here we go again he now we can't seem to escape these kinds of things happening all the time -- me. Sitting in court right behind George shivered in the past few weeks was -- -- Lloyd. A law student at the only African American on the defense team she says defense attorney Mark O'Meara assured her -- Zimmerman. Is not a racist. I feel bad for George. I think that unfortunately George is fighting for his life as well but I think that George is also fighting for a life that probably will never be the same. But it's still his. Do you think of George Zimmermann as a topic differently than you think of George -- the person. Absolutely. But that is little comfort portrait on Martin's parents. We don't know if George -- alleged racist and not I don't know what was in his tea but I do know. He profile -- about mark for some reason that he made a wild assumption in trade bow my head appealed his life. With conservative potential unrest throughout Florida is a trying time for all of us. This afternoon local law enforcement officials urged people to stay calm. We're not sure what the verdict is going to bring out. But we as a community can ensure that we have an opportunity to speak our piece -- -- To come together peacefully. We will not tolerate. Anyone. Who uses this verdict as an excuse. To violate the law. -- -- a small group of mostly true -- Martin's supporters gathered near the courthouse in an area set aside for protestors. Inside the court judge Deborah Nelson told the jury to ignore all those outside distractions and focus on the heavy responsibility. They now bear. If you find trade -- Martin was killed by George Zimmermann. You'll then need to consider the circumstances surrounding the killing of whether the killing was excuse of all is a deadly force. And late in the day -- those jurors asked for list of all the evidence presented. Perhaps a sign of how seriously they take this responsibility tomorrow morning 9 AM they're going to be back in that courthouse -- the third floor deliberating. Making a momentous decision whether or not George Zimmermann should be a prisoner for life. We're free man Cynthia. Thanks -- will continue of course to follow this story.

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{"id":19655983,"title":"George Zimmerman's Fate in Six Women's Hands","duration":"3:00","description":"After almost four hours of deliberation, the jury adjourned without reaching a verdict.","url":"/Nightline/video/george-zimmermans-fate-womens-hands-19655983","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}