George Zimmerman's Parents Fear for Son's Life

Robert and Gladys Zimmerman on life after George was found not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin.
7:38 | 07/16/13

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Transcript for George Zimmerman's Parents Fear for Son's Life
Seventy months after shooting straight on -- and three weeks after his murder trial began. George Zimmerman is a free man tonight GPS tracking device gone from his ankle the gun used in the shooting. His if he wants -- back a jury of six women acquitted Zimmerman of murder and manslaughter charges late Saturday night in Florida but life. Is anything but back to normal first came the protests. And other could be a civil suit and -- -- federal case brought by the Justice Department. The former neighborhood watchman has not spoken yet but -- short time ago Barbara Walters sat down exclusively it was a woman's parents and joins us now with that. Barbara my -- they'll judge Zimmerman did not take the stand in this child is in hiding he has not spoken in public relation to suppression. But today his parents Robinson Gladys amendment talked openly about -- polarizing child for the first time together. Without their parents shouldn't and so what has to -- and they tell me about their -- for this son and -- themselves. Could begin with a question on many people's minds. Is your son George a bassist. Who. He's never been -- To theories. That is a question that so many people have been asking since -- -- -- -- was found not guilty. In a child that visited and divided the nation we did very -- George -- not guilty. The controversial verdict immediately sparked protests. Now days. -- -- bad nobody. Hundreds gathered in the streets in San Francisco New York. And the sentence. But yeah yeah. Twitter exploded with 48000. -- -- -- immediately after the verdict. Two days later six million tweets and counting have been sent revealing a deeply conflicted nation. Conservative pundit and -- came down in support of the verdict saying hallelujah. New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz treated and then deleted Zimmerman doesn't last a year until the -- catches up to him. Are you concerned for judges saved -- -- That's why what you think could happen. It isn't a lot of -- threads you know -- yeah media. -- You know and it -- on him. That -- had not only learn and do what you put forward you know the whole family. And such a charged atmosphere even George's parents rob -- -- -- -- had received death threats. Can you give me some I -- have what some of the threats have been. Every one of Georgia's DNA should be killed. To. -- got a horrible thing you can imagine. Do you have to live in hiding -- thank. -- yes. Would you don't get friends -- -- -- address. And you're living. I guess you can't tell me let them. Central Florida. Some pleasant -- Homeland. My wife's Brothers have no idea where we. Warren. -- you don't do this interview in -- faces. That takes a lot of courage. -- Both parents testified during the trial stating that the voice heard and a 911 -- -- was systems. You don't whose voice that was screaming in the background and his and whose voice was. My son kept. And are you certain that. Because he's my -- To -- must send your. Did you feel it was self defense. He. Did you see. -- think. When the incident happened that it was nation. -- There are people who say that your son -- to take on Mathieu because Mott who was black -- -- -- Tell me more Georgie is not racist. We have not racist we don't seek callers coming -- color blind and you yourself. Two an interracial. Couple. We -- mixed race couple. George in his play for -- -- -- More -- two Brothers marry outside of their race. Three of my forces two sisters married outside of their race. -- part tests have been mostly framed by the issue -- now what do you say to people who live demanding vengeance especially. Some people in the black community. It it it is -- through the it is cut -- -- what I can is. -- of their religious person is nothing I can tell. But the assumption that I can do I come pray for them. But her husband -- -- only goes so far off in what he sees as a new American culture of hate. You said in the on me you were in court magistrate all -- proud American that you have written a book recently and you said -- -- has. Changed. I think I never thought that we would see so much hatred and behavior is not brought on by. Any racial incident he was -- on. -- attorneys. Being totally untruthful. Other people involved. Having a certain narrative. And in a certain agenda and making this situation. Race based and a political issue. Mustered all the controversy they say is the son that they know we've seen him not showing a lot of emotion. But that's not the -- used to describe to image what you see. Is composed person. It composed person that's when you -- and that's what you will see you know my kids. -- -- and hopefully they they. Try and keep your composure. But George is -- most outgoing. Very compassionate. Person. This has been such a difficult time for your family as parents what would you say to. -- on Martin's parents. That we. Deeply sorry. What his stride. Deep this time we prayed. For cable market. To being a better place. It's always you know what things. Is there a lesson that can tell my problems. Hopefully. And what is to -- That -- -- -- should not. Be be invited. That's what I think this is watching. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that I knew. That he -- truthful man. That I knew from the beginning. That he was saying -- to. And it wasn't my higher. And they knew that the truth will come around. I'm sorry that he hasn't come his way painful for the whole found. But the truth would set you free. And tonight one young man is dead the man who shot -- is in hiding. And the lives of two families have been destroyed.

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{"id":19675664,"title":"George Zimmerman's Parents Fear for Son's Life","duration":"7:38","description":"Robert and Gladys Zimmerman on life after George was found not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin.","url":"/Nightline/video/george-zimmermans-parents-speak-19675664","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}